The Glenlivet SEG Display

Silicone-Edge Graphics (SEG)

Silicone edge graphics are fabric prints finished with a thin silicone gasket (strip) around the perimeter. The fabric can be sewn to fit across nearly any custom framework for a variety of applications including single-sided, double-sided, freestanding, wall-mounted, suspended, stackable, and LED backlit. Use SEG to upgrade your office space with artwork around cubicle systems, wow trade show attendees with backlit exhibits, engage visitors at special events, and more. 

Sony MLB SEG (small)

Silicone edge graphics give you ultimate flexibility! 

The silicone gasket fits into a channel along the framework and easily pulls out, so that you can replace your imagery as often as you like! Reuse your framework long-term to save money, time, and storage space. Simply replace the SEG prints to support your latest marketing campaigns, showcase a new product or service, or tailor your message to different event audiences.

Freestanding displays break down and fabrics can be folded for cost-effective shipping and material handling. Setup onsite quickly without tools.

large format silicone edge graphics display

Our advanced 8-color dye-sublimation printing process reduces graininess and ensures smooth color transitions to give you best quality reproductions of your imagery.

Choose from a variety of fabric material to achieve any look. Custom frames hold the SEG taut for eye-catching, seamless displays with vivid prints every time.

Upscale appearance that provides full control. 

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