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What Is the Power Source for the Medical Equipment in Medical Coaches?

What Is the Power Source for the Medical Equipment in Medical Coaches?

Mobile medical coaches are crucial for providing necessary and often life-saving healthcare. These spacious vehicles carry essential and sophisticated medical equipment and machines. But what is the power source for the medical equipment in medical coaches? 

All that medical equipment needs a constant power supply to function. So, let's dive in and explore this and more below.

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What Is the Power Source for the Medical Equipment in Medical Coaches

Mobile medical coaches use power generators as a source of continual power for the medical equipment. Suppose you are looking for medical coaches with a stable energy supply. In that case, Craftsmen Industries is here to meet your needs.

We can provide medical coaches with all the medical equipment your company needs to provide your services. With a steady supply from the power generator, our medical coaches can run multiple medical machines with uninterrupted functionality.

With the space being significantly more accommodating than medical ambulances, medical providers can comfortably fit the equipment they need for their services. A proper power supply is a must for the seamless functioning of all medical systems.

Do mobile medical coaches have a reliable power backup system in case of emergencies?

Mobile medical coaches provide urgent care to underserved and rural communities, so they need reliable power backups. Mobile medical coaches often carry complex medical equipment such as MRI, PET, CT, and X-ray machines

To ensure that the medical equipment continues functioning, mobile medical coaches have backup generators. In the case of emergencies where the main power supply stops, the backup generators kick in to maintain a steady supply of electricity. 

We can provide our clients with all types of medical coaches with a steady energy supply:

  • Mobile Health Screening
  • Mobile Primary Care Clinics
  • Mobile Dental
  • Mobile Laboratories 
  • Mobile Blood Clinics 
  • Mobile PET/CT 
  • Mobile X-ray 
  • Mobile MRI
  • Mobile Surgical Trauma 

We can customize mobile medical coaches to accommodate almost any healthcare service.

Are there any specific requirements or standards for the power source in medical coaches

Because mobile medical coaches are customizable to meet the specific needs of your medical practice, their power generators must be able to run each medical device they carry.

Mobile medical coaches will require different power generators depending on what kind of healthcare service you offer. For example, if you are looking for a mobile mammography or dental coach, a 30kw power generator is the most suitable

In contrast, for a mobile health screening or primary care coach, you can go with a 20kw power generator. Moreover, our team builds your mobile medical coach to meet all medical requirements and safety standards. 

We can design, engineer, and equip your medical coach with anything your services require, including:

  • Special Equipment
  • ADA Wheelchair Lifts
  • Private Exam Rooms
  • Restrooms

Take your fully customized mobile medical coach directly to your patients. 

Power Management: Sustainability and Mobile Medical Coaches

We understand the importance of sustainable practices, especially in the medical industry. More and more medical providers are turning to and implementing green technology due to its advantages.

Sustainable technology may gain potential clients' trust and lead to cost reductions and higher operations efficiency in the long term. Sustainability may be a driving force for success if you are providing your medical services remotely. 

With our high standards in the manufacturing process of our clients' mobile medical coaches, we ensure the following sustainable practices:

  • Emissions reduction
  • Sustainable materials
  • Sustainable manufacturing processes,
  • Energy efficiency

Power Supply: Improving Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient equipment 

The best way to improve energy efficiency and ensure a steady power supply to your mobile medical coach is by using updated technology and equipment. Today, there are many energy-efficient alternatives available as consumerism shifts towards sustainability.

When it comes to a mobile medical coach, its motor is vital for a functional power supply. According to the IEC 60034-30-1 standard, there are four levels of motor efficiency classes:

  • IE1 (standard efficiency)
  • IE2 (high efficiency)
  • IE3 (premium efficiency)
  • IE4 (super premium efficiency)

For ensuring mobile medical coaches' energy efficiency, it is best to use IE3 and iE4 as the best-rated classes. 

Renewable energy sources 

Renewable energy sources are an excellent way to increase your energy efficiency. Among the best choices for renewable power supply options include:

  • Solar panels
  • Wind turbines
  • Geothermal energy

Sustainable energy sources are perfect for mobile medical vehicles as they sever their dependency on grid electricity. While the initial investment in renewable energy sources may be higher, the operational costs are significantly lower

Your mobile medical coach will have energy independence, which is vital for reaching rural communities. 

