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5 Ways Fleet Graphics Benefit Your Business

5 Ways Fleet Graphics Benefit Your Business

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Fleet graphics are a common sight on main streets and interstates. Although often applied to large 16-wheeler trucks, fleet graphics are just as effective when used on smaller vehicles. Think about how universally recognizable police cars are with their matching graphics.

Fleet graphics are also easily applied to oil, gas, and milk tankers. Anyone who's been to a national park knows they're popular among RV rental companies.

So why do so many companies invest in fleet graphics?

Spread Brand Awareness:

It might sound unimportant, but it may actually be the most significant benefit to investing in fleet graphics. Brand awareness is a measure of how well consumers recognize your logo and name. People will have to search for companies with minimal brand awareness. High levels of brand awareness indicate your business is recognizable in a large geographic range and across many demographics.

For example, no one has to Google Amazon to find the online retailer. Most online shoppers recognize them by the smile on the delivery boxes and regularly visit their site by typing in the url. No search required. High brand awareness leads to the following:

  • More lead generation 
  • Word of mouth advertising, as it is more likely to come up in casual conversations
  • More public interest in the release of new products
  • An increased ability to charge a premium

Furthermore, a study out of Lyfe Marketing suggests that, "having a great brand can bring the expenses related to hiring and training down by as much as 50%."

Fleet graphics are one, if not the best, way to increase brand awareness in your local area. Everyone uses the road, and even people that don't drive will see your fleet graphics on their bikes or walking around.

Save on Paint Maintenance:

Vinyl fleet graphics provide benefits beyond fulfilling the dreams of your marketing team. The material protects the paint on company trucks. Even after years on the road, the paint underneath a quality vinyl graphic is in pristine condition.

This laminating effect of fleet graphics saves you money in two ways. First, there are fewer maintenance costs associated with paint scrapes and fading. Second, if you decide to upgrade vehicles and need to sell older trucks, you'll be able to sell them for a higher price if they have fewer rock chips and dings.

Unify Your Brand:

Every professional organization displays unity in a myriad of ways. Armed forces, In-N-Out Burger workers, and sports teams wear uniforms - not because they necessarily look good but because together, they appear unified, powerful and professional. Apple products all have a sleek and clean design. John Deere tractors are green. Airlines paint all their planes the same. Fleet graphics achieve the same thing for your business.

The power of a business is that it achieves goals and creates products that one person couldn't achieve or create alone. Similarly, vinyl graphics on your fleet show the separate pieces of your business working together seamlessly to accomplish a more complicated task.

Adding graphics to your fleet is what actually makes them a fleet rather than an assortment of vehicles your business uses. It's always worth investing in unity.

Make a Statement:

Fleet graphics are a great place to pound one message or punchline home. Many people will see your trucks more than once. Pick a catchphrase, and after the second or third drive-by, people won't even have to read the print to see the words in their heads.

A great example of this is Amazon Prime's statement, "There's more to Prime… a truckload more." People like familiarity and things they recognize. Fleet graphics are a great way to tap into this attraction to the familiar and connect your brand to more than just a logo.

Inspire Action:

People who view fleet graphics are generally going somewhere. Whether they're stuck in traffic or waiting at a crosswalk, fleet graphics have the unique ability to influence people on the move. This attribute means fleet graphics are especially compelling since transforming impressions into actions meets fewer obstacles.

If your business sells food, this is most likely especially pertinent. An ad for fresh donuts on TV might make the viewer's mouth water, but it needs to inspire a lot of activation energy in the person to get them out of the house and to the bakery. Think how much more difficult it is to get a person to a Krispy Kreme outlet if they are dressed in pajamas, lying on the couch, compared to a person on their way to the local mall. The person on their way to the mall is much more likely to fall for temptation simply because they are already out when the ad reaches them.

To wrap up:

Custom vinyl graphics can unify your vehicles, increase business levels, and make a statement, all while protecting your assets from damage. With proper care and maintenance they last for over five years and, if needed, can easily be replaced. Even if they are only viewed for a fleeting moment, thousands and thousands of fleeting moments lead to a big change. That's the power of a fleet.

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