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Mobile Radiosurgery Trailers: High Performance & Sustainability

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Deliver High Quality Care On The Move

From Ideation to Creation
A Craftsmen Industries and ZAP-X®, and Bright Health Access LLC Partnership

Craftsmen Industries, ZAP-X®, and Bright Health Access LLC have strategically partnered to create a new and innovative mobile radiosurgical treatment trailer, a significant step forward in providing treatment to patients in any location. The trailer is designed to provide multiple types of treatments to patients who live in remote areas where access to medical facilities is limited. This innovative solution will make care accessible to more people who would otherwise have to travel long distances for treatment.

The mobile radiosurgery treatment trailer will be equipped with advanced medical technology, including a Gyroscopic Radiosurgery® platform, which is used in radiation therapy. The trailer will be staffed by highly skilled medical professionals who are experienced in treating patients. The team will provide comprehensive care and support to patients throughout their treatment journey, from diagnosis to recovery.


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The ZAP-X platform integrated within a mobile platform is pending further validation.