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Process for Applying Fleet Vehicle Graphics

Process for Applying Fleet Vehicle Graphics

Today’s business world is very competitive. Thus, businesses must establish a strong presence in the market. Many companies use various marketing strategies for this purpose. However, the process for applying fleet vehicle graphics is less time-consuming and more effective.

There are a lot of ways to transform a vehicle and make your brand more visible to the target audience. In fact, many businesses started using the vehicle graphic installation procedure as a common marketing tool.

If you are interested in applying fleet graphics to your vehicles, we are here to help. With our innovative techniques, modern technology, and state-of-the-art equipment, we can make your vehicle aesthetically impactful and unique among competitive brands.

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The Process for Applying Fleet Vehicle Graphics

Fleet graphics are also known as vehicle wraps. The process for applying fleet vehicle graphics includes certain steps to ensure your design stands out from other companies' ideas. You can create custom designs based on your business objectives and catch potential customers' eye.

We ensure each of our projects tells a compelling story. We focus on highlighting the best features of a business, even if that means applying colorful graphics partially or on an entire vehicle. Thus, here are some things to consider before you choose to apply fleet vehicle graphics.

  • Choose a reputable service

The process for applying fleet vehicle graphics is not as simple as putting a sticker on your car. Instead, it involves cleaning, drying, and preparing the vehicle, as well as printing and installing fleet wraps.

This procedure might seem complicated and intimidating for businesses. That’s when CraftsmenInd comes into play. By hiring our team of professionals, you will free yourself from the stress of wrapping and installation because we can do it all for you.

  • Take vehicle measurements

Once you have chosen a reputable service, it’s time to pick the right vehicle template. But before you can do that, it’s important to take accurate measurements of the vehicle so we can wrap the right size of fleet graphics.

Then, together with our clients, we choose suitable software. Whether you want us to work with Photoshop or various professional Illustrators, we can advise you which program is the best for your type of project and vehicle measurements.

We double-check the measurements before we apply any type of wrapping on your vehicle. We might also need photo references of your vehicle to ensure we meet your exact requirements and compare the measurements.

  • Create a design

The fun part of the process of applying fleet vehicle graphics is the design creation. Your business requires high-quality and unique designs to complement your brand’s logo and overall aesthetic.

The best types of designs when it comes to fleet vehicle graphics applications can be clearly seen in motion. The text and images must be easily visible and readable to present your services effectively and convey your brand’s message.

You don’t feel very crafty and creative to make an authentic design? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Our service can provide inspirational designs from projects we have already worked on to help you decide what type of promotional graphic suits your business interest.

Create a design


  • Pick great resolution and materials

Once we agree on the design for your fleet vehicle graphic, we must save it in the specific file format to have it on hand when the time for printing comes. The best resolution for this type of promotional design is between 150 and 300 ppi to ensure the best quality and avoid pixelation.

The graphic material you choose for your vehicle must also match its surface. Some materials are highly durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions without enduring much damage. Businesses commonly use cast vinyl and calendered vinyl film for their vehicle graphics.

  • Graphic application

We have arrived at the fleet vehicle graphics application's final and most important step. Now, the wrapping process comes into play. We use special techniques to apply the graphics on your vehicle to ensure we don’t damage the surface and do the best professional job possible.

Before we start the application process, we prepare the surface by cleaning it from any dirt and dust that might be stuck on it. The surface must be completely smooth to ensure the graphic is laid flat and looks seamless on the vehicle without any bumps.

Then, we position the graphic where it needs to go without taking the backing off. This is to ensure we get the perfect positioning without any errors. Once the vinyl sticks, removing the graphic from the vehicle becomes a daunting task. Thus, we always take our time with this step.

When we correctly apply the graphic, we avoid removing the protective front layer immediately. This is to ensure we don’t damage the design during the application process. If some bumps do occur, we use edge-smoothing procedures with flat-edged tools. 

Applying the fleet vehicle graphic design on your own may cause several problems. You might not have access to the cleaning solution of a professional service. Also, you may not be aware of the importance of right positioning. Thus, you can put your trust in our abilities.

Benefits of Applying Fleet Vehicle Graphics

Some businesses often use their vehicles to travel through various states and expand their audience reach. However, printing the company’s logo on the vehicle’s surface may lead to more people noticing your brand and taking an interest in it.

Surprisingly, fleet vehicle graphics go beyond company logos. Businesses can now apply custom lettering and images to their vehicles. But, they need to find good printing services to ensure their advertising efforts are beneficial for their business’ needs and budget.

If you are still not convinced of the effectiveness of this new and modern marketing strategy, here are some benefits of fleet vehicle graphic application.

Increased exposure

Company vehicles are constantly in motion. Businesses have their own reasonings for this. Whether they use them for the needs of their team or outdoor gatherings, fleet vehicle graphics will assuredly increase the company’s exposure.

Such graphics are easy to see, and many customers find them mesmerizing. By using a company vehicle and driving it to several locations, businesses get mobile advertising reaching multiple demographics and people who have never heard of your services.

Just as your vehicle passes near them, they might connect your graphic or slogan to a personal problem they are facing. Thus, they may get inspired to reach out and browse through the different services your business offers.

Rebrand your company

Businesses that keep up with current marketing trends end up with the most success. They are usually willing to spend a lot of money rebranding, crafting new marketing strategies, and updating their advertisements. But this practice may be time-consuming.

Luckily, there is a more cost-effective way to rebrand your business. If you already have company vehicles, this may be the perfect time to upgrade their appearance and give potential customers a fresh, eye-catching look.

The fleet graphics can be applied much faster than taking the time and effort to paint the vehicle and wait for it to dry before you can use it. They don’t require any touch-ups, so you can show off your rebranding to the customers as soon as the graphics are applied to the vehicle.

Rebrand your company


Low investment

Before you add fleet graphics to your vehicle, you must decide how much your business will spend on this marketing tool. Do you see it as a long-term investment or as a temporary strategy that will be altered in the near future?

Also, you must clarify how quickly you want the project done to the service you are working with. Beware that custom designs created and applied quickly per request might cost your company more. 

However, fleet graphic application on vehicles is usually reasonably priced and requires minimal investment. Its cost might vary depending on the size of the vehicle and the complexity of the project your company is requesting.

Simple designs with captivating images or vinyl lettering are usually cheaper than custom graphics that are wrapped around the entire vehicle. Contact our customer service representatives today and get the best deal that suits your needs and financial plan.


Adding branded graphics to your company vehicle is a great way to promote the goals and objectives of the business. However, the process for applying fleet vehicle graphics is not as simple as it may sound. Thus, you might need a professional service to do it for you.

We can carry out the entire installation and application procedure from start to finish. Our artisans can design unique layouts for your vehicle that match the company’s branding and budget allowance. 

We also offer the freedom of choosing between different materials to ensure they last and represent your brand for many years to come. So, why not take the chance and experiment with unique marketing tools to reach your target audience today? CraftsmenInd is at your disposal.

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