LOJOE™ Event Trailers

One-step Drop-to-the-ground Trailers


  • Single 8.5" Step-in Drop Trailer
  • Single or Double Side Access with Awning
  • Purchase or Lease Available
  • Optional Walk-on Roof Available

Get Down With the LOJOE™!

Welcome to the Craftsmen LoJoe™ (patent pending), a cutting-edge, easy to deploy drop trailer.

Engineered by Craftsmen for maximum space and easy access, the LoJoe is 45’ 2” long, one step* off the ground deployed. The full size wheels are located at the back for maximum configurable display space and storage inside. Large 27’ 7” openings with canopies located on one or both sides serve as large best-in-class awnings, extending 10’ 2” from the side of the trailer**.

The LoJoe has been engineered from the ground up to provide maximum display space as well as a sturdy structure with a heavy duty frame to allow for an optional walk-on roof with stairs. In addition, the LoJoe can be configured as a closed trailer with easy entry and full HVAC.

* 8.5” step height on a level surface.
** Some dimensions may vary based on final configuration.


Product Demo | Mobile Retail
Training/Education | CPU Registration
Register to Win | DJ / Sound Equipment
Mobile Music Stage | Hospitality Suite
Product Sampling | Product Interactive
Data Capture | Esports and Tournaments
Single or Double Sided Configuration
for traffic pass through

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