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Food Trucks for Sale | New & Used


Kitchens Anywhere - mobile

We offer a large pool of existing units including food trucks for sale or lease.

Our demo food truck is built with versatility and is capable of creating nearly any menu. Use this unit for a cook and serve or a cook/prep/cater kitchen. 

In addition to ready-to-go options, we can design and build new food trucks customized to your specific menu.

Our food truck solutions are equipped with:

  • Lowest counters for quicker transactions
  • Largest interior kitchen for more equipment and more workspace
  • Comfortable cabs for location-to-location travel
  • Zoned and Hi-Capacity A/C for comfortable working environment
  • 10+ years reliability with simple maintenance

Among the many options available to you at Craftsmen are vehicle leasing agreements as well, which are available for short or long-term commercial applications.

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