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3 Tips to Maximize your Wholesale Backdrop

3 Tips to Maximize your Wholesale Backdrop


When marketing teams decide which in store graphics are worth investing in, they should always consider wholesale backdrops. Marketing strategies that provide an experience are much more impactful than simple advertisements. Research by Finance Online states that “85 percent of consumers say they’re more likely to buy after participating in experiences and events.” Wholesale backdrops naturally lend themselves to experiential marketing while, at the same time, maintaining an incredibly small cost of production.

With that in mind, not all businesses create or display wholesale backdrops in a way that fulfills their advertising potential. Let’s consider some key elements that will help you maximize your wholesale backdrop.

1. Take a Photographer’s Mindset

Backdrops are only impactful if the photos taken in front of them are quality and professional. A lot of the final photo products depend on the photographer. Getting the lighting right and cropping fingers out of the edge of the frame makes a difference. But, even the best photographers can’t remedy a poorly designed backdrop. Here are some ways to make a backdrop appear better in photographs:

  • Choose a base color - Whether it's bright and eye-catching or more modern and neutral, choose a main base color. Designs and imagery should of course be added, but try to keep it from being too busy.
  • Go with a dye-sub print - The polyester fabric material helps to avoid reflections or light spots reflecting off the material, especially when photos are taken with a flash.
  • Make it wide enough - A backdrop that doesn’t fill the whole background fails to accomplish its one job. Consider the size of large groups that might end up using the backdrop, and then choose your backdrop dimensions.

In the end, it can be worthwhile to consult a photographer and include their input in the backdrop design to find out what would make the best photos.

2. The Balance of Branding

Branding a backdrop requires walking between two extremes. A backdrop with too much branding and fails to highlight the people in front of it. The overly large logos, words, images, or an intensely colorful design take center stage. A backdrop with too little branding and provides little value to your brand during use and later when participants share the photos on social media.

Design ideas:

Step and repeat designs are popular among wholesale backdrops because they do a fantastic job branding the background without detracting from the overall image.

If you don’t use a step and repeat with your logo or brand name, you can still capitalize on a consistent design. Backdrops with a focal point in the design are less attractive for photography and tend to take attention away from the people in front.

Whatever design you choose, ensure your branding jumps out from the background color. Otherwise, you risk falling too far toward the subtle branding, and the backdrop will make fewer memorable impressions for your business.

3. Perfecting Backdrop Placement

If you create a backdrop that displays your brand, it is only useful if you place it in a location where people will see it. Intentional and well-planned placement is crucial to helping a backdrop create impressions and fulfill its potential.

Backdrops need to be set away from the wall slightly. Otherwise, they appear just like wallpaper. They also need enough room in front of them for a photographer to capture the whole scene—plan 20 feet at the very minimum.

Many wholesale backdrops are transportable. This means they can be used on a stage or in a foyer during an event and then moved elsewhere. Some impressionable places to put your backdrops include:

  • In the foyer
  • Behind a speaker
  • Framing a podium
  • In an entranceway
  • Outside a building’s main entrance (if the weather is favorable)

While visiting other businesses, and participating in events and conferences, notice where wholesale backdrops are located and where they are most effective. These observations will give you ideas on how best to position your visual merchandising graphics and backdrops.

A backdrop doesn’t need to be out making impressions 24/7. Backdrops will have the most impact during events or high-traffic business hours. Consider only bringing the backdrop out occasionally and using the space for other advertisements or displays at slower times.

Retail graphics as experiential marketing:

Experiential marketing is undoubtedly the way forward with advertising in the future. More and more people are excited about spending money on experiences rather than things. As effective advertisements shift to providing experiences, wholesale backdrops will undoubtedly aid your business.

Wholesale backdrops truly are one of the easiest and most accessible forms of experiential marketing available to businesses. Once you’ve nailed the design, branding, and placement, visitors have an outlet to share your brand on social media posts and remember good times with friends in association with your venue and company.

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