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Commercial Mobile Kitchen Trailers

Commercial Mobile Kitchen Trailer

Craftsmen specializes in mobile commercial kitchen trailers and trucks. We serve the brand sampling and industrial canteen industries.  

From small events to feeding the masses, Craftsmen can take your team mobile anywhere food service is requested or required as a result of natural disaster with our state-of-the-art mobile kitchen products. 

Craftsmen leads the industry in the design, engineering and manufacturing of state-of-the-art, high volume modular and mobile commercial kitchens.

Our industrial mobile kitchens are built for popular restaurants, packaged food brands, natural disaster victims, military, and more, providing food services on location. The applications for a custom-engineered mobile kitchen are virtually endless.

Our modular units can expand to include special equipment, office space, restrooms and other amenities to meet all needs and specifications. Learn more about our mobile commercial kitchens below.

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What is a Mobile Commercial Kitchen?

A mobile commercial kitchen can be built using a trailer or a truck and has all of the cooking equipment needed to carry on your business in any location you might need. From a deep fryer to a barbecue grill, you can outfit a mobile kitchen trailer with any cooking gear you need. With the additional flexibility and ease of transportation, you can also prepare food to order for superior customer satisfaction.

If you want to be a part of the action anywhere and anytime, you owe it to your business to add a mobile kitchen to the mix. The mobile commercial kitchen trailer is the perfect solution for your next event, to expand your business or whenever you require the use of an off-site kitchen. You can take our fully customized industrial mobile kitchen trailers anywhere. Craftsmen Industries has experience with event catering mobile kitchen trailers, sampling kitchens and more. 

Why is it Important to Have a Nice Mobile Kitchen Design?

Our kitchen trailers serve as an extension of your business. You can outfit it with the gear that suits your needs, not someone else’s. With this level of customization, everything you require is always at your fingertips, allowing you to focus on getting the job done. Once you carefully craft the interior mobile kitchen design, it’s also vital to think about the exterior design. 

By creating the advertising message you want to portray, you receive several benefits.

Low-cost mobile advertising

Owning a custom food truck allows you to take your logo and company branding anywhere with you. You can drive around town and put those advertising dollars to work for you. If you currently own a business, having a food truck helps you to gain more attention, especially if you add pictures of the food and your restaurant’s location to the design.

Gain more customers

Some people actively search out mobile food trucks to eat from. As they see a new contender in the market, they will naturally flock to you to see what’s offered. Your restaurant will receive more attention as a result.

Allows for creativity 

You can try out entirely new looks with a mobile kitchen. It doesn’t have to be the same branding as your existing business if you want to try something new. With the right design, you will gain more attention and turn heads, which is precisely the point. You need a qualified team by your side to help you stand out in the crowd. 

Different Types of Mobile Kitchens

You have a variety of portable kitchens to choose from when looking to expand or attend a local event. Here are some of the top options to consider from Craftsmen Industries.

Kitchen Trailers

Our carefully crafted portable kitchens offer the solutions you need anywhere. You can choose from a variety of sizes, such as our 44’ and 57’ trailers. Our fully equipped kitchens allow you to prepare and serve thousands of meals within hours. We include the top-of-the-line industrial equipment, from the latest food prep supplies to extensive cold storage. 

Our trailers provide the perfect way to offer event catering and food truck services on a larger scale. Experienced culinary professionals have used our trailers and found them to be comprehensive and easy to operate. Amaze your employees, guests and audience with superior sanitation, food preparation and service capability. 

Modular Kitchens

There are situations when the average food truck won’t suffice. For these specialized environments, you might prefer the use of a modular kitchen instead. We have supplied these kitchen creations for service in the following settings.

  • Marine
  • Harsh climates
  • Higher elevations
  • Rough platforms
  • Rugged terrain

If you want to find a flexible and affordable food service solution that is capable of handling high volumes, you can’t go wrong with a modular kitchen. Our design consultants help you to customize the layout to suit your needs. We include all of the appliances and apparatus you need to get the job done. We also help you curate the advertising plan that allows you to stand out. 

Furthermore, our technicians can help you set up the kitchen on-site. If you need multiple units for a more massive event, talk to us about our vast configuration options for more volume. 

