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No matter what the reason, take command of the situation with help from Craftsmen's industrial Mobile Command Center Trailer products.

Many need our specialty vehicles (mobile command vehicles) for public safety, emergency response, law enforcement, or natural disasters. No matter what the reason is, we can craft a mobile command vehicle based on your needs.

Craftsmen Industries has a full team of engineers and industrial fabricators on staff to help get you mobile and take control wherever your expertise and assistance is needed. 

If you are looking for a custom mobile command center or mobile command centers for sale then you are at the correct place.

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Craftsmen Industries can custom fabricate mobile office trailers and command and control trailers to your design specifications or you can take advantage of Craftsmen's Engineering Team to assist or design from scratch to your needs.

Our team can help you put fully functioning mobile command centers, in stand alone trailers or containers.

In addition, Craftsmen has a wide body of experience designing mobile units that are subject to strict environmental and HAZMAT qualification and guidelines.

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What are Mobile Command Centers?

A mobile command center is a vehicle that is used as a central hub for all communication between teams. These vehicles are normally trailers, coaches, and vans. Since these vehicles will need to function at the same level as your central office would, they’re normally outfitted with the industry-standard technology and have a large storage area for equipment. 

Common mobile command center trailer uses:

  • Long-term surveillance
  • Disaster relief
  • Government agency in-field use
  • In-field communications & jobsite office space
  • Crime labs
  • Bomb units
  • Large event security
  • Search and rescue
  • Temporary onsite shelter
  • Monitoring criminal or emergency situations
  • Hospitals & Healthcare 
  • Police units

What are the benefits of mobile command vehicles?

Mobile command vehicles offer a comprehensive solution to an abundance of companies. A great example is how it can act as a hub for public safety offices that need direct communication with other departments in time of action. Mobile command centers also offer excellent protection during public events. With the ability to synchronize with wireless surveillance you can safely survey jobsites and public areas. 

Common benefits of mobile Police Command Centers:

  • Stay safe and dry
  • Analyze evidence immediately 
  • Better protection in open public areas 
  • Respond to high-risk events effectively
  • Can be used in multiple environments
  • Highly customizable

What layouts do mobile command trailers come in?

Understanding the customization value of a command trailers and mobile command centers is key when determining the layout you will chose. Mobile command centers vary dramatically in size and style. From a small, covert van to a large expandable trailer, the type of mobile command vehicle you choose will depend a lot on your navigational needs. Along with navigation, you will need to know what specialized equipment will be going in your unit. Since these units operate in a similar way to a central office, they typically require ample office storage as well.

How long does a police mobile command center?

The completion timeline of a police mobile command center, or other types of mobile command centers, will drastically differentiate based on several different elements. Big variables such as size, complexity, terrain, and equipment will generally lead discussion in determining the build time of your unit. Smaller, simpler command centers can take a few months to build, while large, complex units could take up to a year. 

Key mobile command unit customization options:

  • Navigation needs
  • Seating options
  • Gear, equipment, & tech
  • Surveillance masts
  • Storage
  • Conference rooms
  • Break areas
  • Kitchen areas
  • Sleep quarters
  • Restrooms
  • Chassis base 

What is the typical price range of a mobile command trailer?

When developing a price range for a mobile command center you will need to consider the different cost involved in using the command center besides the original money to obtain the vehicle. If you have a larger more complex vehicle you will need to think about equipment upgrades that may need to be done year after year to keep up with the latest technology. These vehicles will also need at least one or two people to operate them and some vehicles with more elaborate systems will need a specialist in that field. With these vehicles being so unique to each build, the price range is very ambiguous and will take gathering extensive information from your client. Mobile command center vans start about $150,000, and costs can increase based on customizations. Command center trailers range from about $450,000 to $1,500,000+ depending on the customization, size, and unique material needed to build. 

Used mobile command center for sale

We to carry some mobile command vehicles for sale and mobile command center for sale products in our leasing pool. Please inquire with our team today to secure our used mobile command trailer inventory before we're out of stock.