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Concession Trailer

Give your customers a full taste of what makes your brand unique with concession trailers! 

Craftsmen's concession options include low serving counters, large interior kitchens, comfortable cabs, and hi-capacity A/C. These fully functional mobile kitchens give you the flexibility to cook and serve or cook, prep and cater your food and beverage directly to your customers.

Pepsi NSPIRE Interior

Craftsmen handles the full creation of your custom concession trailers in house, saving you time, money, and headaches. From initial design and engineering to plumbing and kitchen code appliance to the finishing graphics wrap, we do it all and more! Your mobile kitchen can be customized with special equipment tailored to your menu. 

Get in front of your customers quicker and present your brand better with high-quality Craftsmen concession trailers. 

Concession Trailer Examples

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