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Mobile Medical Van


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Bring quality healthcare directly to communities in need across the country with mobile medical vans. Healthcare vans can be customized to provide nearly any service including primary care, dental, diagnostics, and COVID testing. 

A mobile medical van allows you to take your services directly to rural areas, underserved urban communities, and disaster relief sites.  

Craftsmen is the leading manufacturer of custom medical vans. If you are looking to buy or build a custom mobile medical van, Craftsmen is your trusted source. Request a quote or call today! Also see our mobile medical vehicles product page. 

Mobile Medical Van For Sale

Mobile medical vans are easily transported without a specially licensed driver and can fit at nearly any site. Medical van interiors can be fully customized to your service with different floorplans including special equipment, custom cabinetry, ADA wheelchair lifts, plumbing, and more. The smaller-sized vehicle creates a big impact for those in need!

Our turnkey mobile healthcare services allow your organization to get to those in need, fast. Set up onsite quickly and serve efficiently with a reliable, best-in-class mobile medical van by Craftsmen. 

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What are Mobile Medical Vans?

Mobile medical vans are sprinter model vans typically equipped with the latest medical technology to function as a healthcare clinic on wheels. Many people lack the opportunity to access a healthcare center and get the necessary diagnostics or treatment. Some experience mobility or transportation issues, while others struggle with financial restraints and language barriers. 

Thus, mobile medical vans are typically used as a tool in underserved communities or disaster relief efforts by providing healthcare directly to adults and children who need it most.

The services offered by mobile medical vans vary depending on what service is lacking in the desired locations. In areas with a high concentration of low-income residents, mobile medical vans may offer primary care, dental care, mental health counseling, and immunizations.

In areas with limited access to healthcare or rural communities that do not have nearby hospitals or clinics, medical transport vans may provide immediate healthcare services, including blood pressure screenings, immunizations, diagnostics, and x-rays.

Regardless of the reasons, medical vans for sale offer numerous opportunities both for healthcare providers and the community. These mobile medical units may be used for various medical services in any desired location!

What are the Benefits of a Mobile Medical Sprinter Van?

So, why should you invest in such an expensive piece of equipment? Simply put, there are many benefits of a mobile medical transport van for sale. Even though the end goals vary based on each individual business, a medical transportation van for sale has the following advantages:

  • Transportation ease
  • Can carry important medical equipment
  • Easily customizable
  • Saves lives and builds trust

Mobile Medical Vans

Transportation ease

Most importantly, the vans are easily transported to reach patients in remote areas who would not otherwise have access to a doctor or hospital. This is especially important for people with chronic health conditions who need regular checkups and monitoring. 

Mobile medical sprinter vans can also bring healthcare services directly to people’s homes. This allows the patient to stay in the comfort of their own home, rather than having to travel to a hospital or clinic. Thus, a medical van is especially useful for people with disabilities that restrain movement.

Can carry important medical equipment

Mobile care providers often bring equipment that may not be readily available in underserved areas, such as insulin pumps for diabetes care, laboratories for blood tests, and CT scanners.

Not only can such equipment be of use in diagnostics, but it may also save lives. Instead of people struggling to reach an emergency room, a medical van for sale can bring the necessary treatment to them. This may also help save emergency room resources for those who’re in life-threatening conditions. 

Easily customizable

These mobile clinics can be customized quickly at affordable costs compared to brick-and-mortar spaces, allowing you to serve those in need faster.

Whether you’re in need of a simple waiting room or a fully operational OR, a medical transport van for sale can meet your needs. All you need to do is carefully plan your design, and the Craftsmen Industries professional team will turn it into reality.

Saves lives and builds trust

Last but not least, investing in a medical transportation van for sale may help save lives and build trust within the community. People may get the right diagnostics and treatment before their condition becomes fatal. 

Examples of changes in healthcare after the introduction of mobile medical vans are a decrease in general hospital admissions for hypertension, diabetes, asthma, decrease in emergency department visits for falls, broken bones, heart attacks, and strokes.

Mobile Medical Van Benefits

While a mobile medical van is beneficial both for organizations and patients, the advantages vary slightly. 

To better understand the impact this medical unit has on the healthcare system, it’s best to review them both. 

Here are the most common mobile medical van benefits you may expect. 

Common benefits of Mobile Medical Vans for organizations:

  • Cost-Effective: Unlike stationary medical centers, a mobile medical van is cheaper and more efficient. You’ll have access to all the needed equipment and technology within this mobile unit and save the essential medical products for the emergency room
  • Quick Turnaround: Sprinter vans are known for their reliability and speed. When a patient is in need, you can get to them fastly and prevent any further complications.
  • Easily Transported – no special license required: Due to the van’s compact nature, it can easily fit in most environments. Whether you’re visiting a rural area or a tight alley, a medical van can be transported without much haste.

Common benefits of Mobile Medical Sprinter Vans for patients:

  • Quality Healthcare: There are many people who don’t have access to quality healthcare due to their disabilities or location. With a mobile medical van, they may get the right diagnostics and treatment before a serious condition arises
  • Greater Accessibility: Patients can have access to dental, primary, and diagnostics care right at their doorstep. With easy accessibility to numerous medical treatments, people can avoid further complications.
  • Convenient Locations: Mobile medical vans aren’t bound to a certain physical location. Instead, they can reach even the trickiest locations with ease.
  • All-inclusive Care: With a medical sprinter can, patients will have access to all-inclusive care, regardless of their condition, gender, age, or color. With this medical unit, you may help people with different backgrounds get the essential medical care they deserve.
  • Cost-Effective: Most patients who don’t have access to a nearby medical center won’t have to worry about travel expenses. Even in life-threatening situations, they can get the medical care they need within the comfort of their home or right beside it.

Common benefits of Mobile Medical Sprinter Vans for patients_

What Type of Medical Vans For Sale are There?

Medical vans can be customized to nearly any healthcare service and are typically used by hospitals and doctors’ offices. They are equipped with a range of diagnostic tools, examination tables, heating/cooling systems, and specialized cabinetry.

A mobile medical sprinter van typically see patients in underserved communities, sometimes referred from hospitals, physicians’ offices, or dial-a-ride providers. Mobile medical transport vans often contain the same diagnostic equipment as hospital and doctor’s office ambulances, but some may also include custom cabinetry for storing drugs and other supplies.

Many vans have a small pharmacy onsite that can fill prescriptions and dispense medication as needed. 

Common services:

Besides the benefits and types of medical transportation van for sale, the most common services these mobile units provide are the following:

  • Primary Care: A person-focused healthcare model that includes first contact, continuous, and comprehensive care given to the patient. 
  • Health Screenings: A variety of medical tests are used to find any medical conditions or diseases before any symptoms appear. 
  • Immunizations: The process of vaccination that prevents the patient from catching any life-threatening disease
  • Blood Clinics: Medical procedures that include blood testing, diagnostics, and other blood-related treatments.
  • Dental Care: Practices involving basic oral hygiene and maintaining healthy teeth.

How long does it take to make medical transport vans?

Once the actual van is secured, the custom interior can be built out in as little as a few months. Lead times vary based on desired equipment but are turned around much quicker than brick-and-mortar spaces that can take more than a year to be completed.

What is the typical price range of a Mobile Medical Van?

The cost of a Mobile Medical Van will vary depending on several factors such as the van size, the equipment to be installed, and desired custom cabinetry. Equipment may include an exam table, sinks for handwashing, freezers to store vaccines, phlebotomy chairs, and X-ray machines. Gathering ample information on what will be in your medical van will decide final pricing.