With a modular facility, you gain several advantages:

  • Quick on-site setup
  • Flexible designs to meet your individual needs
  • Construction meets all health codes
  • Climate controlled
  • Fully insulated
  • High-quality food service is achieved through on-site meal preparation
  • Open work area creates more room for staff

Skid Kitchens

With a skid kitchen, you have flexible and convenient cooking options for any situation. These are the ideal cooking solutions when space is reduced. Craftsmen Industries provides many standard configurations to choose from, but we can also customize your skid kitchen to suit your requirements. 

With these self-contained, compact units in place, it’s simple to use either electric or gas appliances. Plus, add stainless steel surfaces to create easy cleanup for your staff. In some situations, it’s also possible to add fire suppression, ventilation and plumbing systems for more versatility. 

We can help you create one skid kitchen that meets your needs, or easily add on several units to create the meal preparation capability needed on a larger scale. Consider equipping your skid kitchen with some of the following gear to heighten the experience.

  • Rangetop ovens
  • Deep fryers
  • Charbroilers
  • Flat top griddles
  • Braising pans
  • Tilt skillets
  • Convection ovens

There’s no limit to the ways we can customize your portable kitchen. Talk to us about water heater and pump installations as well. 

Tent Kitchens

At sporting events, concerts and other venues, it makes sense to curate a tent kitchen that helps to expand your brand. We offer equipment from some of the top names in the industry. Choose a camping kitchen that offers a full sink to make the food preparation and cleanup easier than ever. 

In no time, you will be feeding the masses at your state-of-the-art kitchen setup. We provide ideas for your cooking stove setup, cold food storage, dishwashing station, seating and other needs. Talk to our design experts to find out what we can do for you.

Food Prep Units

If you have a large staff working in your cooking kitchen, it can often get crowded, especially during busy times. Whether you need more room for preparation or storage, our food prep units offer the portable space you desire. 

Your kitchen staff will be thankful for the extra room, allowing them to do their jobs even better. Prepare the meals in the food prep unit that don’t need to be made in the kitchen. Consider this the hub for your salad or sandwich preparation. When vast amounts of cooking supplies aren’t cluttering up the space any longer, there’s no holding your team back.

We offer food prep units for events, as well as creating extensions to existing businesses. This is an ideal solution if you need to put on a demonstration and showcase a product to your audience. Talk to us about our customizable solutions.

Customized Mobile Kitchen

You won’t always find the solution that fits your needs perfectly without customizing the options. While we do offer some generic options that might work for you, there’s no reason to be discouraged if you need something more extensive. We have the options you want to use for your next event, expand your food business and more.

Our expert designers understand the importance of creating a space that works for you. From the smallest details to the most significant inclusion, we make sure everything is done exactly to specification. We help you choose the high-quality appliances that need to be included and end the job by branding the trailer precisely as you request.

If you aren’t sure exactly what you want, look through some of our previous customized work to gain some inspiration. Our team has created some of the most extravagant and functional kitchens for many of the top companies. We are ready to help with yours next. 

Commercial Mobile Kitchen Truck Options

Commercial mobile kitchen trucks are a smaller, much more maneuverable option. We sell mobile kitchen trucks new with custom designs as well as used in our large leasing pool of products. If your budget or project needs are smaller, a mobile kitchen truck maybe be just the solution you need. 

For Sale and Rent

Our large inventory of mobile kitchen trailers for sale allow you to get an incredible deal on lightly used products but 100% maintained for safety, usability, and longevity. 

Why Craftsmen Industries?

Craftsmen Industries is the leader in mobile kitchen design. We don’t just handle the design and format of the trailers, but also the advertising and graphics. When you work with us, you get help from the start to finish quickly. We’ve created some of the most recognizable mobile commercial kitchens in the nation.

To date, we have created industrial mobile kitchens for some of the top fast-food companies, natural disaster victims, search and rescue crews, movie crews and firefighters during forest fire battles. Our custom-engineered mobile kitchen options have everything you need and more. 

We can create a minimal space for your small-scale event, or design an extensive freezer, cooler and office space trailer for a comprehensive solution. We also have restrooms and other amenities that can be included. As experts in the field, you will get precisely what you need, and so much more. 

To get started, look through some of our existing designs to see if something catches your eye. Then, talk to our design team about what we can do for your business or event. From your food service needs to creating additional storage, we have the facilities you need to reach your goals.