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What Role Do Fleet Vehicle Graphics Play in Corporate Branding?

What Role Do Fleet Vehicle Graphics Play in Corporate Branding?

Building a strong brand identity has never been more important in today's fast-paced business community and competitive landscape. Both small and large organizations need to make a lasting impression that will keep them on the top and make them stay ahead of the competition. But how can you do that? In this article, you’ll discover what role do fleet vehicle graphics play in corporate branding and how it can benefit your company.

There are countless schemes and marketing strategies that play a vital role in spreading awareness and throwing your name on the market. However, fleet vehicle graphics offer a unique and creative way to enhance your corporate branding and stand out from the crowd.

Continue reading to explore the various ways this strategy can enhance your business and uncover its full potential.

The Role of Fleet Vehicle Graphics in Corporate Branding


What Role Do Fleet Vehicle Graphics Play in Corporate Branding

The days when businesses solely relied on billboard posters or printed ads to reach their target audiences are gone. With the advantages of digital marketing and design, companies have created numerous ways to get their message directly to the public. Thus, the innovation of fleet graphics.

Fleet vehicle branding involves wrapping all parts or only sections of a company-owned vehicle in vinyl graphics. This practice offers customized, high-quality graphics that display and advertise a business’s logo, designs, and messaging. Ultimately, this strategy is a visual marketing tool that promotes your business and leaves lasting impressions once done right. 

Even though this strategy may often be overlooked, the possibilities and results it offers are unmatched. From small cars to large trucks, our team  is able to transform any mobile vehicle into a moving advertisement. It can turn heads and spark conversations among the public in no time.

Furthermore, with the graphics and services becoming significantly more affordable and accessible, this practice is as popular as ever. It’s no wonder that companies of all kinds and sizes are investing in this attention-grabbing marketing strategy.

The Benefits of Fleet Vehicle Graphics in Corporate Branding

In addition to providing transport for products or services, fleet vehicles can be an excellent avenue for business advertisement. Branded cars or trucks with vehicle graphics are able to create an impressive image for both your company and your reputation. However, unbranded vehicles are only a lost opportunity for improvement.

Regardless of the size and purpose of your brand, your decision to brand your company vehicles can make a significant difference in a matter of days. With the opportunity to get noticed by potentially up to thousands of people daily, this strategy can also help create an outstanding professional impression.

So, fleet graphics are an excellent chance to extend your branding. Once you’ve created these vehicles, they’re visible 24/7 everywhere your vehicle goes. This includes roads, city streets, parking lots, malls, restaurants, shopping centers, schools, etc. Additionally, even when you are not on the clock, your vehicle is working overtime. It’s continually spreading your message and creating a connection with viewers.

Still wondering what makes fleet vehicle graphics such a popular choice among businesses? Here are several compelling reasons:

Brand visibility on the move

One of the key and most pivotal roles of fleet vehicle graphics is their ability to transform company vehicles into mobile billboards and ads. By doing so, you can significantly boost your business’ visibility. Whether it’s on city streets, highways, or even parked in various areas, your branded vehicles are always spreading the word about your company.

With eye-catching designs and strategic placement, this type of exposure helps create a lasting impression on potential customers. It can additionally reinforce brand recognition and recall on a daily basis.

Building brand trust and reputation

Well-designed fleet vehicle graphics can also have a significant impact on your brand’s reputation and build trust with your audience. When potential customers see branded vehicles, they’re perceived as the product of a reliable, committed, and established company.

This is additionally why this practice is so popular, as it allows brands to customize their vehicles and adopt their marketing strategy as the company evolves. Fleet graphics can fit any vehicle type and size, making them suitable for any business. This excellent opportunity helps generate credibility that makes your company a reliable and recognizable brand.

Creating a professional image

Consistent advertising and branding plays a vital role in establishing a professional image. As we mentioned, potential customers generally appreciate branded and recognizable companies.

With fleet graphics, you’re able to create and display your logo, message, slogan, and other brand elements professionally across your entire fleet. By incorporating distinctive colors, using clear fonts, and high-resolution images, you can cultivate a premium and cohesive brand image. This will further build trust between you and your customers and generate credibility in the minds of potential audiences.

