modular office building

Modular Office Building

Modular office buildings are cost-effective and transportable alternatives to traditional brick-and-mortar office spaces. They offer small and large businesses flexibility. Place permanently at your desired location or move across the nation to various worksites. 

We can fully customize the interior and exterior of your modular office building to your specific needs.

modular office building

Our in-house design, fabrication, paint and graphics teams can customize your modular office buildings with electric, plumbing, HVAC, and full interior finishes - whatever you need, we can build!

Modular office buildings are often fabricated using shipping containers meant to hold a large amount of weight and withstand harsh exterior elements. We can modify these 10', 20', and 40' containers to various sizes to fit specific space requirements. In addition, to resizing, we can design a creative footprint stacking or connecting multiple containers. 

Modular Office Building Examples

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What are Modular Office Buildings?

Modular office buildings, also known as modular office units or modular office spaces, are structures that are constructed using prefabricated modules or sections. These modules are manufactured off-site in a controlled factory environment and then transported to the desired location, where they are assembled to create the final building.

Each module typically represents a self-contained portion of the office space, such as a single office, conference room, or restroom. These modules are designed to be easily combined and interconnected to form larger office layouts based on the specific requirements of the project. They can be stacked vertically to create multi-story structures or arranged side by side to form larger floor plans.

What are the benefits of Modular Office Buildings?

Modular office buildings offer several benefits that make them an attractive option for many businesses. Firstly, they provide a significant advantage in terms of construction speed. With modules being prefabricated off-site while site preparation is underway, modular office buildings can be constructed much faster than traditional buildings. This allows businesses to move into their new office spaces more quickly, saving time and minimizing disruptions.

Secondly, modular office buildings offer excellent flexibility and scalability. The modular units can be easily rearranged, added, or removed to accommodate changing needs. This adaptability allows businesses to adjust their office space according to growth, reorganization, or evolving requirements, ensuring that the office environment remains aligned with their specific needs.

What types of Modular Office Buildings are there?

There are various types of modular office buildings available to cater to different needs and preferences. Here are some common types:

Single-Module Offices

These are standalone modular units that serve as individual offices. They are typically compact and designed for small teams or individual use. Single-module offices are suitable for businesses that require separate workspaces for different staff members or departments.

Multi-Module Offices

Multi-module offices are created by combining multiple modules to form larger office spaces. These can range from a few modules combined side by side to create a larger open-plan office to multiple levels of modules stacked vertically to create multi-story office buildings. Multi-module offices offer greater flexibility in terms of size and layout and can accommodate larger teams or multiple departments.

Open-Plan Offices

Open-plan modular offices are designed to provide a spacious and collaborative workspace. They feature a large open area without traditional walls or cubicles, allowing for easy communication and interaction among employees. Open-plan offices can be created by combining multiple modules or customizing the layout of larger modules.

Cubicle Offices

Cubicle offices are modular office spaces that consist of individual workstations or cubicles. These are typically used in settings where employees require some privacy and focus while still having an open and collaborative environment. Cubicle offices can be configured by combining modules or using specific modular units designed for this purpose.

What is the typical price range of a Modular Office Building?

The price range of a modular office building can vary significantly depending on various factors, including the size, design complexity, customization options, location, site preparation requirements, and additional features and amenities.

Additional costs that should be considered include site preparation, foundation work, utility connections, permits, interior finishes, furniture, landscaping, and any other specific requirements for the project.