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Consumers are constantly looking down, whether on their phones or simply watching where they are walking - don't leave out this important advertising space! Direct your consumers to specific points of interest, draw attention to important messages, or outfit special events. Floor graphics are a unique, flexible, and low-cost advertising option. 

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Interior graphics transform an ordinary building into a museum of your brand where you can tell your story and lead customers right where you want them. Our team can print and install permanent floor graphics or temporary floor decals. We have a variety of materials, some specifically meant for floor application and durable enough to endure shoes and other elements.

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What are Floor Graphics?

Printed floor graphics utilize the space you have in a bold, new way. Floor graphics by Craftsmen Industries can be used indoors or outdoors, in a variety of strategic locations. You can also choose to use the floor graphics as a short-term or a semi-permanent solution.

Transform your high-traffic areas into attention-getting spaces when you install floor graphics. Our removable floor graphic options apply to most textured and smooth surfaces for a seamless installation. Whether you want to promote your brand, organize an area, direct foot traffic or decorate for a special occasion, having a professional floor graphic installed is sure to help you reach your goals. With our customized options, you will find precisely what you need. 

Most of our floor signage has three layers to it.

  • Base: This vinyl layer is constructed of a flexible substrate. It’s the area where the images are printed.
  • Anti-Skid Laminate Coating: This matte mask protects the design from slippage, scratching, skid marks, discoloration and more.
  • Adhesive: This strong layer binds the floor decal to the surface for a secure fit.

Our custom floor graphics don’t just put your stamp on the space, but also help to brand your organization. When you customize the surroundings, you help others understand what your company stands for. Use floor graphics to display your logo, highlight your mission statement, showcase your top products or reinforce your PR identity.

Why Should You Use Floor Graphics?

When you plan your quality signage on the floor of a high-traffic area, you gain many benefits. This advertising solution allows you to accomplish the following:

Direct your foot traffic: If you want to guide consumers through the optimum route of your store, you can highlight the premium stock or showcase what’s on sale.

Optimize your retail space: If you have a large store, you might have trouble getting the customers to walk the entire location. As a result, the outskirts of your store tend to go unnoticed. With floor graphics, you motivate your visitors to visit the other areas as well. Provide directions and offer incentives to keep them on the path.

Gain more attention: Your shoppers are watching where they are going. With floor graphics, you take advantage of their directional sense to optimize their shopping time.

Fight the smartphone: If customers are looking at their smartphones, you could miss valuable opportunities. However, their posture helps them to see signs that are on the floor. You have a chance to gain their attention and redirect their focus. 

Promote branding at a trade show or convention: You can quickly apply or remove floor graphics at temporary events. Grab the high foot traffic during the event and direct people to your booth. 

Offer safety information: Large events can become quite crowded, which increases the chance of incidents occurring. With custom floor graphics, you can specify walking lanes for the elderly, handicapped or families with small children to help keep them protected from the larger crowds. 

Showcase branding at an arena: If you are hosting a professional sports venue, graphics are an ideal way to promote the branding and logo of the teams.

Welcoming: You can welcome your guests to the event with a cost-effective, welcoming decal. It’s always appropriate to say hello.

Customize a celebration: All significant events can be made better with custom graphics. Add floor decals for the prom, a wedding or other unique events. 

Floor Graphics vs. Decals

Floor graphics are adhesive decals that are constructed out of 3.4mm vinyl. This material is perfect for advertising at your business establishment or retail location. Because of the thin nature and added slip resistance, these graphics are durable and strong. You can have thousands of people walking on top of them without it becoming a nuisance or hazard.

With proper maintenance and dependent on level of foot traffic, floor graphics can last from months to years. However, you also have the option to remove them whenever you want. The semi-permanent design is ideal for occasional promotions and sales, or for longer lasting directions and signage.

We install the vinyl floor decals on all non-porous surfaces. They will adhere to tile, hardwood, laminate, sealed concrete and more. To prepare the area for the decal, we first like to make sure that the area is cleaned and ready. 

Slip Resistant Floor Graphics

The backing of our graphics is strong and meant to adhere well to almost any surface. When the slip-resistant decals are applied, they aren’t going to move or shift in place. This design assures the safety of your visitors and allows you to have confidence in your signage. 

Even with the heavy-duty design, it isn’t difficult to remove the graphics when the time comes. If you only need the signage for a promotional event, you will be able to remove the decal with ease at the end.

Craftsmen Industries: Floor Graphic Services Available 

Our custom floor graphics are printed on flexible vinyl. Every design includes an easy-to-use removable adhesive to stick to your flooring perfectly. When used indoors, you can stick the graphics to tile, hardwood, linoleum and more. We have other materials that we use for uneven surfaces, carpet and concrete. Our team is ready to help you with any customized requirements you have. 

We can ship the floor graphic to you for your own installation, or our team of experts can handle the install for you. When we arrive, we ensure that the flooring is cleaned and prepared for the decal. Otherwise, it will not adhere properly and won’t last. 

Our floor graphics aren’t just convenient, but also an effective advertising solution. You can use more floor cleaning chemicals and products on the decal thanks to the clear overlaminate covering. Talk to us about the different options we have and we will ensure you get the graphics that help you stand out. 

Custom Shaped Graphics

Even if you have an intricate design in mind, we can print it. Talk to our team about the custom shaped graphics on a non-skid sticker that will adhere to your indoor and outdoor surfaces. 

Carpet Graphics

While many companies don’t have solutions for your low-pile carpeting, we do. Not only can we create graphics for the carpeting, but our products leave no residue behind after removing.

Exact Cut Graphics

When we cut the edge of the decal so that it looks like it is one with the flooring, this is an exact cut graphic. These designs also include non-skid protection for a seamless appearance and feel. 

Outdoor Floor Graphics

The decals aren’t just ideal for indoors; you can use them outside as well. We offer weather-resistant and durable graphics for your high-traffic pedestrian areas. Talk to us about outdoor slip-resistant decal options for your needs. 

Floor Graphic Removal Service

If you prefer to do it yourself, taking a floor graphic off isn’t a big deal. You could remove it yourself with the directions we provide you. With some designs, you may need a heat source. If you don’t want to operate a torch, our professionals can handle the removal instead.

Our graphic removal service ensures that the entire decal is removed and the floor looks as good as new before we leave. The difficulty depends on what type of material was used and whether it was adhered with short-term or long-term products. 

If you are planning to use a graphic for a trade show, you don’t need long-term adhesive. Instead, it’s best to use short-term options that are easy to remove. On the other hand, if you plan to keep the graphics in place long-term, it’s better to use a stronger product. When the time comes to remove this long-term decal, you might prefer to hire our professionals instead. 

Why Craftsmen Industries?

Craftsmen Industries is a leader in creating and manufacturing floor decals. We work with your team to create a slip-resistant design that fits your brand and image. Consider us as an addition to your marketing team. We are happy to walk through the entire process with you, from the creation of your indoor floor decals to the installation. We are also available for removal if you need us.

Our team has worked with some of the biggest brands to create floor decals that gain attention. You can browse through some of our previous assignments to see what we’ve created and gain some inspiration. 

If you are planning to attend a trade show, we can offer much more than just the slip-resistant indoor floor decals. Talk to us about our options for your booth and displays as well. Allow Craftsmen Industries to handle every aspect of your next event for seamless success. 

We thrive on tight deadlines. Even if you are in need of graphics immediately, we can help. Reach out to our professional floor graphic services team today to get started. Together, we can create designs that increase foot traffic, build brand awareness and drive more sales. After all, if you don’t succeed, neither do we.

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