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How to Sell More Large Format Printing

How to Sell More Large Format Printing

Large format printing is an excellent way for companies to build brand visibility. However, businesses that offer wide format printing services may need help increasing sales. Businesses must learn how to sell more large format printing.

This is due to the increased competition in the industry. There are many printing companies that offer large printing services. So, to stay ahead of them, businesses must find a way to stand out and attract clients.

Let’s explore further what strategies a business can incorporate to improve large format print sales.

Strategies to Improve Large Format Print Sales


Large Format Printing Services 

Any printing operation that uses a sizable sheet of paper is called large-scale paper printing. Large-scale printing is referred to as wide-format printing. 

With our Large Format Printing Services, companies maximize their brand awareness with successful and cost-effective advertising. Some of the options we offer without wide format printing services are the following:

  • Vehicle and fleet wraps
  • Wall murals
  • Event announcements
  • Wayfinding, maps, and charts
  • Indoor and outdoor posters for businesses

Wide-format printers, often used to print posters, banners, and other marketing materials, are among the most popular ways for companies and brands to advertise their services and products. 

Because these printers use roll-fed paper, they can print continuously without switching out sheets. They are perfect for jobs requiring high precision and detail. Fabric, vinyl, and canvas are just a few materials that large-format printers can print on. 

Large print sizes are typically supported by specialized printers used for wide-format printing. The end product is a print of exceptional quality that will leave a lasting impression.

How to Sell More Large Format Printing 

For companies to be able to boost their large format print sales, they need to develop successful strategies. More than simply offering a service is required to retain customers or attract new ones. 

This is especially challenging for companies in the printing industry today due to the increased competition. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and increase sales, you must devise a marketing plan. 

Some ways that a company may increase large printing sales are the following:

  • Expertise and certifications
  • Variety of services 
  • Streamlined ordering process
  • Marketing techniques
  • Social media marketing
  • Automate workflow 
  • Explore new growth avenues
  • Keeping up with industry trends
  • Strong sales team
  • Effective pricing 

Print Marketing Strategies: Increasing Sales of Large Format Printing 

Expertise and certifications 

When customers seek out your business, they look for a high-quality service. Many companies offer large printing services, meaning the competition is at an all-time high. So, to increase sales and stand out, a company must show its expertise. 

Customers want to pay for expert techniques, skills, and equipment that not every other company has. Also, companies with professional certifications reassure customers of their ability to carry out large format print projects successfully.

For example, Craftsmen Industries offers businesses the following:

  • G7 Master Targeted Printer – this global industry-leading printer allows us to achieve visual consistency and color matching across all print processes 
  • 3M Certified Installers – this certification shows clients that we have the skills to produce professional and seamless large print installations
  • PDAA Master Certified Installation – this certification makes Craftsmen Industries the gold standard in the industry and shows we are able to handle all types of vinyl installations
  • Nationwide Network of Certified Installers – our installers are experienced and certified to install large print graphics

Variety of services 

Businesses seek out large printing services as part of their advertising strategies. Large printing helps increase brand visibility and reach target audiences through different channels. 

Because of the diversity of clients in need of large print services, businesses can boost sales by offering various services. 

If a company provides a service involving vehicles or has a fleet, they may need vehicle wraps. Large printing vehicle wraps will attract these clients to your business. 

Other large printing services include wall murals, event announcements, maps, charts, indoor/outdoor posters, etc. The more services a business provides, the more clients it will attract, which may significantly boost its large printing services.

Variety of services


Streamlined ordering process 

Another way to increase large printing sales is by streamlining the ordering process. Clients don’t want to work with businesses that are hard to reach. The best way to make the ordering process fast and simple is through a website. 

Businesses that allow clients to place orders through their website can generate business during off-hours in addition to working hours. Also, web-to-print lets you stay on top of your orders and avoid mistakes. 

Marketing techniques

Using external marketing techniques to interact with your potential audience is more economical. It includes giving potential customers advice, pointers, inspiration, and ideas that may immediately prove helpful. 

It may remain in their thoughts long enough to make them think of your business when they are ready to purchase large format print services. This is why leaving a strong impression is essential. 

The best way to approach this strategy is by experimenting and utilizing all of the following methods when engaging with existing and potential clients: 

  • A case study
  • Blog entries
  • Testimonials
  • Technical QAs

Social media marketing 

In order to increase large printing sales, businesses need to reach more clients. Reaching new clients involves a successful marketing strategy. Social media marketing is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to put your company in front of a large audience.

Through social media marketing, businesses build brand visibility and connect with clients. By posting on various social media channels, potential clients are able to see the quality of your previous work and satisfied clients. 

This is more likely to convince them to choose your company over others in the large printing industry. Besides, connecting with clients also builds brand loyalty. Clients who see that a business engages with them are less likely to seek out other businesses.

Automate workflow

By automating workflow, businesses can maximize efficiency. This allows companies to handle a larger number of orders faster. Automating workflow means incorporating digital technology. 

Digital technology allows for a 360-degree view of all workflows. A single admin panel can help with tracking orders, communicating with sales teams, graphics approval, packaging, shipments, and delivery. 

Businesses can create and automate workflows with every team, allowing them to ensure orders get done timely. Your company gets the benefit of a job done fast and satisfied clients.

Explore new growth avenues 

Instead of outsourcing time-consuming tasks like taking orders and quotation-sharing, businesses can invest in online shop software. With online shop software, the time-consuming tasks are fully taken out of the equation. 

Clients can place their orders online on your company’s website and choose the service they need. 

This means the work team may focus on other parts of the business that drive sales. These parts include customer service, marketing, and development. Dedicating more time to customer service increases client satisfaction, boosting sales. 

Keeping up with industry trends 

Industry trends are constantly evolving based on the demands of the market. Client needs evolve, and businesses must always be aware of them. Staying on top of industry trends ensures that a business sells more large format printing.

Large-format printing businesses must incorporate the latest technological developments in their production. Besides that, it is vital to know what potential clients look for from a wide-format print service.

The most important demands clients may have are the following:

  • Service quality
  • Service cost
  • Speed of production

Strong sales team

Businesses with experienced and strong sales teams are more likely to experience a boost in large format print sales. Members of sales teams can find out the needs of clients and tailor their selling points to them.

Businesses that don’t have dedicated sales teams are more likely to experience less sales than those with them. Most often, smaller companies forgo allocating funds for a sales team. Instead, one person, most often the owner, takes care of such tasks.

It is important to note that an effective and strong sales team doesn’t need many employees. You can have a strong sales team even with three or four members as long as they know how to use effective selling techniques. 

Strong sales team


Effective pricing

Large format companies must price their services to boost sales effectively. In order for companies to have effective pricing, they must have substantial knowledge of their:

  • Customers
  • Market
  • Competitors

In the current market, large format printing businesses typically price services on a cost-per-square-foot basis or cost-per-piece basis. Customers don’t like being taken advantage of, so consider it when pricing your company’s services.

Often, clients prefer cost-per-square-foot pricing as this approach gives them the opportunity to compare bids on an even basis.

Final Word

Consider incorporating the strategies mentioned above if you wonder how to sell more large format printing. The wide format market may be highly competitive, but it doesn’t mean companies can’t increase their sales.

Businesses that have effective marketing plans may be able to boost the sales of large format prints significantly. Another important thing if you have a printing company is to keep in mind your client’s needs.

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