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How Children are Vaccinated in Mobile Health Units

How Children are Vaccinated in Mobile Health Units

Mobile clinics can be designed to offer a wide range of services, from basic check-ups to small procedures. Some mobile medical units offer immunization to their target group, especially the younger population. But how do mobile clinics vaccinate children when the vaccines need to be properly stored? 

As the ones who build the mobile clinics, we can give you an expert answer regarding the matter at hand. If your healthcare facility is considering implementing a vaccination process for kids in mobile clinics, we are here to make that possible.

How Do Mobile Clinics Vaccinate Children


How Do Mobile Clinics Vaccinate Children?

Regardless of the rapidly advancing medical world, access to proper healthcare remains a challenge for many communities in the USA. The healthcare system utilizes many ways to improve public health. One of the top priorities is to immunize the young generations and prevent outbreaks of various diseases.

While mobile clinics have many purposes, one of them can be making children’s immunization more accessible to vulnerable target groups. If you are considering including mobile medical coaches for child vaccination in your services, you must understand how they work. 

The vaccination process in mobile clinics starts with welcoming the children and their families by giving them all the needed paperwork that needs to be filled out. After the documents are finished, they are carefully checked by the medical personnel.

Next, the children and a member of their family head out to the waiting area if there is one. The children go to the vaccine administration area when the employees call them out. 

There, they are vaccinated, typically by using needle injections. Some vaccines can be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose. Lastly, the kids are shortly observed and sent home.

So, the process of pediatric vaccination in mobile clinics is the same as in fixed medical facilities. If built according to the latest regulations and by experienced companies like us, mobile clinics can vaccinate children in different locations just as safely as in a hospital setting. Hence, finding a qualified industrial manufacturer to realize the idea is of significant importance.

Building a Mobile Clinic for Vaccinating Children

If you want to expand your healthcare facility and add a mobile clinic for vaccinating children, we are the best team you should go with. We can assist you with everything, from the initial design to the final product.

Our expertise and experience guarantee you will get a mobile medical unit for vaccination according to your needs and based on mobile clinic regulations and safety standards. We can integrate the required medical equipment so you can utilize the right techniques for vaccinating kids in your mobile clinic.

Setting up the mobile clinic for vaccinating children

While the layout might differ from one mobile clinic to another, typically, everyone has six functional areas.

The first thing we prioritize when building mobile clinics for healthcare providers is creating a one-way directional flow, as the CDC recommends. Since everybody needs to go through every phase of the immunization process, this limits the chances of parent confusion or skipping a step.

Here is how are children vaccinated in mobile health units:

Station for filing the paperwork

The objective of the first functional area of a mobile clinic is always to welcome the parents and their patients. In our opinion, it doesn’t need to hold up a lot of space. Sometimes, just a desk and a few chairs are enough.

In the first area, parents should be greeted by an employee and need to be informed about the available vaccines for kids in mobile clinic services. Then, the registration form should be filled out on paper or online.

Per your request, we can make two separate areas for these two steps. One can be solely for the purpose of welcoming the parents and kids, while the other can be a private area to fill out the paperwork.

Also, mobile clinics for vaccinating children should be adjusted so children don’t feel scared when walking in. If you decide to hire us, we can install high-quality fleet graphics on the outside of the vehicle and make the inside colorful so it is not intimidating to children.

Medical screening area

After the parents are done with the paperwork and informed about the child immunization options in mobile clinic settings, they should head out to a medical screener.

We tend to make this area private so that the medical screener can check the documentation, including the child's immunization records, and ask questions if necessary. Another thing we pay attention to is supplying an outlet in the medical clinic so that the screener can access the digital files of the children.

Waiting area (optional)

Some clients who have a large patient flow request having a waiting area. If you assess that you need one, we can design it to entertain the kids. They can play while they are waiting for their number or name to be called.

Vaccine administration area

This is the most important part of the mobile clinic. That’s why, at Craftsmen Industries, we follow the federal and state rules for the vaccine administration area. That includes installing stand-alone refrigerators and freezers for vaccine storage, proper ventilation, lightning, containers for used needles, and cabinets.

Our experienced designers will make the layout of the area so that everything is easily accessible to the medical staff. That includes the equipment and the logs for its maintenance.

In cases where there are multiple available vaccines for kids in mobile clinic services, we always recommend considering the possibility of making different stations for each vaccine.

Area for observation

Lastly, we can design a special area where you can observe the children after getting their vaccine. In this part of the mobile clinic, it’s important for you to have a supply of medications for possible allergic reactions and a staff member who can assist the patient if there is a need.

Area for observation


Mobile Clinics and Children Immunization in the USA

Child immunization is the number one service mobile clinics serve. But what vaccines are available for children in mobile clinics? Generally, you can offer all CDC-recommended childhood vaccines

In our experience, it depends on the mobile clinic. Most commonly, they include back-to-school vaccinations, COVID-19, Gardasil, meningococcal, pneumococcal vaccines, and other VFC vaccines.

Importance of Medical Outreach for Vaccinating Children

Once we build the medical clinic for you and you start your operations, paying attention to your medical outreach program is important. Outreach is an effective strategy to increase vaccination rates and awareness. It will help you work toward achieving your objective by reaching the right target group. 

Through your medical outreach program, you need to ensure the families of children who need to be vaccinated are familiar with your services. Also, you must emphasize the importance of contributing to herd immunity and prevention of spreading infectious diseases.

You might also want to organize informational days where you can educate parents about the importance of timely vaccinations in protecting children from serious illnesses.

Additionally, you will reach communities that don’t have access to the traditional healthcare system, regardless of their status and financial situation. This way, you will be helping the community while reducing the burden on the healthcare system.

Why Choose Craftsmen Industries?

Aside from having the needed medical supplies, your mobile clinic vehicle should be equipped to travel long distances. Thus, you need a custom-made but durable mobile clinic to reach your objective of making immunization accessible and convenient for children in need.

That’s when we can help you, and here are the reasons why you should consider choosing us.

Design and customization

Firstly, we can assist you with the design of your mobile clinic for children's immunization. We can design the entire vehicle for you or give you some ideas on how to improve your existing one. 

Furthermore, we will optimize the space within the mobile clinic so it serves its needs best. Our designs focus on ensuring functionality, safety, and efficiency in delivering healthcare services for children. Two of our many priorities are creating an efficient layout and utilization of space to achieve the best patient experience.

Experience and product quality

We are one of the best companies for industrial fabrication. We have over 40 years of experience and offer a wide range of services that you will need for your mobile clinic, including vehicle manufacturing and branding.

Our team has made many mobile medical vehicles for different purposes. Hence, we can assure you that your clinic on wheels will be crafted to meet the specific requirements of the healthcare industry.

In addition, we are renowned for the high quality and durability of the vehicles we manufacture. Our vehicles are built to last because we use the best materials to ensure continuous and reliable service.




Knowing how do mobile clinics vaccinate children will bring you one step closer to helping the community, expanding your services, and improving public health. Ensure you follow all the steps and start your mobile medical clinic according to the regulations.

If you have any questions about our services, feel free to fill out the online contact form or talk to our contact support. Additionally, if you have a clear idea of what you want and how the mobile clinic for children's immunization should look like, you can request a free quote.

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