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What Can Interior Signage Do For Your Business?

What Can Interior Signage Do For Your Business?


When it comes to choosing signs for your business, you may think that exterior signage is more important than the signs you are putting up inside your buildings. Exterior storefront signs, of course, are big, important investments as they are meant to draw attention to your store or business and bring customers in. However, you may be surprised to learn that interior signage is just as essential to the look, feel, organization, and safety of any company.

Interior signs help to improve guest experiences. High-quality signage displayed indoors assists with brand recognition, functions as an element of advertising and marketing campaigns, presents information about important services provided, promotes the safety and well-being of your guests, directs visitors through the space, and creates a more efficient and positive atmosphere. A happy customer experience certainly increases the chances of repeat business.

Examples of Interior Signs

Interior signage includes any and all signs placed inside a building. These can cover a wide variety of options, but there are several primary categories.


Informational signs display important things to note, such as opening hours or menu options. These will also cover information about certain products or services that would be of interest to the customer.


These signs must work within ADA guidelines and point out more permanent spaces such as restrooms.

Business Branding

Branding signs include displays with the company name, logo, branding colors, or slogans. These signs should work cohesively throughout the interior as well as the exterior of the building to help build brand recognition with your guests.


These signs give wayfinding directions, helping customers and guests to navigate through your space.


Safety signs alert to danger, provide cautionary messaging, and identify exit doors and escape routes. These signs will also point out important safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and lay out any relevant safety information and precautions taken by your business, including hygiene measures.

5 Benefits of Quality Interior Signage

1. Brand Recognition

Customers purchase from companies they trust. Signage is an important component of a business’s marketing strategy and should accurately represent the brand. Using your company logo, as well as colors and fonts associated with the brand identity, is key.

Interior signs help tell your guests and customers more about your business. Consistency in signage helps portray a more professional and quality brand. Exterior signs may bring people in, but corresponding interior signs build a relationship with your customers as well as credibility. Set the mood and tell the story you want to tell with strong brand association and the tone of messaging.

2. Navigation and Safety

Interior signage is vital for both navigation and safety. Signs are necessary to point the way to restrooms, elevators, exits, conference rooms, stairways, and more. Wayfinding signs enhance the guest experience and keep them comfortable and safe.

There is also a matter of federal law and ADA compliance which requires specific requirements in every commercial building. These include handicap accessibility, bathrooms, and more. Be sure that your wayfinding signs follow ADA regulations which may include location, font choice, color, and the addition of braille lettering.

3. Sharing Information and Promotions

Well-designed interior signs can communicate services provided by your business, as well as current promotional offers. Signs may give more information about certain products, lay out the benefits, and further advertise to customers.

Interior signage does not have to hold up to harsh weather conditions. Therefore they can be produced more inexpensively and be used for temporary promotions. Having a big sale on an individual product? Interior signs can assist your marketing campaigns and increase sales.

4. Seasonal Celebrations

You can easily take down and replace most interior signs, which allows for a fun rotation of seasonal signage. Swapping out signs to align with holidays and season changes enhances the experience for your customers.

Connect with the joy and excitement of your guests as we move into different times of the year and come up on big holidays. Create signage with bright, vivid colors and graphics, such as fireworks or beach scenes, for summer and cool, wintery holiday themes for winter. You can also use these seasonal signs to point the way towards any appropriate products you carry or special promotions for the season.

5. Improving the Atmosphere

Signage can greatly improve the atmosphere of your space. Interior signs add personality and can make the environment more comfortable for both visitors and employees. Cold, white, blank walls give a sterile and unwelcoming feel.

The better the customer experience, the more likely they are to return. Welcoming interiors give off a positive perception of a business. Adding color, attractive designs, and helpful information with the addition of well-designed interior signage greatly improves the chances of repeat sales or visits.

While exterior signage brings people into your business, is an important investment, and is built to last, interior signs enhance the customer experience and get people coming back. When designing signage, keep in mind company branding, clear wayfinding directions, helpful product or service information, and customer safety.

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