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The Go and Show™

Quick Mobile Kiosk

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Nearly 40 years of experience gives Craftsmen Industries an earned reputation as the leading manufacturer of experiential marketing vehicles for the event and promotion industry.

Whether it’s a display, exhibit, event, indoor or outdoor experience, the Craftsmen team can successfully deliver. Craftsmen can also help you redesign and configure your current marketing fleet with the latest technological advances that bring a modern, reconfigured interior for optimal experiential marketing.

In-house engineering, design, fabrication, print, paint, fiberglass, technological systems and 3D capabilities combine with quality experience to bring a winning combination.

Craftsmen can manufacture projects large and small, ranging from mobile museums and guerrilla marketing vehicles to kitchen and sampling units, all on-time and within budget.

experiential marketing vehicle


Among the many experiential marketing available to you at Craftsmen are vehicle leasing agreements as well, which are available for short or long-term commercial applications.

Fleets of vehicles ranging from 24′ trucks to double expandable trailers can be customized to include features such as kitchens, stages, movie theaters, museums, anything you can dream up.

Plus, if you have the vision, but are looking for a little additional insight into your experiential vehicle, Craftsmen has the depth of experience to walk you through your project, from drawings on paper to a rolling masterpiece. Let us help you find the best way to reach your audience and maximize your brand.


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What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing is an advertising strategy that creates more engagement with customers through a branded experience. This marketing practice is also referred to as an event marketing experience or live marketing

Whatever you call it, this form of advertising helps to create a memorable impact among your audience. You will inspire them to share the information with others. 

Most of the time, experiential marketing involves an event, but it doesn’t have to. You can use it to create a live experience anywhere. 

Companies find extreme success mixing our promotional marketing solutions with events, such as a grand opening, popular festivals, on-site art installations, trade shows and more. 

With this type of advertising, you allow customers to not only observe your brand but also immerse themselves in the experience first-hand. Promotional vehicles and experiential trailers allow customers to form a direct connection with any brand. 

We are ready to help with your next mobile lounge, glass truck display, stage trailer or other experiential elements. Contact Craftsmen Industries to experience what it’s like to work with a professional.