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Mobile Command Center Trailers & Vehicles

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Take command of any situation with help from Craftsmen's industrial Mobile Command Center Trailer products.

Our specialty vehicles (mobile command vehicles) are used for public safety, emergency response, law enforcement, or natural disasters. We can design, engineer, and fabricate a mobile command vehicle based on your specific needs.

Craftsmen Industries has a full team of engineers and industrial fabricators on staff to help get you a mobile command center for sale and take control wherever your expertise and assistance is needed. 

If you are looking for a custom mobile command center or mobile command centers for sale then you are at the correct place.

Craftsmen Industries can custom fabricate mobile command vehicles and mobile command trailers to your design specifications or you can take advantage of Craftsmen's Engineering Team to assist or design from scratch to your needs.

Our team can help you put fully functioning mobile command centers, in standalone command trailers or containers.

In addition, Craftsmen has a wide body of experience designing mobile command units that are subject to strict environmental and HAZMAT qualifications and guidelines.

Also see our Mobile Medical Office Trailers.

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What are Mobile Command Centers?

A mobile command center is a vehicle that is used as a central hub for all communication between teams. Mobile command centers are normally trailers, coaches, and vans and are incredibly useful emergency management vehicles for emergency responses. The primary purpose of mobile command centers is to coordinate team members in a fast and efficient way. Therefore, they are crucial for flawless organization in case of natural disasters or other national risks.

Since a portable command center will need to function at the same level as your central office would, they’re normally outfitted with industry-standard technology and have a large storage area for equipment. 

Inside mobile command center, features such as bathrooms, weather stations, exterior workstations, and satellite communication can be integrated. All these features are extremely important when it comes to fast reactions and catastrophe prevention. The mobile command center interior is designed to facilitate quick decisions and coordination among different agencies, making it an indispensable asset in emergency situations.

If you’re in need of a mobile command center, Craftsman Industries is able to deliver a premium-quality design tailored to your needs. Our mobile command vehicles offer flawless functionality, exquisite durability, and state-of-the-art technology suitable for any emergency.

Common mobile command center trailer uses:

Even though these mobile command vehicles are mostly used in emergencies, they are also useful for other purposes. So if your business is closely related to some of these services, Craftsmen Industries can design a suitable mobile command trailer for you:

  • Long-term surveillance: Provides equipment for long-term monitoring and tracking specific people, events, or outcomes.
  • Disaster relief: Customized equipment to help aid communities affected by natural disasters.
  • Government agency in-field use: Useful for permanent or semi-permanent organizations within state governments to execute actions in natural environments.
  • In-field communications & job site office space: Offers advanced communication technology and storage space suitable for storing necessities.
  • Crime labs: Can contain equipment for analyzing evidence gathered from ​crime scenes, victims, and suspects.
  • Bomb units: Suitable for specialized armed services when dealing with bomb disposals
  • Large event security: Can monitor and organize teams to prevent issues during large-scale organizations.
  • Search and rescue: Can organize and hold equipment for search and rescue parties.
  • Temporary onsite shelter: Durable shelter that prevents damage from outdoor elements.
  • Monitoring criminal or emergency situations: Useful for tracking and analyzing suspicious activity.
  • Hospitals & Healthcare: Provides .
  • Police units: Can aid police units when dealing with high-risk crime.

Common mobile command center trailer

What are the benefits of mobile command vehicles?

Mobile command vehicles offer a comprehensive solution to an abundance of companies. A great example is how it can act as a hub for public safety offices that need direct communication with other departments in times of action. Mobile command centers also offer excellent protection during public events. With the ability to synchronize with wireless surveillance, you can safely survey job sites and public areas. 

Some other benefits you can expect from mobile command trailers are the following:

  • Access to remote locations and underserved communities
  • Quick emergency response time
  • Easily customizable to fit specific needs
  • Durable shelter that can withstand outdoor elements

Common benefits of Police type of Mobile Command Centers:

What is a police mobile command vehicle used for? If you’re interested in investing in a mobile command center, it can help organize your strategy and further enhance your tactics. The most common benefits you can expect from this type of mobile command center are the following:

  • Stay safe and dry
  • Analyze evidence immediately 
  • Better protection in open public areas 
  • Respond to high-risk events effectively
  • Can be used in multiple environments
  • Highly customizable

What layouts do mobile command trailers come in?

Understanding the customization value of command trailers and mobile command centers is key when determining the layout you will choose. Mobile command centers vary dramatically in size and style.

From a small, covert van to a large expandable trailer, the type of mobile command vehicle you choose will depend a lot on your navigational needs. Along with navigation, you will need to know what specialized equipment will be going in your unit. Furthermore, additional customizations may further add to the build-time since they’ll have to be designed and crafted to fit the customer’s specific needs.

Since these mobile command centers operate in a similar way to a central office, they typically require ample office storage as well.

How long does it take for a mobile command center to be finished?

The completion timeline of a police type of mobile command center for sale, or other types of mobile command centers, will drastically differentiate based on several different elements. Big variables such as size, complexity, terrain, and equipment will generally lead to discussion in determining the build time of your unit.

Smaller, simpler command centers can take a few months to build, while large, complex units could take up to a year.

Key mobile command unit customization options:

If you’re looking to customize your mobile command center to its full potential, there are several key features you should look into. Based on your needs and purposes, here are some essential customization options that can help you out:

  • Navigation needs
  • Seating options
  • Gear, equipment, & tech
  • Surveillance masts
  • Storage
  • Conference rooms
  • Break areas
  • Kitchen areas
  • Sleep quarters
  • Restrooms
  • Chassis base 

What is the typical price range of a mobile command trailer?

When developing a price range for a mobile command center, you will need to consider the different costs involved in using the command center besides the original money to obtain the vehicle. If you have a larger, more complex vehicle, you will need to think about equipment upgrades that may need to be done year after year to keep up with the latest technology. These command vehicles for sale will also need at least one or two people to operate them, and some vehicles with more elaborate systems will need a specialist in that field.

With these vehicles being so unique to each build, the price range is very ambiguous and will take gathering extensive information from your client. Mobile command centers start at just a range in costs and can increase based on customizations.

Mobile command vehicles range in price depending on the customization, size, and unique material needed to build. 

Key mobile command unit customization options

Optimize Your Operations with Our Military Mobile Command Center

Be operationally efficient when it comes to military operations. Our military mobile command centers are designed to meet the rigorous demands of your needs. Each military mobile command center interior is organized to ensure swift, decisive action in any scenario.

For those seeking value without compromises of capability, our inventory includes used military mobile command vehicles for sale, each thoroughly inspected and kept in good shape for your needs. Whether you are looking for a military mobile command center or military mobile command vehicle, don't hesitate, the functionality of both will be exceptional for your mission-critical needs.