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Mobile Gym Trailer


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Mobile gym trailers are great for on-the-go training. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a personal trainer, or a wellness entrepreneur, our innovative mobile gym trailers offer convenience, flexibility, and top-notch equipment to cater to all your fitness needs.

A variety of trailer sizes and styles can be transformed into mobile gym trailers, all depending on your sizing needs. 

Custom is what we do, so the interior of your mobile gym can be customized to your specific fitness needs and finished with a graphics wrap featuring your brand.

Personal trainers and large fitness centers can make exercise convenient for clients and boost their number of members.

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What’s a Mobile Gym Trailer?

A mobile gym trailer is a custom-built fitness facility on wheels. These movable “gyms in a box” have everything an individual could possibly need to get a full-body workout of the same high quality they’d get in a conventional gym. As long as you have enough room to park your trailer, your client will be able to use your mobile fitness trailer to get into the best shape of their entire life. With one of these mobile gym trailers, your clients won’t have to waste time driving to a health club. That’s because the gym comes to them! It’s a highly efficient and cost-effective way to deliver on-site fitness training.

For Those Short on Time

Being physically fit is an integral component of living a healthy and happy life. However, some people lead such hectic existences that finding the time to exercise might seem like a pipe dream. And often, those most in need of working out are those who have little free time for it.

By eliminating the often long drive to the health club, a mobile fitness trailer increases the chances that a busy person will be able to regularly exercise.

No Gym Intimidation When Training

There’s an intimidation factor that keeps many out of health clubs. These people feel self-conscious because they think everybody else is much more physically fit than they are. And even though this social awkwardness is misguided, they still suffer from it.

With a mobile fitness trailer, individuals can work out without feeling this awkwardness because there’s no one else in the trailer with them to do any judging.

The Perfect Office Workout

Busy executives love it because they can walk out of their office and step into your mobile gym trailer.

There, you’ll put them through their paces with a quick yet challenging routine that works all the major muscle groups. For workers taking time out of their hectic days, this usually consists of heavy weights lifted slowly.

This ingenious method ensures that the worker gets physically fit without working up a sweat. After all, they don’t want to return to their cubicles dripping in perspiration. Not working up a sweat also means they’re free of the need to change into their gym clothes or shower afterward.

Configure It Any Way You’d Like

Fitness isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of business. That’s why we engineer your mobile fitness trailer to be endlessly customizable. This means it can be configured any way you’d like to accommodate any expected fitness demand. Outfit your mobile gym trailer with whatever equipment you think will attract fitness enthusiasts.

These could be things like medicine ball racks, barbell racks, power racks, and pull up bars. You’ll also have plenty of room for weights and exercise machines such as stationary bikes and treadmills. Each mobile gym trailer comes with extremely durable rubber flooring that can stand up under even intense physical activity.

Fully loaded, your mobile fitness trailer weighs under 3,500. Choose from both single and double axle trailers built around an unfolding fitness framework. Some mobile gym trailers are even built into shipping containers featuring custom fabricated fitness components. For greater stability, the mobile gym trailer comes with feet that pull down and stabilizing jacks. And if you need a work desk or station, you’ll have the option to have one added. Whichever configuration you end up getting, your mobile gym trailer is pre-assembled into one all-inclusive package. When you’re not using it, lock it up and store it away so that it’s out of sight and out of mind.

Ideal For Private Training Clients

With a mobile gym trailer, you’ll have the ability to offer your fitness clients group circuit training, free weight training, and bodyweight training. You can also offer whatever other types of workouts you think they’ll want. 

Industry Applications

Brick and mortar gyms can use mobile fitness trailers to expand their existing customer base. By bringing their fitness services on the road, they’ll attract a clientele who don’t have time to work out in their conventional gym.

A private trainer with a trailer can use it to put their clients through his paces. This way, the trainer will never have to pay gym fees. This increases the amount of money they make per client. Another thing they’ll never have to do is to go inside a client’s residence. This takes the pressure off to clean their home in an attempt to make a good impression on the trainer. Anyway, it takes less time to set up the trailer than it would to set up their equipment inside someone’s home.

Military units can use them to keep their soldiers in peak physical shape. This is ideal when there’s not a gym on base, and commercial gyms are too far away.

Police departments can rotate them around to stations in their precinct so that every police officer is given an opportunity of toning up their bodies without setting foot in a commercial gym.

This will help build camaraderie with other members of the department.

Custom Branding With Craftsmen Industries, we’ll provide you with the custom branding for the exterior of your mobile fitness trailer that’s the perfect expression of your business identity. Then, people will sit up and take notice. This way, you’ll get the word out that there’s a new fitness game in town.

With a mobile gym trailer, you’ll have the ability to go out on the road to offer in-demand fitness

services to clients everywhere. They’ll be ecstatic that they don’t have to drive to the gym anymore. There aren’t many businesses out there that do this, so you’ll be on the cutting edge of a new way of doing fitness. Call Craftsmen today. We have mobile gym trailers for sale. Let us help you achieve your entrepreneurial ambitions by providing you with the mobile gym trailer of your dreams!