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Double Expandable Trailer


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The largest show space in the industry can be found in a Double Expandable Trailer. More space means more branding and more customers!

Our design, engineering, and fabrication teams create a unique expandable design featuring seamless flooring plus an aluminum and steel structure for year-after-year reliability. 

In addition to a unique base design, we offer the most customization options in the industry including full-height glass walls, walk-on rooftops, floor-to-ceiling center displays, and multiple-room configurations. 

Transform a double expandable trailer into a product showroom, sampling lounge, command center, or virtually anything your brand desires! Lease or purchase a unit depending on your specific tour needs.

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Dedicated to the Highest Quality Standards

We prioritize superior quality management and are certified by ASR with the prestigious AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certifications. 

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We design your solution down to the last bolt.

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We custom fabricate your build in-house.

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We deliver your asset on time as promised.

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"If you want to build the impossible, Craftsmen has the tools and talent. They are more like a Venture partner than a builder."

Founder & CEO
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"Craftsmen, hands down, had the best ideas, best drawings. They were as passionate about the project as I was. I don't know why anyone would go anywhere else."
PGA Tour Technician
"High caliber work, great crew of talented workers who come up with creative solutions and are easy to work with, overall great partners."
Creative Director
Dairy Farmers of America
"The team at Craftsmen is top notch and they always get the job done no matter the deadline. I consider them an extension of our team - a true partner!"
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Are you looking for a unique way to market your brand at the next trade show or event? With a double expandable trailer, you have the room and style you are searching for. We create custom mobile displays and exhibit trailers that help you bring your brand to life. With our experiential environments, you can effectively reach your target audience wherever you are. 

What is an Expandable Trailer?

The expandable trailer is the largest mobile show space available. It creates more space than many other event marketing options available to you and is available in a variety of sizes. Each double expandable trailer is created to meet the needs of your marketing event. The units can also be equipped with mobile broadband satellite internet and additional multimedia or interactive technology. 

Our marketing trailers are created from the highest quality materials and created by the industry’s leading designers. We take pride in manufacturing the expandable trailers that draw more attention to your brand, so you can gain more business.

Benefits of an Expandable Double Wide Trailer for Event Marketing

As you look at using an expandable double wide trailer for your next event, consider these top benefits. 

Optimum Mobility

With a double expandable trailer, you can easily take your message from place to place. This design makes the trailer ideal for any tour, whether it is locally, regionally or nationally. 

Remains On-Brand

While you are on the go, you can also promote your brand with additional visibility. As you are traveling or parked, others will learn more about your brand without you doing anything. There’s no limit to the number of eyes that can see your branding while using a double expandable trailer.

Defined Space

When you use a pop-up tent, you don’t have a set space for your customers to explore. Plus, there are no side or back walls to contain the traffic. With a trailer, you can focus solely on branding and set a clear pathway through your exhibit. 

Simple to Set Up or Break Down

How much time do you want to spend setting up for the event? With a pop-up tent, you have to fight the elements and attempt to create a seamless exhibit that doesn’t always turn out the way you planned. Instead, drop the trailer, expand the walls and quickly prepare for your audience to be amazed.

Thankfully, the teardown process is just as simple as it is to set up. Your staff saves time and you save money when you have to pay less staffing hours after the event.

Storage Options

When you set up a tent at a show, where do you put your personal belongings? Most times, it’s smarter to leave the items in your vehicle. However, with a double expandable trailer, you have further options to secure your items.

These configurations allow for you to store your purse, backpack, uniform and more. We can also add lockable storage cubbies for expensive items such as cell phones. If your staff locks their cell phone away during the event, there will be more productivity.

Utilities Added

With a pop-up tent, it’s difficult to air-condition the space or add lighting fixtures. Our customizable trailers can easily include electricity, lighting, air conditioning and more. These perks are especially helpful during the warmer summer months. Just think of how many more people will want to visit your trailer during an outdoor festival or event.

When we include LED lighting and wired electricity, it opens a whole new world of possibilities. As the sun starts to set, you can flip a switch and create just as much light as you had during the day. Plus, you will be able to keep the Wi-Fi devices, tablets or other multimedia equipment plugged in the entire time. 

Where to Buy a Double Expandable Trailer for Sale

You can search online for – double expandable trailer for sale near me, but you can’t guarantee you will find the best provider. Instead, you want to choose a company with an established reputation for creating quality event trailers for some of the largest companies. 

You can choose from one of our pre-made trailers for sale or custom build the space that fits your needs. However, you don’t have to spend more than needed to use our equipment. We also offer double expandable trailers for lease.

If you only need a trailer for a short time, there’s no reason to spend so much on purchasing the equipment. Instead, consider one of our lease arrangements. When the event is over, you can turn the trailer back in and not have to worry about storage. 

Just pay for the time you need, then return the trailer to us. 

Customizable Double Expandable Trailer Plans

The options to customize your trailer are endless. We have prefabricated double expandable trailer plans or you can work with our designers to create something unique to your brand. It’s easy for us to adjust the footprint and layout to fit your needs.

We can also customize the inside of the trailer to suit the event. Do you need a built-in sound system, a security system with additional cameras or a satellite dish? We’ve got you covered. We can even add a bathroom, chef’s kitchen and more. There’s no limit to the ways you can customize your trailer to suit your brand, audience and location. Talk to us about the dreams you have and let us make them a reality.

Why Craftsmen Industries?

There’s no other company that can create the same level of event marketing double expandable trailers as we can. At Craftsmen Industries, we manufacture our trailers with durable materials, superior features and plenty of style. Unlike other providers, we aren’t a third-party provider, but rather, we build everything in-house.

Whatever your needs are during the next event, we are ready to help. Talk to our designers about customizable trailers that help you stand out from the competition. We have been working with customers like you since the early 1980s and can’t wait to show you what we are capable of.