3D Printing Service

Attract your audience with larger-than-life 3D printed props. They offer a perfect opportunity for customers to snap a photo to share to social media increasing your impressions. Go BIG - our 3D printing service can create large-scale versions of your idea that cannot be missed at your event!

Your options are nearly endless - we can 3D print your logo, product, mascot, or whatever you dream up. These 3D pieces are a wow-factor at trade shows, product launches, experiential marketing activations, and other special events.


3D Printing Design

Need some help with a final design? Let's get creative! We have in-house designers that can help with your 3D printing project. 

Need a quick turnaround? Our 3D printing technology allows us to create larger-than-life products in the matter of hours! 

We also have the capabilities to finish your 3D printed project with sanding, painting, and installation of large-format graphics, so the final product is exactly how you envisioned, all complete within your timeline and budget. 

View our 3D Printing & Design samples below.

Behind the Scenes of the HydraFacial GLOWvolution Tour Truck_3MIN


3D Printing Client Examples

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