Advantages of Mobile Medical Coaches

If you are a remote healthcare provider, mobile medical coaches are the perfect vehicles to equip you with advanced medical devices. Due to their ability to carry advanced medical equipment, medical coaches can offer various healthcare services. 

Mobile medical coaches are essentially portable clinics staffed with licensed medical teams and feature examination rooms and diagnostic tools. Overall, our mobile medical coaches provide various advantages for our clients. 

All-inclusive medical care 

Medical coaches have greater space than other medical vehicles, allowing them to carry various medical equipment and essential tools. This allows healthcare professionals to provide all-inclusive medical care to their patients. 

We manufacture our medical coaches with adjustable beds and stretchers for the patient's comfort during examinations. Moreover, coaches feature electrical and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems

Our medical coaches feature sanitation facilities and water supply to maintain hygienic and safety conditions. All of these facilities and medical equipment in the units have a steady energy supply for constant functionality with power generators. 

All-inclusive medical care Source:

Diagnostic tools and machines

Mobile medical coaches can feature a suit with diagnostic tools that help your medical team identify and manage medical conditions onsite. Medical coaches can feature the following diagnostic tools:

Digital X-ray machines

Medical coaches feature compact digital X-ray machines for onsite imaging. The X-ray machine enables your medical team to diagnose your patients promptly. 

The CT scans provide detailed images of the patient's bones, blood vessels, and soft tissues. With detailed CT scans, medical providers may make treatment decisions immediately in case of an emergency.  

Electrocardiogram machines

The EKG/EGG machines for cardiac monitoring are essential for keeping track of patients' heart health. Electrocardiogram machines are portable and can detect irregular heart rhythms, helping the medical team provide immediate intervention.  

Ultrasound machines

Ultrasound machines are crucial in abdominal assessments, obstetrics, and other medical examinations. With an ultrasound machine in the medical coach, the medical staff gets real-time images, allowing them to make diagnoses onsite.

Point-of-care medical devices 

With point-of-care testing tools, healthcare professionals can provide rapid tests for blood glucose, cholesterol, urine analysis, etc. Point-of-care medical devices may help your team with diagnosing conditions like infections, diabetes, and anemia. 

PET machines

Mobile medical coaches can also have sophisticated medical equipment like PET machines. PET machines can measure the body's essential functions and check signs of diseases. The machines can also involve MRI scans for detailed images of the organs inside the body. 

Sterile environment 

We manufacture our mobile medical coaches to meet every safety standard, and maintaining a sterile environment is vital. Medical coaches feature personal protective equipment (PPE) for your medical team. 

They also feature an autoclave for the sterilization of medical instruments and equipment and a waste disposal system to handle biohazardous materials. We install all these sterilization tools and equipment to ensure the safety of both the patients and the healthcare providers. 


Mobile medical coaches can also feature an onboard pharmacy with essential medications and supplies. An available supply of medicines allows healthcare providers to give treatments and prescriptions onsite. Medical coaches ensure immediate access to medications for those in rural areas.

Mobile self-contained surgical units 

Mobile medical coaches can also feature a provision for minor surgical procedures. These kinds of medical coaches allow for a rapid response in an emergency.

The surgical suites in these units are self-contained and sterile, packed with operating tables and surgical instruments. The units feature the following:

  • Pre and post-operative areas, accessible bathroom/changing areas, etc. 
  • Heating, ventilation, AC, power lighting, fire suppression, etc. 
  • Plumbing and medical gas/vacuum. 
  • Surfaces that are easy to clean and sterilize.

Reach remote and underserved areas

The biggest advantage of mobile medical coaches is that they allow healthcare providers to reach otherwise underserved areas with limited access to healthcare facilities.

Our clients can dispatch medical coaches fast, providing life-saving services in emergencies. Plus, with independent power sources and backup generators, medical coaches ensure all the equipment they carry has constant electricity. 

Manufacturing time and cost

While the manufacturing time for a mobile medical coach depends on the service you provide and the equipment we need to input, it's still faster than other types of mobile units.

For example, a mobile medical coach may be up and running in about two months, while other units may require up to a year to build. Setting up a medical coach ranges between $100,000 and $500,000

Manufacturing time and costSource:


What is the power source for the medical equipment in medical coaches? The medical equipment in these units has constant electricity thanks to power generators. Moreover, our mobile medical coaches are equipped with backup generators to ensure functionality in emergencies. 

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