Which type of marketing is more effective- experiential or digital?

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. Marketing brings awareness to your products or services, which can increase your sales and grow your company. Two of the more popular types of marketing include experiential and digital. But which one is better? Keep reading to see what a few of our readers have to say.


Paula Mettler

Paula Mettler, Brand Journalist at Opus Agency.

Experiential Marketing Is More Memorable

Experiential and digital marketing have different purposes, depending on the intended outcomes.

Experiential marketing creates a direct interaction between the audience and the brand, whereas digital marketing is more passive. Experiential marketing engages all five of the audiences’ senses, allowing for memorable, tangible, and emotional connections with the brand.

Yoav Morder

Yoav Morder

Yoav Morder, Search & PR director at Sonary.

Digital Marketing Has More Opportunities

[Digital marketing is] an umbrella term for many marketing strategies, some generating short-term results and others long-term. I believe digital marketing is better than experiential marketing, as it offers marketers many options (strategies) to work with or combine several of them, complementing each other.

With digital marketing, a business has more opportunities to develop actions that generate positive results [while also] avoiding mistakes that could harm the company’s growth plans. One great benefit of digital marketing is that it offers a more accurate marketing campaign analysis.

It is also possible with digital marketing to monitor consumer behavior; that is, to analyze which pages they enter the most and the time they spend on each of them. With this, we can discover the viability of each defined strategy and to what the company directs its investments or how it changes its method, so the campaigns reach the desired objective.

Experiential marketing is a very isolated marketing strategy for a specific target audience. In most cases, it is used for awakening the stimulus’ desires and thus has momentary effects with sharp and immediate results. However, it creates a quick but strong bonding with the target audience.

Percy Grunwald

Percy Grunwald

Percy Grunwald, Finance Expert and Co-founder of Compare Banks.

Experiential Marketing Is Superior

Experiential and digital marketing are not mutually exclusive; both may be useful strategies for promoting a company and generating sales. [However], there are several ways in which experiential marketing may be superior to digital marketing:

Personal connection: Experiential marketing allows clients to interact with a business in a more personal and meaningful way, which may generate a stronger emotional connection than digital channels.

Experiential marketing events give clients a physical experience they can recall and reflect on, which may be more memorable than digital marketing efforts.

Real-time input: Experiential marketing events allow businesses to collect real-time customer feedback, which can be more important than online data.

Increased credibility: When a firm hosts an experiential marketing event, it demonstrates its dedication to connecting with customers and offering a high-quality experience, which may boost its credibility and perceived value in the eyes of consumers.

However, digital marketing offers its own set of advantages, such as the potential to reach a larger audience at a reduced cost and track and assess the efficacy of marketing initiatives. Businesses must examine their marketing goals and target demographic when determining which marketing to focus on.

John Berry

John Berry

John Berry is the CEO of Berry Law.

Depends On Your Business and Audience

The right type of marketing depends on both your business and your customer. For some business models, the best way to reach your audience is virtual, while other audiences will respond better to face-to-face marketing.

Some products or services truly need to be seen and not just heard, which is why experiential marketing is often the better option. While digital marketing is the way of the modern marketing world, there’s something to be said for the hands-on experience that is experiential marketing.

Derrick Hathaway

Derrick Hathaway, Sales Director at VEM-Medical.

Experiential Marketing Creates A Connection With Customers

Experiential marketing engages customers in live situations that encourage them to connect directly with the company. This involvement can result in good experiences, increasing the likelihood of a purchase by consumers.

However, while it rewards the brand with goodwill, consumer connection, and significant impact, it also has a drawback. Like any other marketing tactic, experiential marketing can fall flat if the target demographic is not proper.

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