3D Signage: Which Type Fits Your Business?


The signs that stand out the most in our minds are the ones that literally stand out. Dimensional signs grab viewers' attention and can help your business gain local awareness and recognition. 3D signs come in three different types: pin mounted, channel signs, and letter signs. Dimensional signs are made from various materials and can be fully customized to represent your brand best.

Still trying to figure out where to start? Let's take a look at the different types of 3D dimensional signage to figure out which one best suits your business or brand.

Types of Dimensional Signage

1. Pin Mounted Signs

Pin mounted 3D signs can be made from plastic, acrylic, or different kinds of metal. Once cast, cut out, or molded into the business name, logo, or design shape, these signs are attached to the wall using vertical metal pins. Choosing lightweight materials such as acrylic or aluminum to create pin-mounted signs is best. Lightweight materials will make installation a much easier job.

2. Dimensional Letter Signs

Dimensional letter signs are signs where each individual letter is made and mounted separately to a wall. The design decisions for creating dimensional letter signs include choosing the font type, letter sizes, colors, finish, and materials. Both acrylic and metal are options for making letter signs. Cut-out brass lettering is a popular favorite choice.

As each letter is mounted individually to the wall, a letter sign creates less strain on the mounting elements than a standard pin mounted sign. The visual effect of a dimensional letter sign is professional and timeless.

3. Channel Signs

Channel signs are typically made from acrylic, with a sign face outlined by wrap-around material, creating a channel of space behind it. Channel signs can be illuminated from within or lit from behind the sign's back panel. A backlit channel sign creates an impressive halo effect. The easiest illumination option for a channel sign is to attach individual LED lights behind each letter or a separate sign section. As added lighting attracts even more attention from customers or people passing by, channel signs can be an excellent storefront sign option.

3D signage is not only used for lettering and storefront signs. Consider adding a 3D logo or brand character sign to the interior of your store or building to help create additional brand recognition.

Why Choose Dimensional Signage?

1. Attention Grabbing

Storefront signs are not only vital operationally but also serve as local marketing tools. A more attention-grabbing sign means more potential customers and a chance of higher revenue. 3D dimensional signs are going to stand out, literally stand out from the wall, in a sea of storefront signage. Choose a sign that will reach out to potential customers.

3D signs can showcase a brand's personality. From the materials selected to color choices, signage layout, and additional effects such as lighting, a wealth of creative options are available. It is crucial to consider your brand's purpose and tone and choose the signs accordingly. A business's services or products should be reflected in the storefront sign design.

2. Better Visibility From Afar

A storefront sign's primary purpose is to direct customers into a store or building. In a way, storefront signs work as marketing tools, brand representation, and directional signage. To be able to lead people to a store, visibility is key.

3D signage can be seen much clearer and quicker by people driving or walking by than a traditional flat sign. You do not want potential customers to be lost and frustrated that they can not locate your store. Illuminating the 3D sign will further increase visibility and is especially important for businesses that operate at night. Creating a smoother and easier customer experience helps to guarantee repeat business.

3. Professional Touch

3D signage can provide a high-impact professional touch to your storefront or interior signs. As pin mounted signs, dimensional letter signs, and channel signs literally stand out from the other signs in the area, they can give off a higher-end appearance. Give your brand a strong first impression with a unique 3D sign.

Creating the best dimensional sign for your brand or business includes choosing the perfect 3D sign type. Once you select a pin mounted, channel, or letter sign, there are a lot more specific details to work out. Design decisions include settling on the appropriate materials to work with, which branded colors to use, material finishes required, and additional effects such as LED lighting. Regardless of the details and the signage type you choose, a 3D sign can add a professional, attention-grabbing element to your storefront or building.

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