Interior signage

Interior Signage

Allow your employees and visitors to interact with your brand by communicating your brand story and key messages through custom interior signage throughout your entire building.

Interior signage can act as simple logo signs, identification signs, wayfinding signs, interactive timelines, and much more. Custom interior signs can be printed with virtually any artwork to relay important imagery and copy, and can be installed to walls, windows, doors, floors, and ceilings.


Interior Signs

Advantages of Interior Signs 

Interior signage is very versatile. In addition to installation ability on nearly any surface or blank area in your building, interior signs can also be produced using a variety of materials. Vinyl, fabric, wood, plex, metal, and more - whatever you dream up can be transformed into interior signage reality. Dimensional elements and sleek vinyl decals can work together to create office, retail, and event spaces that engage and make visitors say "wow". 

Let Craftsmen Industries be your one stop shop in providing custom branded interior signs and custom elements quick! 


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What is Interior Signage?

Interior signage is a combination of unique graphic elements made up of several different sign categories that can be used to provide branded interior design and direction.

Wayfinding Interior Signs

The purpose of these interior signs are to provide simple, easy-to-read directions that allow people to navigate from A to B with the least amount of confusion.

Regulatory Interior Signs

These interior signage products are common in publicly accessible buildings, such as healthcare, college/university, senior living, banking, and  commercial facilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act sets forth certain interior signage criteria for these types of buildings. The ADA  Accessibility Guidelines require certain types of signs and regulates proper placement of these signs.

Custom Interior Signs

These interior sign products provide engaging, sleek, and decorative interior elements that can turn your in-office branding into a creative design element that complements both your space and your brand. The design options for interior decorative signs and reception signs are endless. A variety of materials and applications can be used. Craftsmen’s creative experts can help you develop the perfect solution for your space.

How are interior signs made?

We use machines such as routers, flat-bed printers, and large-scale 3D printers in combination with our talented designers, engineers, woodworkers, fabricators, and more to create a variety of signage and graphics. Any fabricated signage can be finished with hard-coat, paint, and/or printed graphics for custom branding. Our graphics department includes a sewing team

What materials do interior signs come in?

Interior signs can be created from many different materials such as aluminum, steel, Plexiglas, wood, and more. Interior signs can also be flat printed vinyl. Material choice can be determined based on desired use and style. 

How long does interior signage last?

The life expectancy of interior signage depends on the material used and amount of touching from passersby. Metal, Plexiglas, and wood are all durable materials that can last decades indoors. Vinyl graphics can last five to ten years indoors. 

What is the typical price range for custom interior signage?

There are many factors to consider when evaluating the price of interior signage due to the wide variety of possibilities. When looking over all pricing elements, the ones to prioritize are color, complexity, materials, and installation. If you are looking for a baseline, a typical interior vinyl sign can range from $50 - $200 depending on design time and colors used. While creating a more complex sign that implements different materials, colors, hardware, and complex design, the price can exceed over $2000.