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Building Wraps

Building wraps are low cost advertising options that bring larger than life attention to your companies, products, services, and special events. 

Large-format wraps and banners are flexible to your specific needs. We offer a variety of vinyl materials durable enough for exterior use, mounted temporarily or permanent.

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Catch the eyes of the public with bold designs custom to your brand on your office space, parking garage, stadium, event venue or anywhere.

Color matching, branding solutions, and file repositioning are just a few of the capabilities we offer to ensure the highest quality print. We have a certified installation team that follows up with seamless application. 

In addition to increasing your visibility, building wraps educate your audience, create privacy and energy-efficient environments, enhance curb appeal, and can even be used to direct customers!

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Building Wrap Advertising Examples

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What are Building Wraps?

Custom building wraps are billboard-like vinyl advertisements that are printed and attached directly to the side of your building. These graphics attract a particular audience and are commonly seen in large metropolitan areas. With a vinyl wrap on your building, you can create larger-than-life attention for your company, products and services. 

Whether you want a permanent way to highlight your company or you need to promote an upcoming event, custom building wraps are the ideal solution. The vinyl graphic ads are applied directly to the exterior of any building surface for eye-catching attention that lasts. This low-cost advertising solution helps you showcase your upcoming events, promote awareness of your products or draw in more traffic. 

There are many benefits to consider.

Building Wrap Benefits

Energy Efficient

Commercial wraps reduce waste and work to seal in the energy of the building that’s covered. When you apply the building wrap, there is less energy wasted because the airflow is restricted. What results is a lower electric and utility bill, which saves the organization money.


At Craftsmen Industries, all of our building wraps are incredibly durable. Not only are our materials weather-resistant, but are also fire-retardant and immune to wear from UV light. You don’t need to worry about strong winds, because the vinyl is created with small holes that allow the wind to pass through slowly.

Innovative Style

Our expert designers help you create the wrap that perfectly reflects your brand. You can use it to showcase products before a grand opening or draw attention to upcoming events you have happening. Our high-quality materials together with the solvent-based ink work to bring the picture to life – on a larger scale. 


Because the vinyl wrap is larger than life, it becomes impossible for those passing by to miss it. Unlike the radio or television ad, which can be turned off, there’s no avoiding the wrap. Your advertisement is seen all day, every day by a wide range of onlookers. With this marketing solution, you create stronger brand awareness and make yourself known in the community.


You can use a building wrap for a multitude of reasons. In fact, this signage isn’t just ideal for the entire building, but also as a banner or large-format window graphic. 

How are Building Wraps Made?

At Craftsmen Industries, we have a variety of building wrap advertising solutions, each with its own manufacturing process. You can opt for a complete wrap or choose a large building banner instead.

Adhesive Building Wraps

With an adhesive vinyl wrap, you don’t have to worry about damaging the structure. This material is simply vinyl with an adhesive backing. It’s the simplest and cleanest way to wrap the building, without the need for drilling. That’s why many companies with a glass building benefit from vinyl wraps because there’s no way to drill into the glass and stretch a vinyl banner across. In these cases, we recommend using adhesive vinyl combined with outdoor UV lamination. With our solutions, we create the building wrap advertising strategy that works for your organization and structure type.

Large Building Banners

The large building banners allow us to wrap the organization in eye-catching visual graphics. Our ten-foot-wide printing equipment assures we print the banner and graphics needed to showcase your establishment. 

With these branding solutions, you have what you need to advertise your parking garage, construction site, building, school and more. Above all, printing a large format banner gives you a cost-effective solution that stretches your budget further. 

Our outdoor banner material is printed with mesh that has tiny holes throughout the design. This design allows the air to flow freely through the banners. When the winds are substantial, the air flows through the banner and relieves wind resistance. Plus, our banners are heat-welded along the perimeter to add further reinforcement against inclement weather. With the double-thick perimeter and brass grommets surrounding it, this banner is sure to provide many years of service. 

What is the Cost of Advertising Wraps on Buildings?

Because vinyl wraps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it’s challenging to offer an exact price estimate for your printing needs. To get a better idea of what your building graphics expense will be, it’s helpful if we know the following information.

Size of building

The graphics used on a smaller building are going to cost less than that on a high-rise. Once we know the size that needs to be covered, it’s much easier to offer a quote.

Material requested

We use a variety of materials based on what your structure is made of and what you hope to accomplish. Talk to our team today about the materials that suit your project the best.

Graphic design

If you are looking for a simple logo or name on a banner, the cost will be different than a company that desires full-blow graphics on a complete wrap. 

Once we understand your needs better, our team will be able to provide an exact quote for the work.

Printing Process

Our printing process differs based on the materials you’ve chosen. We have both vinyl mesh and solid vinyl options that allow us to print your custom graphics from one edge to the other. It’s not difficult for our team to print any custom size banner or building wrap. We have created options as small as 2’ x 2’ to 20’ x 20’ and beyond. 

Our professional equipment allows us to print your building vinyl wrap and banners to cover any commercial property or school. You can move forward with complete confidence knowing that we have the expertise to get the job done right. 

To begin, you will talk with our design department. Together, we will ensure that your graphics are designed exactly as you imagine them. We will send you a digital proof to sign off on before we begin the printing process.

Then, our team prints the approved graphics and schedules a time for installation. We use an eco-friendly manufacturing process that creates bright, full-color and crisp graphics that won’t fade. You can choose any size to perfectly match your building. 

Throughout the entire process, you are assured that our quality control department is inspecting your work carefully. If it wouldn’t go on our building, it won’t go on yours.

Installation Process

We install our large building wraps with premium materials. Because of the materials used on both our wraps and large-format banners, you can be assured that the finished product will stand the test of time. Our laminated vinyl graphics are protected from damage, but still require professional installation for the best appearance.

We prefer to apply the wrap when there is no direct sunlight and the temperatures are between 30-80 degrees Fahrenheit. We will work with you to schedule the appropriate installation time. It’s also our hope that the application won’t interfere with your daily business, so we take that into account. 

We start by preparing the surface. It cannot be dirty, so we clean it thoroughly first. It’s also important that the surface is completely dry before beginning. After we finish the preparation, we are ready to apply the adhesive vinyl graphic.

We position it perfectly and tack it in place. From there, we can pull away the liner and begin the application. We use a squeegee from the exposed edge, working toward the center and each edge carefully. Our team continues this process until the entire graphic is in place, with no air bubbles or imperfections. 

Applying building graphics isn’t a job that should be done on your own. Instead, choose to have a professional installation for a seamless finish and additional peace of mind. 

Why Craftsmen Industries?

As experts in the field of building wraps, you won’t find a better team than the one at Craftsmen Industries.  Our professionals know how to create the perfect building vinyl wrap for your needs. We are committed to the success of your company and design building graphics that allow you to accomplish your goals. Since starting this business in 1982, we have served thousands of other professionals, just like yourself.

We take your commercial building wrap beyond the basics. From the design to the printing and the installation, we have the skills needed to complete your job in a timely and proficient manner. Furthermore, we love to work with tight deadlines and can complete your project quickly.

Not only can we handle your exterior graphics, but we also have multiple solutions for your interior advertising. From the smallest banner to a complete vinyl wrap, we can outfit your structure with the professional graphics needed to gain more attention.

Contact our team today to discuss your graphic display needs. Our staff provides complete dedicated attention to your needs to ensure success. You are kept in the loop from the design, through the manufacturing, until the installation is complete. Even after the job is accomplished, we are available for any questions or concerns you face. You are our top priority. Your happiness is what ensures our success. We can work with a variety of budgets and are ready to help you today.