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What Is The Best Resolution for Large Format Printing?

What Is The Best Resolution for Large Format Printing?

Large-format printing has become very popular among businesses that want to reach wider audiences and make their brand well-known. But many wonder what is the best resolution for large format printing.

Optimal resolution for large prints refers to the number of pixels used in an image. The quality of the image depends on DPI ( dots per inch) and PPI ( pixels per inch). The more DPI or PPI, the better the image on the screen will look once it’s printed.

Businesses can get high-quality resolution for large printing once they discover the right printing service for their needs. Here at CraftsmenInd, we can print any format with basic or custom design clearly and accurately, offering reasonable pricing.

Large Format Printing


What Is The Best Resolution for Large Format Printing?

The resolution for standard-size printing is 300 DPI. However, this resolution is not appropriate for larger formats. Large format printing services can give recommended printing resolution for big formats.

If you need an image that needs to be printed up close, as it’s going to be viewed from up close, you need a picture with a higher resolution to make it sharp-looking. In contrast, images that will be seen from longer distances can have less DPI. But such resolution may lead to the big format image lacking clarity.

Deciding which resolution is best for your project depends on several factors, including the print size, printer type, and the desired finish of the image.  That’s why you need to hire skilled artisans that can help clients determine the ideal print resolution for their large-scale graphics if they don’t know where to start.

Even though a reputable printing service can do all the job for you, a business representative needs to know the basics. Services can only recommend beneficial solutions, but the business representative makes the final decision. So, what is the best resolution for large format printing?

For example, designs for large formats are usually printed on rigid materials like PVC or vinyl, which may require a resolution of 600 DPI or even higher. This is to provide high-quality results and avoid blurry texts and pixelated images reminiscent of lower-resolution projects.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Large Format Printing

Large format prints refer to materials that are too big to be printed on regular printers. Large format prints are designed to handle the printing on larger materials. Thus, we use special equipment with specialized technology to produce such projects, with our goal being to meet the dimensions requirements of businesses and maintain the resolution and clarity of the image.

We deal with large format prints if your project involves printing images from 24 inches to 16 feet wide. Due to this, effective project creation depends on determining what is the best resolution for large format printing.

Wide formats have revolutionized the printing industry by introducing a new and creative way of advertisement that hasn’t existed in the past. Nowadays, the best services have cutting-edge technology and printers that create precise images in large resolutions.

The printer type

There are many different types of printer services commonly used. However, large formats require special types of digital printers that can handle the processing of various materials. The equipment can differ depending on the printing material type and size

With our wide range of printers, we can recommend the type of printer that you might need for your project. We also offer a variety of printers offering you the freedom to choose the one you believe will meet your business needs.

Most of the printers we use have injector heads releasing ink to create definitions in the final project. They can travel horizontally and vertically to give the wide print a unique effect. Here are some of the best printer types we have and use for large format printing:

The printer type


Aqueous printers

An aqueous printer is commonly used for large format prints. These types of printers can produce hard copies of high-resolution images quickly. We use water-based ink when working with aqueous printers to avoid harmful fumes and the need for ventilation during production.

However, we inform our clients about the possible problems of using this printer. The ink needs a special media coating to stick properly. However, the ink and the paper for large formats printed with aqueous printers can be costly and less durable compared to other printers.

Thus, these types of printers are often used for prints for indoor use. Aqueous ink produces high-quality and vibrant colors, and water-based ink makes the image more environmentally friendly. Also, as the picture is not exposed to excessive sunlight exposure, the original image quality stays intact.

Solvent printers

Our printing service also offers the production of large prints using solvent printers. The ink used for these printers is more durable than the aqueous type. Thus, the prints can endure outdoor conditions and won’t damage the quality due to sunlight or rain exposure.

Prints done with solvent printers are resistant to scratching due to the ink containing petroleum-based products. Such prints can be done on various surface materials, including vinyl, PVC, and metal.

Solvent printers require ventilation to eliminate hazardous fumes. Thus, only experienced professionals working in the printing industry can properly handle these printers without causing any damage to themselves or the environment.

UV (ultra-violet) printers

Modern printing services like ours, which stay on top of the industry game, also have UV printers. The versatility these printers offer is impressive. They can be used to print large-resolution images on different materials and produce durable projects.

In order to operate the ultra-violet printers, we use inks with resin and latex. But water-based inks can also be used with this printer during large format printing. Most businesses request projects done with this printer if they want a matte finish on their wide images for in-house advertisement purposes.

The File Type

The particular file format for a large format print is also important. Most businesses request file formats for digital images, including JPG and PNG, known for their high-quality and eye-catching appearance.

However, these formats are not always suitable for large format prints during application. JPG and PNG are formats limited in color and size. Thus, they may not always produce the type of clarity and quality for wide-format graphics.

However, we use digital tools to improve the quality of such formats. We can manage files smaller than 200 MB and those with lower DPI requirements. Frequently, we store the images in PDF, EPS, and AI file formats to ensure quality retention.

Once the resolution of the graphic file is approved, we send the image to be printed. During this process, we ensure the material fits the endurance and settings of the printer to produce wrinkle-free large format prints.

If you want to collaborate with us  as your printing vendor, we will provide guidance regarding proper file format and setup. Our team will specify the file type and its size appropriate for large-format printing. Thus, you will receive the results you are looking for, and your investment will eventually pay off.

The image size

In addition to file type, we consider image size equally crucial during large format printing and determining the right resolution. Our service pays attention to detail, and this practice goes beyond simply having the proper dimensions.

Instead, we also think about the pixel size of the image. Specifically, we focus on the number of megapixels in your image. Gathering this type of information guides us to determine the size and resolution of the image that is supposed to be printed.

If we find that your image has a large number of megapixel resolutions, we will offer you the possibility of printing it as large and in as high resolution as you want.

The image size


The service provider

 As a trusted printing service, with the right equipment and enhanced skill set of our artisans, we are able to deliver high-quality projects that match your company’s requests.

Not all services have printers suitable to process all materials for large format printing. But here at CraftsmenInd, we can create posters, banners, and wallpapers with the right resolution, making the image or drawing as clear and crisp-looking as possible.

We also offer a rich product selection for your large prints. Our team of professionals can guide you through the entire printing process and help you create the best wide printing project using a large format printer of your choice.


Most businesses looking for high-quality images for their signs and banners don’t know what is the best resolution for large format printing. Resolution requirements for large prints can vary depending on the printer type and project complexity. But CraftsmenInd is here to help you.

We provide our customers with the best support during the design creation and printing process. As a printing service, we pride ourselves on using modern equipment to provide the best printing solutions for every type of business that needs our assistance.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service and ask for guidance. Our representatives will advise you on the best resolution for your large images and graphics to get the clearest view.

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