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Transform the exterior of your space to visually speak to your outside audience with large-format window graphics. Our team can affix semi-permanent graphics showcasing your brand or install temporary decals promoting a short-term event. 

Whether a small storefront or large event arena, Craftsmen has you covered with large-format graphics. Our certified print and installation teams can produce spot or full-coverage window decals that span across multiple floors with precise measurements.

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Large-format window graphics offer a flexible, low-cost advertising option that offers BIG impacts and impressions:

- Increase awareness
- Educate your audience
- Save energy during hot months
- Create privacy & comfortable environments
- Enhance curb appeal
- Direct customers
- Outfit temporary events

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Examples of Window Graphics & Decals

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What are Window Decals and Graphics? 

Bare retail windows are so drab. And so, uninspiring!

What’s more, naked windows mean you’re ignoring a perfectly good marketing opportunity. If you want an easy way to increase foot traffic to your store, try window graphics. They’re stunningly beautiful, vibrantly colored window decals you stick on your glass storefront. With them, you cannot help but to powerfully capture the eyeballs of everyone who walks by your storefront. Vinyl window decals do this by showing off your brand, advertising your products, or proudly announcing to the world what the values of your company are. 

Businesses have been using visually appealing storefront windows to attract customers for hundreds of years. And now, with high-quality window graphics, that practice has been transformed for a brand-new century.

Visually appealing images of what you sell and what you stand for are a powerful allure for potential customers. This helps you stay light-years ahead of all your competitors because professionally done, first-rate graphics put your brand in the best possible light.

It’s been proven that stores with visually appealing window decals are far more likely to attract passerby than those without them. Also, irrational though it might sound, when people see high-quality graphics, they'll start believing that your merchandise is of the same very high quality. 

Use vinyl window decals to generate buzz around the launch of a new product. They offer lots of bang for buck for what you’ll pay for them. If your retail aesthetics have gotten stale due to inattention and business has fallen into a rut as a result, vinyl window decals can give your establishment a much-needed infusion of visual excitement.  Their seductive allure will capture your customer’s eye better than almost any other form of advertising. And, they’ll shine a blazingly bright spotlight on your business or service in a way that’s difficult to ignore. 

Windows decals have long-lasting adhesive properties, which make them perfect for longer-term promotions. However, they also can be removed within seconds. So, if you need to take them down so they can be retooled or replaced to reflect current business realities, you’ll be able to.

Types of Window Graphics 

There are several different kinds of window graphics. 

For example, you can get store window lettering, which is elegant and straightforward. This is perfect for displaying your contact info, store hours, and business logo. There are also window stickers, which are for one-time use because they cannot be repositioned. 

Next up are semi-permanent window decals. This means that although you’ll be able to initially reposition the decal, once the adhesive sets, it'll be hard to peel off. Window decals can be affixed to the window in three different ways—to the outside, the inside, and the inside facing out. 

The first type of window decal is the clear kind. With this type, you can see through any part that doesn’t have printing. Next are opaque decals, which means you cannot see through any of it. 

There are also perforated decals. With this kind, you can see through the decal to whatever’s on the outside the window, but nobody can see in. This effect is accomplished with the addition of tiny holes on the printed side. This type of graphic saves you money on air conditioning during sweltering weather because it’s semi-opaque. This means that the amount of sunlight coming through your office windows is significantly reduced, lowering the temperature by a few degrees. It also removes 99% of all ultraviolet light, which helps to reduce fading of your interior furnishings. 

You can also get clings, which have no adhesive because they stick to the window with static electricity. They're used a lot on sneeze guards in restaurants to advertise deals of the day. Clings are easily removed and reapplied and can be transparent or opaque. So, if you need an easily repositionable sign, go with a cling over a decal. 

That's because, with a decal, you'll need soapy water and a razor blade to remove it. 

Custom Design Service

Craftsmen uses the latest high-definition printing techniques along with high-impact UV stable inks, and your window decals will have an impeccably professional look because of this. We’ll custom make your window graphics to whatever specifications you need, so you’ll get individualized treatment. 

Our company has heavily invested in leading-edge large format print technology. This means your graphics will be long-lasting and of consistently excellent quality. And, our cutting-edge roll-to-roll printers give us the ability to print out a dazzling variety of vinyl window decals. 

The materials and finishes used determine how long-lasting your window graphics will be. At Craftsmen Industries, we use the highest quality materials and finishes. Our window graphics are designed to stand up the relentless heat of the sun, so you’ll get durable colors that are fade resistant. 


You can always install smaller window decals yourself. However, you should consider hiring us to put up larger window graphics because doing this can be tricky.  Or if you're putting up dozens or even hundreds of vinyl window decals as part of a colossal multi-store campaign, have us do it for you.

Our installation team is fully licensed and insured. They’ll make sure your vinyl window decals are strategically placed for maximum impact and in the most aesthetically pleasing way. If you have an upcoming sales extravaganza, give us a call, and we’ll design, manufacture, and install visually exciting window graphics that’ll prove to be an irresistible allure for your event. 

We can even install large-scale graphics that span multiple floors. Imagine the dramatic impression that’ll have on your customers! 

What Makes Craftsmen the Perfect Choice? 

From graphics that merely list your hours of operations to large store logos that encompass more than one retail floor, Craftsmen can do it all. So, whether you have a storefront the size of a broom closet or a showroom that spans thousands of square feet, we

'll make sure your window graphics have maximum impact.

We can also help you to devise a powerful visual marketing strategy in the form of strategically placed, stunningly beautiful window graphics. We'll start by having one of our incredibly skilled team members visit your store to determine which type of graphics will best serve your marketing needs. 

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