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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Command Center

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Command Center

Mobile command centers are not only incredibly beneficial for law enforcement agencies but also for healthcare organizations. Knowing which factors to consider when choosing a mobile command center is vital.

This is especially true when customizing a mobile command center to fit specific healthcare requirements. With Craftsmen Industries' experience in designing and building mobile units, we offer you our expert knowledge in choosing a command center vehicle.

Keep reading for our best advice on how to choose a mobile command center fit for your agency or organization.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Command Center


Buying Command Unit – What Is a Mobile Command Center?

Vehicles intended for crisis management and communication are known as mobile command units. Mobile command centers serve different purposes: 

  • Law enforcement
  • Fire departments 
  • Scientific research
  • Healthcare services

The primary goal of mobile command vehicles is to make it easier to coordinate an immediate reaction in the case of healthcare emergencies or natural disasters. 

Healthcare organizations that offer mobile medical services need a reliable and fast-to-deploy vehicle to reach patients. A mobile command unit will give you the adaptability and tools to react quickly in any kind of emergency. 

With Craftsmen Industries, you may rest assured that your healthcare organization is getting a unit built with the best materials available. Our expert team will customize the command unit to your unique requirements. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Command Center in Healthcare

Requirements and power source

Considering your needs and vehicle's intended use is the first step in selecting the appropriate command unit. For example, consider the area where you plan to offer your healthcare services.

If you plan to reach patients in more remote or rural places, your command center must have the appropriate equipment and facilities.

Your command center must utilize a self-sustaining power source to keep everything running without relying on external power sources.

Our custom-made command center units rely on generators. Most mobile command centers are equipped with a diesel generator running from 8 kW to 30 kW.

This means the first responders won't depend on the external infrastructure. With an autonomous command center, you may provide swift crisis response and incident management even in rural communities.

team stations mobile command center trailer


Resources available

Consider the quantity and kind of storage you'll require, the number of workstations, communication and technical equipment, and restrooms. Unlike mobile medical vans, command center units require larger interior space.

Moreover, everything must be set up practically to ensure efficient workflow. For this reason, mobile command center vehicles are trailers and RVs. These vehicles offer sufficient space for the healthcare team, equipment, and facilities they need to fit inside.

Material selection

Hygiene and a sterile environment are necessary in the medical field to avoid transferring pathogens to patients. So, when choosing a command center, it is vital you choose a manufacturer that uses carefully selected materials to build your vehicle. 

When we design and manufacture our clients' command center units, we select the best materials to ensure a hygienic and sterile work environment for your team. 

The materials used offer durable surfaces that are easy to disinfect thoroughly. We also incorporate air purification, ventilation, isolation, etc. 

Budget considerations

The budget is another equally important consideration when choosing a command center vehicle for your healthcare agency or organization. As you get the opportunity to customize your command center, you may expect different price ranges based on your requirements.

Still, the price ranges are far more financially sound and beneficial than opening a physical clinic. The costs of setting up and opening a clinic tend to be exorbitant, and some patients residing in more rural areas may still be unable to reach you.

This problem is avoided altogether with a mobile command center vehicle. It enables you to reach your patients in their areas and offer your services directly.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Command Center System 

Incorporate appropriate technology

The main goals of mobile command units are field response team support and communication. Having a wide variety of onboard technologies is crucial.

These technologies include high-definition cameras, cell phones, satellites, and computer monitors.

Sophisticated communication technology enables your on-site team to receive the technical support it needs during emergencies.

Moreover, based on the healthcare services you provide, technology may also include state-of-the-art machines – for example, an MRI or an X-ray machine. 

Satellite system

Your team will need more than basic communications equipment when providing relief and necessary medical services during natural disasters or healthcare crises. 

In such cases, having a satellite system in place ensures your team has constant network access, no matter how remote the area is or the extent of the disaster. 

With network access, healthcare providers managing crisis response may stay informed on important news and weather updates. 

Even if all other communication technologies fail or are out of service, a satellite system ensures a communication channel that stays active.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Command Center System



The factors mentioned above are the best factors to consider when choosing a mobile command center for your healthcare agency or organization.

Based on the healthcare services you provide, the factors enable you to choose the right vehicle to provide fast and safe responses for different emergencies.

So, make sure to consider them all when choosing the appropriate vehicle, equipment, and technology for your specific services.

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