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Vehicles & Lives Transform: The Real 'Rennervations' Journey

Vehicles & Lives Transform: The Real 'Rennervations' Journey

Whether you know him as Hawkeye from The Avengers or as the agent from Mission Impossible, Jeremy Renner has won over the hearts of many fans. So when this award-winning actor uses his influence and charisma to help those in need, the hype is only expected. 

We can easily say that the success of the new Disney+ show Rennervations is mostly due to Jeremy’s passion for helping people.

Based on the satisfying restoration process, the viewers follow Jeremy as he sets on a journey to help local charities. By reinventing and reimagining uncommissioned vehicles, the team wants to give back to the community and meet each organization’s needs. 

In hopes of inspiring more people, the actor showcases his creativity and devotion. His drive is further emphasized by numerous celebrity guest appearances, including Vanessa Hudgens, Anil Kapoor, Sebastián Yatra, and Anthony Mackie.

What if we told you… you can find real-life Rennervations just around the corner. Seeing all those high-tech premium vehicles on the show may have inspired you to craft your own. Continue reading to discover how our company’s services align with this brilliant show!


What Makes Our Company the Real-Life Rennervations

Craftsman Industry’s story began in 1982. What started as a business selling trailers soon became a vast industry ready to meet any customer’s request. Whether it’s fabrication, design, printing, engineering, or in-house installation you’re interested in, Craftsman is ready to deliver. 

Our goal is to devote unparalleled dedication to our customers, thus providing the greatest satisfaction. As craftspeople, we want to build all the wildest ideas from your imagination into reality. Furthermore, our expert team lets their creativity flow to find the smartest solutions for seemingly impossible problems. 

If you’re interested in our services, we offer:

  • Fully custom experiential and industrial vehicles to meet any need. Start with a Sprinter Van, a shipping container, a motorcoach, or a trailer, or let us build your asset from the ground up. We are AS9100D & ISO 9001:2015 Certified for Quality Management.
  • Large-format printing and installation. Craftsman Industry is a 3M certified graphic installation company ready to deliver the best results.
  • Fabrication expertise. Whether you need hydraulics, HVAC, structural design, or even theatrical lighting, Craftsman’s got you covered.
  • Paint shop. Our 45’ and 65’ paint booths offer multiple paint mixing systems that are EPA-compliant.
  • Engineering. Our professional team of engineers is certified in AMX control design, HVAC, data stream installation, and SolidWorks.
  • Shop equipment. Whether it’s CNC routers, sheers, swedging machines, or brand saws you're seeking, you can find them at our shop.

How Our Services Align With the Show’s Idea

How are our services closely related to Jeremy Renner’s Rennervations? As in the show, our team wants to transform people's lives by transforming their vehicles. 

We acknowledge the importance of having a high-quality mobile workstation for every business. With the advancement in technology, there are unlimited possibilities on the horizon.

Additionally, there are some main elements that align our services with the show. These are:

  • The creativity behind the art of transformation
  • The importance of personalization
  • The benefits of innovation

The creativity behind the art of transformation

First, you have to agree that high-quality transformations are a form of art. Even though almost anyone can renovate a vehicle, both Rennervations and Craftsman Industries offer masterclass designs. 

With a professional team handling the complex work, the final result showcases attention to detail and expertise.

The first episode of the show is called Chicago: Building a Mobile Music Bus. In this episode, we follow Jeremy Renner and his team as they transform an old tour bus into a mobile music studio. Their goal is to collaborate with “The BASE Chicago” to keep kids off the streets and reignite their passion.

Here, we can see how much of an impact this creative transformation has on even the youngest audience. Having a well-designed trailer that’s tailored to your needs can even bring out your own creative side. 

At Craftsman Industry, we take pride in creating extraordinary designs for any occasion. Whether you need a full-on fashion store or a wide showroom, we let the customer’s imagination guide our way. Our team can go as far as creating a whole mobile stage suitable for any event. So, the next time you think your idea is ridiculous or impossible, just give us a call!

The importance of personalization

The next element that the show elaborates on is the importance of personalization. Each of the designs is unique and customized for the specific organization

When visiting Los Cabos, Mexico, the team transforms a city bus into a dance studio. On the other hand, when visiting Jeremy’s hometown Reno, they turn a shuttle bus into a mobile recreation center.

Both vehicles feature the necessary equipment to match the organization’s needs. While the dance studio has a performance stage, the recreation center offers a basketball hoop and a soccer goal.

Like Rennervations, Craftsman offers numerous vehicles suitable for different industries. However, you don’t get just a plain old design, but a highly personalized mobile service. With it, you can showcase your own style and unique brand. 

For example, we can set you up with a custom food truck to help you stand out from any competition. Highly decorated to your taste, you can satisfy your customers while marketing your service. With your logo and branding displayed, you’ll surely be noticed wherever you open shop.

The benefits of innovation

Last but not least, with highly innovative technology involved, the sea of opportunities is endless. The best example in the show is when we follow the Rennervations team to India. Here, we can see the renovation of a delivery truck turned into a mobile water treatment center.

Thanks to innovative technology, clean and drinkable water is provided to many Indian communities. Not only can this service provide entertainment and leisure features, it can also help people in need. For the same reasons, Craftsman focuses on creating high-end mobile medical vehicles and trailers.

Customizing these mobile help centers to your specific service allows you to use them in case of a pandemic, natural disasters, and other severe situations. Our unique designs offer exam rooms, waiting areas, and even high-end labs to help with testing and diagnostics. 

Final Thoughts

Our services offer the same innovative and creative solutions featured in Jeremy Renner’s Rennervations. With brilliant artistry behind transformations, customizations, and innovations, you can turn your idea into reality. 

Whether for experiential marketing reasons or helping those in need, Craftsman Industry will tailor the design to your needs.

Lastly, if you have an incredible idea yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert team will be happy to offer the most innovative solutions out there!

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