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Vinyl Car Wrap & Vehicle Wrap Design


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Transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard with a vinyl car wrap. This low-cost and flexible advertising option brings in exponential impressions!

Wrap your vehicles with your logo, informational message, bold colors, and eye-catching designs. We can print and install virtually any wrap to circulate your brand to customers across the nation.

Color matching, branding solutions, and templating are just a few of the many capabilities brought to your partnership with Craftsmen. We understand the value of your vehicle wrap and completed rigorous certification processes to ensure they are printed at the highest standard.

Our team of certified installers can seamlessly apply your branded vehicle wrap to anything from small vehicles to 53’ expandable trailers. Craftsmen provides solutions that put your short and long-term promotions on the road to success.

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What are Vinyl Car Wraps?

A vehicle vinyl wrap describes the automotive aftermarket practice of completely or partially covering a vehicle's original paint with a vinyl wrap of a different color, and sometimes the same color with a differing finish like a gloss, matte, or clear protective layer. Other terms used to refer to vehicle vinyl wraps are car wraps, paint wraps, color change wraps, vehicle graphics, and paint protection film.

Other common uses for vinyl film:

  • Crafts
  • Windows
  • Wall Murals
  • Home decorations
  • Appliances
  • Instruments
  • Electronics

How is the vehicle wrapping process done?

Vinyl car wrapping is a process of applying large sheets of pressure-sensitive vinyl film to each individual panel on the car. During the wrapping process, the vinyl film takes the shape of the panel and is carefully applied. Vinyl film is applied with extreme precision and skill making sure there are no creases, bubbles, and other defects. This is only carried out by a highly trained and skilled graphics installation team.

Steps when vinyl wrapping your vehicle:

  • Removal of old vinyl (if applicable)
  • Choose the vinyl
  • Print graphics on chosen vinyl
  • Prep the paint
  • Remove mirrors and molding
  • Plan the process
  • Apply the graphics 
  • Stretch the graphics out
  • Cut off the edges 
  • Work-out all seams

What materials do vinyl car wraps come in?

Vinyl car wrap material can come in all types of colors and finishes. The main difference becomes the quality and brand of the vinyl which will determine durability, color saturation, and texture. 

Common vinyl wrap colors, patterns, and finishes:

  • Gloss
  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Carbon fiber
  • Shade shifter
  • Metallic
  • Chrome
  • Velvet
  • Microfiber

How long does a vinyl car wrap take?

Getting your vehicle wrapped requires developing the design of the wrap, printing of the wrap, prepping the vehicle for application, and application of the graphics. Although those are the main steps, there are plenty underlying actions that are taking place at the same time. Generally, once printed and prepped, the installation process can be completed in as little as a few hours to a few days at the most.

Different car wrap procedures:

  • Partial wraps and lettering
    • Partial car wraps like door logos and custom lettering don’t take long if you have an experienced installer. These jobs should approximately take half an hour to two hours.
  • Half wrap
    • These car wraps will take significantly more time than a partial wrap. A half wrap could include multiple panels and can take up to four hours to complete.
  • Full wraps
    • Full car wraps require a lot more effort and precision to apply correctly. Depending on the vehicle, a full wrap can take anywhere from half a day to three full days.

What is the typical price range of wrapping a car, truck, or trailer?

As you would think, pricing for each vehicle wrap will differ drastically based on the size, the complexity of the wrap, and how much labor will be required to complete the job. If you must work with a vehicle that has a lot of curves and sharply creased panels, that will require much more work than a flat, smooth surface.  Generally, the price range for a small car can start as low as $2000. Once you start working your way up to full-sized vehicles and trucks, the price can jump to as high as $10,000.