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Large Format Printing Ideas for Brand Awareness Campaign

Large Format Printing Ideas for Brand Awareness Campaign

Do you want to maximize the space you use for advertising outside the scope of digital media? Large format printing ideas for brand awareness campaigns can draw attention to your brand through eye-catching banners in places you never thought possible. 

Whether outdoors or indoors, a striking billboard can transform a passive bystander into a buyer.

Below, we’ll go over some of our ideas and discuss the connection between brand awareness and large format printing.

Large Format Printing Ideas for Brand Awareness Campaign


Large Format Printing Ideas for Brand Awareness Campaign

Physical marketing remains a viable choice among advertisers and a smart investment for your business. It can include anything from small-format printing like direct mail to large format printing like billboards. Today, we’ll focus on the latter.

How can large format printing be used to create a memorable brand experience? Research shows that consumers can recall almost 60% of the print ads they spot on the street. And with the best wide format printing services at your disposal, you can make an impression that’ll stick with people long after seeing your ad.

Large format printing includes any type of large printed ad, whether it be a POS display or pop-up banner. Below, we’ll explain what brand awareness is and give you some ideas for large format ads.

How to Boost Brand Awareness: Key Steps 

Brand awareness is the association your customers have in their minds with your brand. A recognizable logo or color scheme is just a result of an effective brand awareness campaign, not a cause.

When people see your logo, spot one of your ads, or are asked to make a brand recommendation, your name should be top of mind. But to get to this point, you first need to establish a feasible plan:

Tell a brand story

Achieve a brand boost through your message and target audience in mind. For a start, you can get inspiration from already-established brands like Old Spice. Their messaging goes beyond the purpose of selling but rather empowering men and encouraging their manliness. The catchy tagline “Smell like a man, man” rings in customers' ears when they reach the skin care aisle at the supermarket. 

Another element that makes Old Spice’s branding so successful is its visuals. Old Spice ads feature elements generally associated with manhood, like confidence and power. This is reflected in their font choice, color choice, and word choice – you’ll notice a lot of keywords like ‘manly’ and ‘swagger’ throughout their page. 

Increase visibility

You need to diversify the channels you use to promote your brand, both online and in physical environments. Many businesses have become so focused on their online presence that they don’t set aside a budget for physical advertising. 

However, posters, banners, and other forms of large format printing can quickly pique the interest of passersby, especially if done in a way that makes the person stop in their tracks.

How effective is large format printing in increasing brand visibility when looking at the numbers? The market is projected to reach $12.62B by 2031 at a CAGR of 3.54% from 2023-2031.

How to Sell More Large Format Printing


Create interactive and shareable content

Nothing engages an audience with a brand like their ability to interact with it. All those billboards inviting you to snap a photo and share it with a hashtag are great examples. You can do this by printing pop-up banners with hashtags, numbers, and even QR codes to particular pages or apps. 

Pinpoint a market gap and fill it

Your brand marketing strategy should involve a key problem in the industry that you want to solve.

Take Sheila’s Wheels, for example. This female-oriented insurance provider filled the gap in the car insurance sector by targeting women and their specific insurance needs. With Sheila’s Wheels, you can even get your purse insured – talk about innovation!

If you succeed in this, your customers will have more trust in your brand and maybe even become regulars.

Large Format Printing Ideas for Brand Awareness

We went over the key steps to effective brand awareness. But how does advertising fit into the mix, and how can large format printing be used to attract attention to a brand? 

Below are some ideas you can use as pointers for your branding campaign: 

Point-of-purchase displays

A catchy POS display can be an effective tactic to increase brand awareness. You can use it to promote items on sale or divert attention to a new product. By printing a one-of-a-kind POS display that effectively captures your brand, you make it recognizable among your audience. 

In-office branding

If you have an office, consider ornamenting it with wall decals and graphics of your business slogan, company history timeline, and even positive affirmations for your customers to see when they walk in.

Place your wall decals strategically by the front desk, in the waiting room, and even in the elevator. People grow bored when waiting, so they naturally look for ads and labels to read to keep themselves entertained.

Custom signs

Custom signs are an excellent way to get in touch with your audience through your ads. You can use custom signs to:

  • Sell your brand to your customers
  • Inform your audience of a new line of products or services
  • Announce an upcoming sale
  • Ask questions 
  • Promote an event, and so on. 

Fleet graphics

A fleet graphic ad is like a moving billboard for your brand. It can be put on your delivery truck or another commercial vehicle for your customers to see. 

You can choose between spot graphics or fleet graphics, depending on your preferred size. The options range from subtle logo signage to full wraps.

3D printing

If you want to stand out instantly, go big with 3D prints. The best thing about this type of large format print is that you can place it anywhere you like and in any size. Place some on sidewalks as a temporary ad for an upcoming event or product launch; put them in front or inside your building to direct customers to your establishment. 

Floor graphics

Floor graphics are a clever way to draw attention to your brand using a space rarely overpowered with colors and prints – like a blank canvas. When a person looks down at their phone, it’ll be the first thing they see. 

Floor graphics can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • To direct customers to a particular spot in your store
  • To promote a new product
  • To present some interesting facts about your company, etc.

Floor graphics-3



Billboards and other types of custom banners can instantly grab the attention of pedestrians and drivers. The best place to install a billboard for brand visibility and reach a wider audience is in a tourist spot with high foot traffic.

However, you don’t have to restrict yourself to outdoor areas; many billboards are also placed in shopping malls, schools, and other establishments frequently visited by your target audience.


Following our tips for a successful brand awareness campaign, you can create large format prints that’ll tick all the boxes with customers.

Large format printing ideas for brand awareness campaign include POS displays, office signage, fleet and floor graphics, 3D prints, and billboards. At Craftsmen Industries, we can bring your printing ideas to life using premium-grade materials and the latest printing technology. 

Whatever your commercial printing needs, we’ve got the materials to match your vision and turn it into reality.

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