5 Advantages of Fleet Graphics Over Billboards

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With all the time and energy your brand spends on designing advertisements, you want to get as much benefit out of them as possible. Billboards and fleet graphics are both popular public advertising formats. Billboards are an expected sight by drivers and are easily seen on the highway, but they can often be ignored as just part of the landscape. Vehicle fleet graphics are a newer and less expensive format with the added mobility advantage.

While billboards and fleet graphics both can increase brand awareness with the public, fleet graphics may be the more beneficial option for your company or organization.

Pros of Vehicle Fleet Graphics

1. Affordable

Once carefully designed, taking into consideration the shape and size of each vehicle, commercial fleet graphics are then printed onto vinyl and attached to the vehicle body. The vinyl material is relatively inexpensive, making printed fleet graphics an affordable advertising option, whatever your marketing budget. The affordability of printing allows you to change messaging and graphics every five years, yearly, or even to create seasonal updates.

Vehicle fleet graphics have the added benefit of helping to protect your company vehicles and to save on maintenance costs. The vinyl wrap is a protective layer over your car or truck’s body and keeps the paint and vehicle underneath chip, scratch, and dent-free. When you’re ready to remove or replace the vinyl wraps, it is an easy task to do so.

2. Highly Visible

High-quality vinyl wraps and graphics are printed in high resolution with bright, vibrant colors. Whether you decide to cover your company vehicles in branded colors or add custom-designed graphics, imagery, or logos, your fleet will stand out on the road.

3. Mobile

Think of vehicle wraps as mobile billboards. You get the advantages of a billboard with the mobility and flexibility to bring your message to drivers and pedestrians across a wider geographical area. Your company or brand can target a particular audience by driving one of your trucks to the desired location.

Remembering a vehicle isn’t always in motion is also important. Parking custom promotional vehicles in high-traffic areas can gain maximum exposure with minimal effort. With the customizability of fleet wraps, you can design wraps for different geographic regions and different audience demographics, applying targeted messaging on each individual vehicle.

4. Long Lasting

Turning your company’s fleet of cars or trucks into custom promotional vehicles will take only a one-time cost of printing and attaching the vinyl fleet wraps. These wraps, when used and maintained correctly, can last up to five years. With billboard advertising, your company would not only have to pay for the creation of a huge paper or vinyl billboard but also keep paying a monthly fee to keep it up.

5. Novelty

While you will undoubtedly find other branded commercial vehicles on the road, they are more of a rarity and novelty than billboards seen on the side of the highway. Billboard advertising has become part of the typical highway landscape and won’t always grab the attention of drivers the way fleet graphics can.

Are Fleet Vehicle Wraps Right for Your Business?

No one form of advertising is the end-all solution for any business or organization. Marketing budgets often must include websites, online advertisements, social promotions, storefront signs, printed mailers, and perhaps billboards or vehicle fleet graphics. With the low cost of vinyl wraps, it certainly does not have to be an either/or decision.

Vehicle wraps will, however, allow your branding and messaging to be seen in many locations and by many different people. It is estimated that nearly every American today has seen some form of commercial fleet advertising. That’s a significant reach! The more your advertisements are seen, the better the chance of attracting new customers and creating more conversions.

If you’re still wondering if fleet graphics suit your company, try starting small. The relatively low price for vinyl wraps allows you to start with one wrap for one vehicle and test how well it works. On the other hand, a billboard is a much more significant investment using up much more of the marketing budget.

If your company has the funds, running A/B testing between vehicle wraps and billboard advertising is possible. If you can create two custom URLs, put one on your fleet of vehicles and the other on a billboard and keep track of each visitor. This will help determine which advertising format is going to bring in the most traffic. QR codes are also trendy right now on visual ads and work well in A/B testing. Another lower-tech option is to use two different phone numbers, one on each advertisement.

While billboards are a tried and true form of public advertising, vehicle fleet graphics could give your company a unique edge. The lower cost investment, longevity, high visibility, and mobile flexibility may just make them the perfect addition to your organization’s marketing budget.

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