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Large Format Printing Material

Large Format Printing Material

Business owners are well aware of the importance of marketing. It makes their company stand out from the other businesses and contributes to their reputation. Thus, many rely on advertising their services using a large format printing material.

Customers love businesses that express their ideas creatively. Colorful and interestingly designed banners and posters are eye-catching and very engaging. This way, brands achieve recognition and respect from their clients.

Materials used in wide-format printing are easily accessible. Some allow the inclusion of captivating graphics to present your company’s aims uniquely. 

Keep reading if you want to find out more about this attractive marketing trend of promoting businesses.

Large Format Printing Material-Everything You Need to Know
What Is a Large Format Printing Material?

Many small and large businesses are familiar with large-format printing. But what is a large format printing material?

Large-format printable materials are used to help businesses stand out in the competitive market. You have probably come across large billboards on the side of the road. That’s one type of large format printing used for advertising.

Large format printers allow the creation of graphics in any resolution. This industry doesn’t limit business owners to bring attention to their company only on paper. 

Technology has evolved so much that now it’s possible to print text as large as you want.

Types of Large Format Printable Materials

The size of the print can contribute to more people seeing your message. But what can also get you brand recognition is the large format printing material used for advertising. Many materials allow the inclusion of colorful ink and a texture variety. 

However, materials for large format printing also differ in terms of durability. Thus, before choosing a printing material, ensure it makes sense for your brand and offers enough glossiness to visibly display your business’s logo and won’t get damaged easily.

Throw away the cardboard banners and get more creative during the brand promotion by learning about the materials used in wide format printing.


Paper can be used for many purposes, including large format printing. This material is very affordable and easy to find. 

Nonetheless, it’s not very durable because it can get damaged quickly by the wind if it’s placed outside.


Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, is a synthetic material commonly used for large format printing. This material allows the creation of retractable banners that are resistant to harsh weather conditions and can withstand the test of time.

A PVC flex banner containing a substrate is long-lasting, suitable for indoors as well as outdoors, and is considered high-quality.


A creative way of experimenting with large format prints is to use a variety of textiles. You can print large flags on fabrics and use them for many different outdoor events. 

The best thing about using textiles for large format printing is that they can be easily customized to fit the client’s needs.


If you are uncertain whether you want a glossy or matte finish on your large format printing project, explore the possibilities materials like vinyl offer. This extremely versatile and durable material makes banner printing easier than ever.


A lesser-known material for large format printing is foam. Many businesses use foam boards to create small and large event signages. 

Also, this material allows the inclusion of many ink options and fun graphics on posters.


Some people enjoy using heavy-duty materials for large format printing. That’s where wood comes into play. Projects made on wood are extremely unique and highly durable, making them suitable for display in popular exhibitions.

Types of Large Format Printing Products

Businesses can develop unique ideas for promoting their services in their own style by showcasing the beauty of their logo or inventing a catchy slogan.

However, color matching, creating graphic designs, and spending time on installation can be time-consuming for them. So, Craftsmen Industries offers branding solutions for all clients based on their needs.

We specialize in creating many different types of projects, from permanent wall murals to eye-catching banners for your business events. 

Keep reading to discover all the different possibilities large format printing offers:


Businesses in multiple industries print banners for marketing and advertising purposes. Not only are banners eye-catching, but they are also highly durable if made from PVC. They are used for indoor and outdoor promotion to attract attention to the branding message.

We use high-quality equipment for banners, more specifically, a solvent printer. It makes the banner scratch-resistant and weather-proof.


Posters are usually made from paper. The usual large format for posters is 24x36. They are versatile and lightweight, allowing clients to display them on various surfaces. They are easily customizable to allow business promotion of our customers.

Before printing posters, we ensure the images and illustrations are crisp to create high-quality products. The resolution, color matching, and size are always adjusted before printing to ensure customer satisfaction.

Types of Large Format Printing Products


There are many marketing techniques for brand promotion. But one of the simplest ones is the creation of signages. They allow businesses to communicate visually with their clients using interesting fonts, large letters, and captivating graphics.

Many companies include indoor signage to familiarize visitors with the brand’s story. We can help you install them on windows, walls, and even ceilings.

How Are Large Format Prints Created?

There are several steps involved in the production process of large format prints. Printing services mustn’t skip any steps to create the best products, even if the project creation takes a lot of time.

  • Creating a design

Posters, banners, and signages in large format are usually designed with short textual messages and interesting imagery. The text must be easily readable, and the design color should be created based on the substrate used in the project using specialized softwares by printing services.

  • The printing process

After the resolution and color matching of the design are created, the large format printing process can begin. Regardless of the material used to create large prints, the technicians must ensure the project is smooth and clean-looking without visible distortions.

The type of printer used and substrate installed are determined based on the large format printing material. The printheads release ink on the substrate to copy the desired design until the project is fully complete.

  • Finishing touches

The ink applied to the printed project must be left to dry completely. Otherwise, the substrate may start shrinking, resulting in quality loss. Then, we cut the product using specialized tools for the applied material to offer support during installation. 

We usually install grommets on the material to easily hang the printed project on the wall, as well as some other additions like rods and stands to secure the placement of banners and posters.

Benefits of Large Format Printing

In addition to serving businesses as an affordable marketing tool, large format printing also offers other benefits. 

Businesses have been using this advertising method for many years because of the following advantages: 

Elevated advertising method

In order to target the right audience, businesses need brand recognition. With large format printing, they can create big logos with striking designs that are impossible to avoid. 

This way of advertising is modern and elevated. It helps businesses stand out from the crowd and make a profound impact while attracting potential customers.

Enhanced client attraction

Large format prints can be seen from a great distance. Even if clients have not heard about your business’s services before, they will remember your name by seeing a large poster or banner. 

This way, they may get interested in learning more about your objectives. 


With large format printing, you can create many different projects. The versatility of large-format printing is desirable by businesses because it allows them to create projects with custom designs that are noticeable and impressive in an indoor and outdoor setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What format is best for printing?

Although many formats allow successful image printing, most businesses have found that PNG works the best. Not only does this format have the best-quality resolution, but it’s also easiest to edit if needed before printing.

Are large-format prints high-quality?

The idea of large format printing is to make an impact and impress customers. But unfortunately, when smaller images are made larger, they can undergo distortion and quality loss. 

Hence, always ensure the images are crisp-looking before committing to wide-format prints.

Should I use digital tools during large format printing?

When businesses create banners, posters, and signages to promote their businesses, they often edit the images before printing. The majority use digital tools like Photoshop or similar image-resizing softwares.


Large-format printing is taking over the marketing world. Its popularity grows as time passes, alluding to the fact that it may soon become even a bigger hit. 

Overall, ensure you choose the best large format printing material that suits your company’s approach and advertising goals.

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