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Experiential Vehicles for Sale/Lease


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Among the many options available to you at Craftsmen are vehicle leasing agreements as well, which are available for short or long-term commercial applications.

Fleets of vehicles ranging from 24′ trucks to double expandable trailers can be customized to include features such as kitchens, stages, movie theaters, museums, or anything you can dream up.

Displays  |  DJ Truck  |  Pods/Containers  |  Bumper Pulls  |  Drop-to-Ground Bumper Pull  |  Glass Bodies  |  Truck Bodies 

 Goosenecks  |  Straight Trailers  |  Craftsmen LoJoeSingle ExpandablesDouble Expandables

Plus, if you have the vision, but are looking for a little additional insight into your experiential vehicle, Craftsmen has the depth of experience to walk you through your project, from drawings on paper to a rolling masterpiece. Let us help you find the best way to reach your audience and maximize your brand.

These mobile options are ready now to be fully customized for your brand’s short or long-term promotion:


1 Unit Available

The Go and Show is a mobile experiential asset that allows you to quickly deploy your marketing vision from most box trucks over 16 feet. Quickly, utilizing simple tools and minimal effort, one person can have your mobile kiosk up and running at any outdoor event.



1 Unit Available

Bring a party to every event with our DJ truck! It comes equipped with extensive DJ equipment, mounted speakers, and unique lighting. This truck travels to beaches, clubs and bars, art festivals, music events and more. 

DJ Truck Open


9 Units Available - Various Lengths

Portable pods and containers set on the ground and open with large stages allowing a quick setup for your crew and easy access for your customers. Containers can stack atop one another for a unique and attention-grabbing footprint!

nissan leaf mobile showroom trailer truck


3 Units Available - Various Lengths

Bumper pull trailers allow a smaller footprint for a quick and easy setup, but can be modified with stages and walk-on roofs for a spacious event area that draws in customers.

pur water tour trailer leasing


1 Unit Available - 24' Length

Engineered with a patented retractable wheel system, Craftsmen's cutting-edge bumper pull trailer lowers to the ground for one-step access into your brand experience. One person can set up in less than two hours, saving your brand  time and money!

mtn dew reduced


7 Units Available - Various Lengths

These truck bodies feature large glass or Lexan panels that uniquely showcase your products or message, even during transport from location to location.

visit mexico trailer leasing


1 Units Available - 24' Length

These 24’ truck bodies can be utilized for anything from a kitchen to a dance floor for your customers, then mounted on a chassis to tour the country.

olive garden trailer leasing


5 Units Available - Various Lengths

Gooseneck trailers provide a happy medium in event space and are modified with stages, concession windows, multiple entryways, and customer waiting rooms.

robot skin trailer leasing


1 Unit Available - 53' Length

This 53' straight trailer offers a large space for your brand experience that can be quickly setup and is ready to be modified to your specific needs.

emerson enclosed trailers


2 Units Available - 45' Length

The Craftsmen LoJoe™ is a cutting-edge, easy to deploy drop trailer engineered for maximum space and easy access. Customers are only one step away from entering your brand experience. 

mazda trailer leasing


3 Units Available - 53' Length

These 53' trailers have one hydraulically-operated 38' x 8' expandable section offering more space for a mobile office, product showroom, or nearly any build-out tailored to your brand's needs.

Picture3 1 leasing


6 Units Available - 53' Length

These 53’ trailers have two hydraulically-operated 38’ x 8’ expandable sections for the largest show space in the industry, 900+ sq. ft., to be utilized for a product showroom, command center or virtually anything your brand desires.

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