Maximized brand exposure

Unlike traditional advertising methods, fleet vehicle graphics offer a wide range of brand exposure. This includes reaching a wider audience and efficiently advertising in your local area.

Depending on how many vehicles you brand, how often they travel, and the distance, you can reach up to tens of thousands of viewers daily. As these vehicles travel, they expose your brand to a diverse range of potential customers who may have otherwise remained unaware of your company.

This way, you can non-intrusively reach a wider public over all roads your branded vehicles travel. The lead possibilities for this marketing strategy are nearly endless. With exposure to that extent, you can reach new markets and potentially catch new business opportunities.

Additionally, your fleet vehicle graphic marketing strategy is most effective in your local area. As people tend to trust and deal with local businesses, local marketing can produce outstanding results. This generates positive associations with your brand.

Maximized brand exposure


Cost-efficient and effective marketing strategy

Investing in fleet vehicle graphics has become relatively accessible and affordable due to the advancements in technology and digital marketing. When compared to other marketing channels, this may be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies out there.

Once you’ve applied the graphics to your vehicles, they continue to promote your brand for an extended period without any additional costs. Advertising on social media, TV, or radio requires payment each time you want to run an ad. Whereas with fleet graphics, you keep running your ads rent-free month after month.

This long-term exposure provides a high ROI, making it an excellent choice for companies seeking significant impact within a limited budget.


In the modern age, standing out of the crowd in the market is paramount. Fleet vehicle graphics are able to offer a unique opportunity to differentiate your business from your competitors.

By utilizing eye-catching custom designs, innovative graphics, and creative messaging, you can create a memorable and distinctive presence on the streets. This will capture the attention of potential customers and set your company apart from your rivals.

Factors to Consider When Considering Fleet Vehicle Graphics

Before indulging in the fleet vehicle graphic marketing strategy, there are several considerations you should keep in mind. This includes:

Cost and installation time

Identifying your budget is the first step you need to consider when opting for fleet vehicle graphics. Even though the prices vary from service to service, this type of marketing is on the cheaper side of the spectrum. 

The price would be determined depending on the size and complexity of your graphics and the type of vehicle you want wrapped.


The next thing you should consider is the material you’ll be using for your graphics. Generally, it’s worthwhile to opt for custom decals to ensure a unique and attractive outcome product.

This is because cheaper materials are not as durable or lasting. In addition, you may face challenges when removing them from your vehicle if you decide to resell it. This may result in additional costs for recovering and servicing the vehicle.

Impact on resale

Vehicles with branding can be more difficult to sell when compared to unbranded ones. Luckily, quality materials are relatively easy to remove without damaging the vehicle’s structure or surface. This minimizes the net impact of branding on your resales.

Looking for Fleet Vehicle Graphic Branding Services?

At Craftsmen Industries, Inc., we offer vehicle and fleet branding alongside many large-format graphic solutions for your business. We can help you produce color matching, branding solutions, and custom layouts that are reliable, high quality, on time, and within budget.

Whether you have a whole fleet or are a rising brand with a single van, we can manage! With Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Installer and PDAA Master Certified Installer certifications, you can rest assured you’ll get the best possible results.

Feel free to contact us and schedule consultations about fleet vehicle graphic branding today!

Fleet Vehicle Graphic Branding Services



In conclusion, fleet vehicle graphics play a vital role in corporate branding. However, not many people are aware of what role do fleet vehicle graphics play in corporate branding

This marketing solution offers a variety of benefits that can enhance your company’s performance and outcomes. This includes increasing your brand’s visibility, building trust and recognition, creating a professional image, and differentiating you from your competitors.

Additionally, fleet vehicle graphics are likely the most cost-effective solution to turn your fleet into powerful marketing assets. This way, you can reach a wider audience and leave a memorable and long-lasting impression.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you gain insightful information regarding fleet vehicle graphics in corporate branding. Embrace its potential and achieve long-running success and brand identity.

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