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Do Mobile Medical Units Provide Pediatric Care?

Do Mobile Medical Units Provide Pediatric Care?

Mobile units specialize in many fields of medicine, providing easily accessible healthcare to a broader target group. But do mobile medical units provide pediatric care?

If you are considering expanding your medical services and opening a pediatrics mobile unit, we are here to help you determine whether you can provide such services. Also, our dedicated team at Craftsmen Industries will assist you with the logistics aspect and build you a mobile medical coach according to your needs. 

Do Mobile Medical Units Provide Pediatric Care?

There are thousands of mobile medical units operating in the United States. They are designed to be versatile and offer a wide array of healthcare services. So, the short answer to the question is that they do. In fact, many kid-friendly medical coaches are equipped to offer various medical services.

Most mobile medical units provide care for patients up to 21 who are facing difficulties accessing healthcare in their community. The most recent data shows that 2.1 million children visit a mobile health clinic yearly.

Mobile medical units for pediatric care ensure that all children have access to essential healthcare, regardless of their location and socioeconomic background. 

Do Mobile Medical Units Provide Pediatric Care


Types of Services Pediatric Mobile Medical Unit Can Offer

The services of mobile medical units for pediatric care vary significantly according to their equipment. That directly impacts the extent of pediatric care provided in the medical unit.

If you leave the building process to experienced craftsmen like us, we can adapt the vehicle according to your needs. We can manufacture anything from simple vehicles for physical exams and educational purposes to medical units for laboratory testing.

Common services of pediatric mobile medical units

If you want to keep up with the competition, you need to know how mobile healthcare units are equipped for pediatric treatment. Typically, they offer more than just basic care for children.

Also, consider what kind of demands your target group has. For instance, many parents wonder, “Can I receive care for my child from a mobile clinic, or is vaccination and immunization offered in mobile healthcare units for kids?”

It’s best to do an evaluation of the community you want to serve and see their requirements for pediatric care. Just as a reference, here are the most common types of services pediatric mobile medical units offer in the USA:

  • Immunization
  • Physical exams for school and sports
  • Different kinds of screenings, such as vision, hearing, lead poisoning, anemia, etc.
  • Laboratory testing
  • Acute care for minor injuries
  • Acute care for illness
  • Educational sessions
  • Mental health evaluation
  • Dispensing common pediatric medications
  • Social work

Other services

Aside from primary, urgent medical care, screenings, and preventive medicine, mobile medical units can connect the parent with a medical specialist when needed. 

But can mobile medical units help in child nutrition and dietary advice? Luckily, they can, and many do. We have worked with some healthcare facilities offering youth health advice, including fighting obesity in children and tobacco abuse.

Moreover, there are mobile medical units that work only when there is a need or a crisis. For instance, mobile medical units can provide healthcare services for children after disasters like floods and earthquakes or during epidemics.

The Importance of Mobile Medical Units for Pediatric Care

Mobile medical units for pediatric care are becoming extremely important. Although you might think that in the 21st century, universal healthcare is accessible to every child, in 2021, there were 3.9 million uninsured children in the USA.

However, it is not only the uninsured children that medical units target. Many families in the USA experience the following:

  • Financial hardship
  • Lack of transportation
  • Unaffordable medical treatments
  • Language barriers

In addition, families face other barriers when seeking healthcare facilities for their children, such as lack of healthcare providers, intimidation by healthcare settings, hours of operation, anonymity concerns, etc.

Mobile pediatric units provide affordable, culturally sensitive, and equitable health services. However, the practice we see in our client's services is that they tend to offer their services specifically to one target group, for instance, only to uninsured children or only to low-income families.

Another popular mobile unit for pediatric care type is the one targeting school-aged kids, offering physicals.

The Importance of Mobile Medical Units for Pediatric Care


How to Make Mobile Units More Approachable for Children

Going to the doctor is always a challenge for small kids. Typically, they are afraid of the hospital setting and don’t feel comfortable being examined. 

That’s why it is important to make the mobile units approachable by creating a welcoming and child-friendly environment. To achieve that, you have to pay attention to two aspects: the vehicle's overall design and the staff. 

We are here to help you with the design. Our experienced designers can make the design from scratch or advise you on how to improve your existing one. If you hire us, here is what you can expect:

  • Colorful and child-friendly exterior and interior
  • Possibility to add technology in the exam rooms
  • Playful waiting area

Reasons to Invest in Mobile Medical Unit for Family Medicine and Pediatric Care

Target group

Everybody benefits from a mobile medical unit. As a healthcare provider, you will assist a broader target group and expand your services. You won’t need to wait for the patients to come to the hospital; you can go to them.

Accessible care

Little children and their families who don’t have the privilege of having a medical center nearby can get the treatment they deserve. The most vulnerable groups will also have easy and convenient access to medical care.

Ability to grow

As you can see from the map below, there aren’t many mobile medical units specializing in childcare. That means there isn’t a lot of competition, and it is the right time to start the business.

Small investment and high ROI

The pediatrics mobile clinic is a cost-effective investment. Initially, you won’t need much money to build and open it. If you decide to choose us to build your project, you will get a high-quality mobile unit built according to all regulations and a durable solution. 

As for the mean operating costs, it is estimated that they range between $300,000 and $2.5 million. Additionally, mobile care units' cost per service is lower than fixed healthcare facilities. The return on investment is 12:1, meaning for every $1 you invest, you will save $12.

How to Get a Mobile Medical Unit

Hiring a contractor is the best way to get a mobile medical unit. Yet, you don’t need just any contractor. Finding someone with experience in building medical units is preferable because they are complicated projects.

Building a mobile medical unit requires a lot of precision, expertise, and experience. With us at Craftsmen Industries, you will get that and much more. Consequently, many clients have trusted us to build their mobile medical vehicles.

If you want to join our group of satisfied customers, you can request a free quote and drive health care forward with our help. What’s more, if you are still at the beginning of the project, we can assist you and find the most suitable solution to meet your objectives.

Types of mobile pediatric medical units we can build

We can turn several types of vehicles into mobile medical units for pediatric care. The most common types we work with are:

  • RVs and trailers
  • Vans
  • Coaches
  • Trucks
  • Modular units

The decision will be up to you. We are more than happy to tell you which ones will work best according to the services you will provide in the medical pediatric unit. 

For instance, RVs, trailers, and coaches are excellent if you want spacious exam rooms. On the other hand, if you want a prefabricated structure you can transport to different locations, we can design and manufacture a modular unit.

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