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Net Zero Trailers: High Performance & Sustainability

Net Zero Trailer Sustainability & Performance

From Ideation to Creation
A Craftsmen Industries and Pepper Construction Partnership

Pepper Construction took notice of the typical jobsite environment and the impact it had on the ability to learn and complete daily jobs, as well as the crew's mental health. The industry leader made a commitment to better serve their onsite staff and communities. The changes started with simple solutions like new energy-efficient power strips and ended with a completely Net Zero solution. Pepper strategically partnered with Craftsmen to bring the concept to reality.

Craftsmen is using our 40 years of experience to build from the ground up for durability and long lifespan. Initial design includes 27 photovoltaic solar panels on the rooftop, taking place of a generator, to produce 37.7 kWh per day to provide enough power for a full workday. The trailer is equipped to support 12 people including their computers and phone, large monitors, Wi-Fi, LED lighting, temperature control, a refrigerator, microwave, and a tankless water heater.

The ergonomic interior includes a large conference area, private office, workstations, a kitchenette, a restroom, and an IT closet. Solar power, ample doors and windows for natural lighting, and the tech-powered space of just one Net Zero Trailer work together to reduce the combined carbon footprints of several jobsites by more than 150,000 pounds of CO2 emissions. An optimum environment that has won international acclaim.

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