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Mobile Concession Trailers & Stands for Sale

Give your customers a full taste of what makes your brand unique with concession trailers! 

Craftsmen Industries' concession trailer options include low serving counters, large interior kitchens, and hi-capacity A/C. These fully functional mobile kitchen concession trailers give you the flexibility to cook and serve or cook, prep and cater your food and beverage directly to your customers.

If you're looking for a custom-made concession trailer, then Craftsmen Industries should be the concession trailers manufacturer of your choice! Whether you need a food truck or food vending concession trailer for your events, we can bring your idea to life. 

Share your vision with us today and we can take it from there.

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Custom Concession Trailer Manufacturer

Craftsmen Industries handles the full creation of your custom concession food trailers in house, saving you time, money, and headaches. From initial design and engineering to plumbing and kitchen code compliance to the finishing graphics wrap, we do it all and more! Your mobile kitchen can be customized with special equipment tailored to your menu. 

Get in front of your customers quicker and present your brand better with high-quality Craftsmen Industries concession trailers. We offer new & used food trailers for sale as well. Be sure to ask about our leasing options. 

Concession Trailer Examples

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What are Mobile Concession Trailers?

Concession trailers are mobile trailers with functional kitchens in the interior that travel to events and other locations selling beverages and foods. They’re commonly seen at fairs, festivals, sporting events, concerts, and other large events. You can buy a new or old trailer and convert it into a mobile food concession trailer. Concession trailers differ in sizes depending on the amount of equipment required to serve desired menus.

Most popular concession trailers:

  • Pizza trailers
  • Funnel cake trailers
  • Hotdog and corndog trailers
  • Fry trailers
  • Pretzel trailers
  • Dessert trailers
  • Ice cream trailers
  • Coffee trailers
  • Donut trailers
  • BBQ trailers
  • Smoker trailers 
  • Bar trailers
  • Brick oven pizza trailers

What are the benefits of concession trailer kitchens?

Mobile concession trailers offer many benefits to new and experienced concessionaires looking to gain edge on the competition when starting or evolving their business. Concession trailers can be built in various sizes and can be fully customized to meet your needs. Another benefit is storage space, compared to food trucks, concession trailers offer ample space due to the generator being mounted on the tongue of the trailer and not inside the unit. More space for equipment and team members. 

Concession trailer benefits:

  • Various size options
  • Customizable interiors
  • Easy movability
  • Low-to-the-ground serving window
  • More storage
  • Long-term parking locations

Concession trailer design and style:

When looking to buy a mobile concession trailer you will come across different types. Units can range from large gooseneck trailers to small or medium-sized bumper pull trailers; all of which are easily transported from location to location. Interior design is completely customizable. In beginning design stages, do the necessary research and rely on the expertise of professional manufacturers, like Craftsmen Industries, to determined what equipment is needed for your menu. Quality concession trailer manufacturers also understand the importance of the layout and where exactly each piece of equipment should be placed in the interior. 

Concession Trailer Manufacturer Process:

When building a mobile concession trailer, developing a plan on how long it will take to complete is based on a few different factors. A few of the essential factors to look at are the intricacy of the design, which trailer to choose, materials needed, and the location(s) where the trailer will travel. Getting all this information will help drive the development of your production schedule and should give you a great foundation on how long your build will take.

What is the typical price range of them?

A big cost of acquiring a mobile concession trailer is the size of the unit and whether you’re purchasing a used trailer or having one built from the ground up. Another big value item will be the equipment you’ll need to serve your products. Freezers, fridges, fryers, and many other staple items in a concession trailer will have a hefty price tag and will need to be top of mind when evaluating price. Typically ranging between $100,000-$500,000.

Things to look at when buying/building a mobile concession trailer:

  • Evaluate your budget
  • What you will be serving
  • Choose the best style or type of trailer 
  • Buying used or new
  • What equipment is needed
  • Layout of equipment
  • Storage needs
  • Required licenses and permits
  • Transportation