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Vehicle Fleet Wraps for Any Vehicle!

Low-cost advertising with exponential impressions sounds like a dream, but we're here to make that dream a reality for brands across all industries with fleet vehicle wraps! Fleet wrap with your logo, vibrant colors, beautiful imagery, or whatever message you want to circulate to customers across the nation or your specific region. 

Craftsmen Industries has the print and installation expertise to make your mobile billboards stand out from the rest.

Craftsmen Industries saves you time, money, and aggravation with our installation and removal services, regardless of geography.

We strive to provide solutions for your short and long-term promotions with timely application, ensuring that all fleet wraps and company vehicle wraps remain in service.

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From small projects consisting of spot designs for a single vehicle to full fleet wraps installation, we’re able to successfully carry out your project efficiently.

All Craftsmen’s applicators are certified by the PDAA (Professional Decal Applicators Association) and UASG (United Application Standards Group). Craftsmen is a 3M™ Certified Wraps installation company. 

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Mobile Billboards - Commercial Fleet Wraps 

Wrapping your fleet vehicles in custom made illustration is one of the most cost-effective and successful ways to advertise your brand. Commercial Fleet wraps are printed vinyl layers applied directly on top of vehicles.

With fleet wrapping, you can effectively convert your vehicles into mobile billboards. Fleet wrap with a brand's logo and colorful illustrations are an incredibly effective way to catch the attention of potential customers. 

Moreover, with the right company by your side, like Craftsmen Industries, you get our printing and installation expertise at your disposal. 

What are Fleet Wraps?

Vinyl-wrapped fleet vehicles are essentially mobile billboards for your business. Fleet vehicles are a great way to utilize them as advertisement canvases, and they can be covered in wraps with vibrant colors and messages reflecting your brand.

Depending on your preferences, we may entirely or partially wrap your fleet vehicles. Moreover, you can use vinyl wraps for different kinds of vehicles, including:

  • Fleet car wraps
  • Fleet van wraps
  • Fleet truck wraps

Fleet Vehicle Wraps Customization Options

Full Wraps

Maximizing the entire vehicle surface with commercial vehicle wraps gives your business's powerful branding canvas fresh life. Complete fleet car wraps provide exceptional creative versatility that draws attention whether the vehicle is moving or stationary. With custom truck wrap ideas, you can create unique and memorable designs that perfectly reflect your brand's identity and message.

Partial Wraps 

Partial wraps, which are more affordable, make use of your vehicle's most noticeable surfaces on company-wrapped trucks. You can generate a strong visual impression for your business with partial wraps that include popular areas like the hood, door, tailgate, windows, or other large flat pieces of a car.

Decals Kits

Decal kits or spot graph are small illustration composed of vinyl. They could stand for a slogan, logo, or other advertising statement. Businesses who wish to showcase particular elements, emblems, or promotional offers without covering the entire vehicle can do so with decals.

Fleet Wrap Installation Process 

Installing vinyl wrap signs on your fleet vehicles requires many moving parts and factors to consider. So, if you're considering turning your company vehicles into mobile billboards, it is crucial to leave the installation process to professional installers. 

The installation process of custom vinyl vehicle wraps involves the following steps:

  • First, we print the agreed-upon designs onto either cast or calendered vinyl film.
  • Next, we treat the vinyl film with a laminate layer to protect its integrity and ensure longevity. This also protects the vinyl wrap from discoloration from the UV rays and dirt. 
  • We prepare the vehicle for the vinyl film application. This includes a thorough car wash as well as a chemical-based rinse to remove oil, dirt, and any remaining wax. 
  • The next step is installing the vinyl wraps as they are marked. 
  • The last step is a final installation inspection before the vehicle is road-ready.

Custom Vehicle Wraps Maintenance

Following manufacturer maintenance guidelines is vital when ensuring your commercial fleet wraps always look their best. These will include things like buying the recommended tar and bug remover and routinely cleaning the wraps with non-abrasive detergent. 

Remember that the longer junk is permitted to accumulate on your vinyl wrap signs, the more challenging it will be to get off later. If there are any fuel spills on the vinyl wrap signs, you must clean them up right away.

This is because they can weaken the vinyl adhesive used to create the majority of fleet car images. Make sure you choose an non abrasive cleaning method if your line of business requires automated washing to clean your custom business vehicle wraps. 

This is due to the fact that brushes can seriously damage your vinyl wraps. Moreover, make sure to maintain the pressure below 200 psi when pressure washing your cars, while keeping the temperature lower than 180°F.

Lastly, use hot, soapy water to soak in and then rinse off to soften rigid foreign objects like bug residue.

Bottom Line

Commercial fleet wraps allow you to reach a vast potential customer pool with a cost-effective and creative marketing strategy. If you are interested in custom vinyl vehicle wraps, contact Craftsman Industries. With our expertise, we'll make your fleet wraps impeccable.