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Mobile Medical Trailer Manufacturers

Whether you want to mobilize your services for those in need during epidemics, disasters, or other crises, or you simply want to grow your organization and expand your reach across the nation, we can create any medical trailer customized to your specific needs and services.

Craftsmen Industries is a leading manufacturer of Medical Trailers. Whether you are looking for a  medical trailer for sale or to rent one, we can help.

We can create a medical trailer based exactly on your company needs. If you are looking to buy or build a custom mobile medical trailer, Craftsmen is your trusted source. 

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Mobile Medical Trailers 

We know how important it is for healthcare providers to get onsite quickly, setup and serve immediately and efficiently; so our team offers turnkey mobile medical trailer solutions designed to accommodate separate exam spaces, waiting areas, supply storage and more.

Mobilize your healthcare services to provide communities, locally or nationwide, with tests and screenings, hands-on education, product demonstration, or whatever your specific service offers!

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Other Mobile Medical Trailer For Sale Options

Each medical trailer for sale goes through careful testing and approval before making its way into your leasing pool. Call our team today and find the best medical trailer for sale based on your needs. 

We also carry a full line of new and used Medical Vehicles and Mobile Office Trailers for sale

Medical Trailers Manufacturers - Custom Solutions - New and Used

At Craftsmen Industries, we pride ourselves on the custom mobile medical trailers we’ve built for our many clients. We are a leading medical trailer manufacturer company and if you get one from us, we’ll engineer it to your exact needs. This means that everything about it—from the colors, the frame, and the flooring—will be precisely built to your specifications. That's because we don't believe in cookie-cutter, one size fits all medical office trailer solutions.  

Rapid Deployment in Remote Places 

We’ll be able to outfit your mobile medical trailer with whatever you need to rapidly deploy medical services to people desperately in need of them. And, you'll be able to do this no matter how far-flung these people happen to be. So, if it’s impractical or even impossible for your patient to come to you, you’ll be able to get to them.

For All Health Industry Situations

If you offer any of the following services, Craftsmen Industries can custom build you a trailer: 

  • Mobile Dental Clinic  
  • Mobile Medical Clinic 
  • Hospital Trailers 
  • Mobile Research 
  • Healthcare Trailers 
  • Mobile Phlebotomy 
  • Mobile Mammography 
  • Medical Learning Labs 
  • Medical Sales Trailers 
  • Medical Product Demonstration Trailers 
  • Mobile Clinics 
  • Mobile Hospitals 
  • Sports Medicine Trailers 
  • Mobile X-Ray 
  • Mobile Audiology 
  • Mobile Diabetic Treatment 
  • Mobile Labs 
  • Emergency Trailers 
  • Mobile Physical Therapy
  • Veterinary Clinics 
  • Mobile Health Screening Trailers
  • Mobile Health 

If you already own a vehicle that can tow one of these trailers, you can save a lot of money by purchasing one instead of investing in a full-size truck. 

Mobile Medical Testing Trailers

If diagnostic services are among the things you offer, think about purchasing a medical testing facility on wheels, like a mobile medical imaging trailer. These state-of-the-art, mobile testing facilities provide unprecedented access to medical care for patients who’ve traditionally had a hard time getting much-needed tests done. We can custom build you one to do MRI, PET/CT, CT, and other types of mobile testing. 

Mobile diagnostic trailers are also perfect for remote testing for highly infectious diseases such as the novel coronavirus that’s responsible for COVID-19. And, if need be, mobile medical trailers can be quickly converted to facilities that can be used to quarantine people with contagious diseases. 

Mobile Medical Education Trailers 

Mobile medical education trailers can be used to provide procedural training for people far away from your educational facility, like medical convention attendees. This allows you to do comprehensive training right on site—eliminating the need for busy medical professionals to travel. 

If you want, you can have a fully functional training laboratory where medical professionals of all types can learn how to do new procedures and techniques. 

Mobile Surgical Facilities 

We can also manufacture a start-of-the-art mobile surgical facility for you. Our trailers make your surgical capability mobile so you can quickly reach people in need. And, because our trailers have ample room for medical supplies, you’ll be able to perform dozens of surgical interventions before restocking is needed.  

Our units offer hundreds of square feet of medical grade interior space configured precisely the way you need it to be. Your trailer can include a patient screening area, a reception area, examination rooms, a scrub room, and operating rooms. 

You can take one of our mobile medical unit trailers and convert it into a fully functional hospital in under eight hours.

Fully Expandable Space 

We can also install slide-outs that will maximize your interior space. To do this, we use a highly reliable drive system that will give you the extra space you need quickly and easily. 

That way, you can quickly expand your workspace if you need to. These slide-outs are easy to operate and can increase available space by up to 1,000 square feet. We can also install easy-to-operate drop-down stages and fold-up canopies to expand your space even further. 

State-Of-The-Art Mobile Facilities

We know how vitally important it is for medical providers to quickly get to a site, set up, and start seeing patients. That's why we make sure your mobile medical office trailer can be outfitted with all the latest technology to increase work efficiency, including a wireless satellite uplink.

Medical professionals are astonished at how state-of-the-art our trailers are, and how we can pack so much functionality in so small a space.

Why Choose Us for Your Mobile Medical Trailers?

At Craftsmen Industries, we have medical office trailers for sale.

We believe that the quality of our work puts us at the very pinnacle of all the mobile medical trailer manufacturers out there. We’ll closely collaborate with your team to build you a trailer that’ll help you carry out your medical mission in a way that’ll do you proud.  And in the end, you’ll have a mobile medical office trailer with a build-out that rivals that of medical facilities housed in a traditional building.

Once we engineer it for you, your trailer will be perfect for doing cancer testing, dental screenings, and other types of medical procedures. Anything that needs to be done far from conventional medical facilities you'll be able to do.  

Our mobile medical trailers are unsurpassed for bringing life-saving medical equipment to those who require quick medical interventions. And, our team can make sure your trailer has the latest in medical and diagnostic technology to make your work easier. This makes sure that everything you’ll need for most types of medical procedures can be done in one of our trailers.

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