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About Craftsmen Industries, Inc.

Craftsmen Industries opened for business in 1982 on Howard Street in St. Louis, MO. Our humble beginnings focused on trailer sales in the Midwest.

As our business evolved in the early years, our clients began to ask for more and more specialty modifications to their vehicles to enhance their marketing message. As a result, Craftsmen expanded services to include design, engineering, fabrication, printing, and installation in-house which allowed Craftsmen to accommodate our customers' requests, manage tight deadlines, deliver within budget, and bring an unmatched level of satisfaction to customers.

Eventually, our client base and product offering outgrew our original office and we moved into a 79,000 sq. ft. facility in St. Charles, Missouri in 1994. It was at our West Clay location that our experiential and industrial business really gained a foothold and it was a short 6 years later that we realized a need for yet another home.

The decision was made to purchase land and build a standalone 127,000 sq ft facility not far from our original West Clay location. In January 2000 we packed up and moved our family and friends to our current location just over the Missouri River from St. Louis County.

It is here, at our Elm Point Industrial location, that we house our base of operations, fabrication facility, graphics production group, and the 200 family members that call Craftsmen their home away from home. It is here that we can almost build you anything you can dream up!

Thank you for visiting our website. If you are interested in a tour of our facility, please feel free to reach out to our business development lead, Seth Steele. We will be happy to make arrangements for a visit. We are located just 15 minutes from Lambert – St. Louis International Airport. We welcome the opportunity to show you our home.

Our Facility

Craftsmen Industries occupies 127,000 sq. ft. on 20+ acres only 15 minutes from the St. Louis airport.


Craftsmen’s capabilities onsite include:

  • Degreed Mechanical Engineers
  • SolidWorks, AutoCad/Inventor, Load Expert
  • Certified Data Stream Installation
  • Certified AMX Control Design Experts
  • HVAC Certified Technicians
Fabrication Expertise
  • Hydraulic- Fluid and Pneumatic
  • Electrical
  • Structural Design
  • HVAC
  • Theatrical Lighting and Rigging
Large-Format Printing & Installation
  • G7 Master Targeted Qualified Facility
  • 3M Authorized Manufacturer
  • 3M Certified Installer
  • Avery-Dennison Certified Wrap Installer
  • PDAA Master Certified Installation
  • United Applications Standard Group
Shop Equipment
  • CNC Routers
  • Mill, Lathes, Sheet Rollers, Tube Rollers
  • Bender Hydraulic Mandrel
  • Miller Welders (Tig & Mig)
  • Swedging Machine
  • Press Brakes – 10’, 12’ & 14’
  • Shears 10’ & 13’
  • Iron Workers – 55 Ton & 120 Ton
  • TruLaser 2D Laser Cutting Machine
  • Band Saws -Vertical and Horizontal
  • Over Head Crane – 5 Ton
  • Large-Scale 3D Printer
Paint Shop
  • Paint Booths – 45’ & 65’
  • Multiple Paint Mixing Systems
  • Pantone Mixing System
  • EPA Compliant

Our Guiding Values


Our values are simple. We are craftspeople, we build things that otherwise have never existed. Each day we embrace the excitement of what you might bring us to BUILD on your behalf. It is in the spirit of this unparalleled dedication to our customers, that we guide ourselves with the following simple principles, our VALUES: 

Be The Best

Deliver what is best for our clients. Be the best coworker you can be. Set Craftsmen apart by giving your personal best and ensuring our organization delivers best-in-class products and services.

Have Understanding

Create a feeling of warmth, friendliness, and professionalism for our clients and coworkers. Show people you care. Set and ask for expectations while demonstrating gratitude and recognition. Look for other's greatness and provide support when necessary. Be clear. Be polite. Be courteous.

Exercise Initiative

Maintain a solution orientation. Feel free to solve challenges in a clever way. Take personal responsibility and be open-minded to new ways of doing things. Take time to plan and prepare. Look to create systems and processes that support our ability to perform consistently.

Always Be Learning

Learn more about your craft, seek continuing development. Consider different ways to do things that might foster a better result. Take an interest in others and learn about your co-workers contributions to the company through their talents and expertise.

Practice Discipline

Repeat good behaviors until they become habits. Double-check all work, measure twice, cut once. Execute, measure, correct, and revise. Expect the best from yourself and others every day.


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