Mobile Medical Coaches

Healthcare organizations can deliver quality care to communities in need across the country with mobile medical coaches. Mobile clinics can be customized to nearly any healthcare service including primary care, dental, diagnostics, and COVID testing. 

Mobilization allows you to take your services directly to those who need it most like rural and underserved communities as well as disaster relief sites. Medical coaches can also serve as extra space for overcrowded hospitals and clinics. 

Craftsmen is the leading manufacturer of custom medical coaches. If you are looking to buy or build a custom mobile medical coach, Craftsmen is your trusted source. Request a quote or call today!

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Medical Coaches for Sale

Mobile medical coaches are a great solution providing a large space that can be fully customized to your service. Our design, engineering, and fabrication teams can build-out your mobile clinic with ADA wheelchair lifts, special equipment, custom cabinetry, private exam rooms, restrooms, and virtually anything your service requires. 

Our turnkey mobile medical vehicle products allow your organization to get to those in need, fast. Setup onsite quickly and serve efficiently with a reliable, best-in-class mobile medical coach by Craftsmen. 

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What are Mobile Medical Coaches?

Mobile medical coaches are highly complex medical vehicles equipped with sophisticated medical equipment such as PET, MRI, CT, and x-ray machines. Medical coaches are designed to maximize patient volume while maintaining patient and staff comfort. These clinics are often mobilized to those in need during epidemics, disasters, or other crises, or used to aid hospital overflow. 

What are the benefits of a Mobile Medical Coach?

There are plenty of benefits of a medical coach, but the most important is being mobile. Having the ability to proactively help underserved adults and children who may be out of reach of professional medical services is a massive advantage when needing to act fast in pressure situations. 

Mobile clinics are cost-effective solutions. It is often hard to allocate funding for expensive medical equipment and a full staff to serve in low traffic brick-and-mortar sites. Mobile units allow for flexibility in assigning assets to different locations to better serve a more expansive range of patients, better utilizing resources and valuable funding. In addition to lower costs, coaches are turnkey. While brick-and-mortar clinics can take over a year to build, medical coaches can be ready to serve in months. 

Common benefits of Mobile Medical Coaches for organizations:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Easily Transported

Common benefits of Mobile Medical Coaches for patients:

  • Quality Healthcare
  • Greater Accessibility
  • All-Inclusive Care
  • Convenient Locations
  • Cost-Effective

What type of mobile medical coaches are there?

Typical mobile medical units include mobile blood collection, mobile dental, mobile mammography, mobile MRI, mobile emergency, mobile PET / CT, mobile CT, mobile surgical trauma, mobile laboratories, mobile instrumentation units, mobile training for healthcare workers. Medical coaches can be customized to suit nearly any service. 

Common types of Mobile Medical Coaches:

  • Mobile primary care clinics
  • Mobile dental
  • Mobile health screening
  • Mobile blood clinics
  • Mobile MRI
  • Mobile PET
  • Mobile X-Ray
  • Mobile laboratories
  • Mobile surgical/hospital

How long do medical coaches take to build?

When building a medical coach, developing a plan on how long it will take to complete is based on a few different factors. A few of the essential factors to look at are intricacy of the design, medical equipment needed, which coach style to choose, materials needed, and the locations where the coach will visit. Getting all this information will help drive the development of your production schedule and should give you a great foundation on how long your build will take.

Mobile Medical Coach Price Range

When developing a price range for a mobile medical coach you will need to consider the different costs involved like obtaining the vehicle, modifying the vehicle, special equipment to be installed in the vehicle, staffing, as well as costs to upkeep the coach. With these vehicles being so unique to each build, the price range is very ambiguous and depends on the modifications and equipment required. Mobile Medical Coaches and range between $100,000-$500,000 on average.