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Mobile Medical Vehicles – Mobile Medical Clinics

Whether you want to mobilize your services for those in need during epidemics, disasters, or other crises, or you simply want to grow your organization and expand your reach across the nations, we can create medical vehicles customized to your specific services.

Craftsmen Industries is a leading company in manufacturing Mobile Medical Units such as Mobile Medical Vehicles. Whether you are looking for mobile medical units for sale or used mobile medical vehicles for sale, we can help you get what you need.

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Mobile Medical Units

We know how important it is for healthcare providers to get onsite quickly, setup and serve immediately and efficiently; so our team offers turnkey mobile medical vehicle solutions designed to accommodate separate exam spaces, waiting areas, supply storage and more.

Mobilize your healthcare services to provide communities, locally or nationwide, with tests and screenings, hands-on education, product demonstration, or whatever your specific service offers!

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Mobile Medical Vehicle & Truck Examples

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Used Mobile Medical Vehicles for Sale

We offer a full leasing pool of Used Mobile Medical Vehicles for Sale as well. Call our team today and learn more about mobile health!

Apart from Mobile Medical Clinics carry a full line of Medical Trailer and Mobile Office Trailers and other specialty vehicles. 

Craftsmen Industries has been a specialty medical vehicle manufacturer since 1982. Ever since we opened our doors, we’ve made it our business to build purpose-built vehicles for all kinds of commercial applications. Although we do offer turnkey mobile medical solutions, what we specialize in are custom-built vehicles engineered to the precise specifications of our clients. And with unlimited design options, we’ll bring your vision vividly to life, making it easier than ever for you to carry out your operational objectives. 

Quality, Fully Self-Contained Mobile Medical Vehicles 

These are mobile health centers and rolling medical offices all in one glorious package and not merely a few pieces of medical equipment thrown onto the back of a truck. And with the capability to have diesel generators installed, your medical unit can be completely self-contained, blessedly independent of the need for outside power. Your mobile command center will have unparalleled freedom to travel to wherever it's needed. This makes it incredibly easy to provide access for patients who traditionally were never able to get medical services. 

If you’re planning on doing medical outreach, a mobile specialty vehicle from Craftsmen can be an indispensable component of your new service offering for public health services and other health care sectors. 

Choose Your Platform 

You'll be able to choose the platform from which to operate your mobile medical space for medical care, whether that's on a motorcoach, a semi-tractor-trailer truck, or a van. There are many ways you can go, and part of our job is helping you figure out which one best suits your needs. And if there’s no money in your budget for a new medical examination vehicle, we can even retrofit an existing one so you can use it as a mobile medical unit. 

Whatever your ideas are for health care between business, medical staff, and patient accessibility, we’ll transform your mdical service into glorious reality. What you’ll get from us is an exquisitely engineered mobile medical solution manufactured to our precise specifications. We know that our clients endlessly strive to offer the very best in medical care. So, to honor their relentless commitment to professional excellence, we endeavor to build them a mobile medical solution capable of delivering on this promise. 

That's why when we're done, you'll have a state-of-the-art motorized unit capable of delivering world-class medical treatment anywhere you need to bring it. And, because scientific progress proceeds at an exceedingly rapid rate these days, we've built your vehicle so that it's endlessly adaptable, able to always accommodate the latest in technological innovation. 

And after we’re done building your vehicle, we’ll wrap it in aesthetically pleasing, customized graphics that will powerfully communicate your consummate professionalism to the entire world. 

Mobile Eye Clinic Vehicles 

With a custom-built mobile eye clinic, you’ll help thousands of people who have a hard time getting to a traditional facility get much-needed medical treatment. A custom-built mobile eye care unit is perfect if you're thinking about reaching out to patients who find it challenging to come to your physical location.

This allows you to offer quality optical care to traditionally underserved populations. 


One of the types of medical vehicles we can build for you are bloodmobiles. Blood donation centers need a continual stream of donors coming into their facilities because the demand for blood for transfusion and other medical purposes is never-ending. However, the problem is that lots of donors don't want to travel long distances to donate blood because of the time it'll take and the money they’ll spend on gas. 

Bloodmobiles make it exceedingly easy for donors to give blood. We can build you a custom one with room for one to six donor beds. We’ll install all the components you’ll need to accomplish your objectives, such as collection equipment, donor beds, and storage areas. Choose a layout to fit the needs of your donation type, whether you're collecting whole blood, plasma, or platelets. 

Other Types of Medical Vehicles 

Here are some other types of mobile medical vehicles we can custom engineer for you: 

  • Mobile Mammography
  • Health Screening Vehicles 
  • Mobile Treatment Services 
  • Health Education 
  • Mobile Optometry Clinics 
  • Opioid Treatment Vehicles 
  • Mobile Veterinary Units 
  • Offical Government Organization 
  • Disease Control
  • Public Health
  • Private Medical Service
  • Emergency Medical Services Transportation

Mobile Medical Vehicle Solutions from Craftsmen Industries 

At Craftsmen Industries, we have medical vehicles for sale. And, we have used medical vehicles for sale. 

We’re one of the country's leading manufacturers of mobile medical vehicles. We can build one that lets you take your physicians, nurses, laboratory technicians, or other types of medical professionals—on the road to wherever they’re needed. This way, you can make your medical screening, health education, and corporate wellness programs mobile. 

This allows you to provide treatment for thousands of patients you would never have reached through conventional means. With our keen expertise, you can have your very own state-of-the-art mobile medical facility bringing world-class treatment to even the most remote town or village. And, we can endlessly customize it for you, so that your specialty vehicle perfectly fits your needs. 

 We'll precisely configure every detail of your vehicle so that you’ll be able to carry out your organizational objectives in a way you never dreamed possible. 

Give us a call today, so we can start putting our finely-honed ingenuity to work for you!