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Custom Wall Decals & Custom Wall Graphics

Every brand has a unique story to tell their audiences. Does your space reflect your story?

Craftsmen Industries can help you visually speak to your visitors with custom wall graphics and dimensional signage. Whether you're in need of branding your office space, creating school spirit, or outfitting a special event, Craftsmen Industries can fabricate and install virtually any graphic or element tailored to your needs!

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Our graphics team offers vast options for materials and styles to brand your space from floor to ceiling. We can print temporary decals for short-term events or permanent architectural murals.

We have certified installers on our team and have a nationwide network of certified installers that can provide seamless application onsite.

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What are Wall Decals?

Why leave a wall blank when it can give a boost to your business? 

With wall decals, you’ll get that boost. Custom wall graphics give you the power to transform any flat surface in your office into a powerful sales tool. Custom wall decals are exquisitely crafted, vibrant pieces of vinyl with an adhesive backing upon which you can showcase a corporate logo, an upcoming promotional event, or whatever else you want. They're an easy, quick, and inexpensive marketing solution that'll turn the heads of every customer who sees them. They’re not only a way to market your goods—they can also be aesthetically pleasing components of your office décor. 

Plus, wall graphics are easily removable, so you can change them as much as you'd like for seasonal marketing campaigns and promotional events.

Uses & Applications 

There are so many ways to use wall graphics to grab the attention of potential customers. And every day, exciting new ones are being continually invented. Also, the technology used to produce custom wall decals advances by leaps and bounds, making them ever more durable and aesthetically-pleasing. 

Our well-crafted, high-quality wall graphics are a terrific way to show off your logo so the whole word sees it. Use custom wall graphics to broadcast your brand story to everyone who walks into your office. Or, advertise an upcoming promotional event in a way that’ll be sure to grab attention. Reenergize a tired old space by injecting it with a vivid splash of color with visually appealing wall decals plastered in endlessly creative configurations.

It’s becoming increasingly popular to print mission statements on wall graphics decals. This way, you can place it right on the wall where every team member can get inspired by it. This clarifies what you stand for and helps every employee feel connected to your goals and vision. 

You don’t have to only put these kinds of decals on traditional walls either. One often overlooked place to use them is elevators. People are staring at this space anyway as they patiently wait for their elevator to reach their floor. Take advantage of the opportunity to get your brand noticed because, in this area of your building, your visuals will make an unforgettable impression. 

You can even put them on columns or posts. Then, these structures aren’t merely holding the building up, but can also be used as a blank canvas upon which to project all the things that makes you such a great place to do business. 

Sizing & Style Specifications

Choose from a variety of materials and styles to create a seamless, professional-looking design that’s exceedingly affordable. 

Our wall decals are not off the shelf products but are custom printed and manufactured from the highest quality vinyl materials. The long-lasting vinyl sticks easily to any smooth surface and can be used in place of more permanent artwork. It's 4 mil vinyl, which is about the thickness of three sheets of copy paper. With proper care, your decals will last five years or more. 

These decals are pre-pasted for easy installation. A low-tac adhesive is used for the backing, which means the sticker can be removed and repositioned many times without damaging your paint or drywall. What's more, no sticky residue is left behind.

We print your decals using our cutting-edge, state-of-the-art inkjet printer using our patented four-color printing process. Your stickers are printed with vibrant ink that's weather, fade, and abrasion-resistant, and eco-friendly. 

Custom Design Service

At Craftsmen Industries, we offer limitless customization possibilities, so you don't have to settle for generic, cookie-cutter graphics used by everyone and their brother. We can make virtually any type of decal you need, and they can be cut to any shape or size.

What's more, our endlessly versatile team is well versed in their fabrication and has the skills to make your visuals pop.  We can even print temporary decals for short-term promotional events.  

How to Install

Large scale wall decals can be a little tricky to install and probably should be installed by us. However, you can apply small wall decals yourself, which should be a fun and easy process. 

To do it yourself, first, make sure your decal is at room temperature. Then, thoroughly clean the wall with mild soap and water. 

After the wall is dry, tape the decal to the wall by its top edge using masking tape. Make sure it’s positioned where you want it to be. Use a measuring tape or a level to make sure it’s aligned correctly and is straight. Flip the decal up and remove the backing paper. 

Make sure the decal doesn't come off with the paper! Once the backing is removed, you'll be left with the sticker and the transfer tape. Make sure the transfer tape is pulled tight, so there are no wrinkles. Then, using a squeegee, work out from the center of the decal to apply the decal. Remove any air bubbles as you go along. 

 Press firmly against the transfer tape. Fold over the transfer tape and remove the decal slowly. If your decal looks like it's coming off, press the squeegee against the sticker to make sure the decal sticks. 

How to Care

To keep your decal clean, periodically wipe it down with a damp cloth. If you need to store it, you can do so for up to one year. 

If you still have the original backing, put the decal on it before storing it. Store at room temperature in an area where the humidity is 50% or less. Don’t lay heavy objects on it or roll it too tightly. That’s because wall decals can rip if there’s too much tension. 

 Also, by not rolling it too tightly, you’ll avoid unsightly creases.

How to Remove

Small stickers you can remove by yourself. But if you have a larger one, make sure you recruit the assistance of a helper. Also, whenever you apply a wall decal, make sure you keep the liner it originally came on. 

Start by trying to lift an edge. If it won’t come up, lift it up with an Exacto knife. Take your time and be careful not to tear the decal. 

Also, make sure you don’t inadvertently touch one part of the back with another. Don’t pull it too fast or hard because you don’t want to stretch it. 

Continue lifting the decal until it comes off the wall. Then, lay it on a table or floor face down. Lastly, take your liner and place it on the decal. 

Why Choose Craftsmen Industries?

At Craftsmen Industries, we can meet all your custom wall graphics needs. It doesn't matter if you only need a tiny decal so you can display the logo of your small business on your office door. Or, if you need a massive rollout in many different buildings all at once.

And, if you’re doing the installation yourself, we’ll ship them to your location for free. 

We think you’ll be quite pleased with the quality of our work, and we guarantee you’ll love every single one of our wall decals. If you don’t, we’ll make it right. And if we can’t, we’ll refund your money. 

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