One Step to Success

The Craftsmen LoJoe™ is a cutting-edge, easy to deploy drop trailer engineered for maximum space and easy access. Customers are only one step* away from entering your brand experience.


Engineered from the ground up, the LoJoe provides maximum display space as well as a sturdy structure that can be transformed into multiple configurations. Brands can connect with a wide-range of customers through an open, interactive product display or impress VIP members at an enclosed event with easy entry and full HVAC.

Mazda follows the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship with a LoJoe unit and engages their customers with hands-on experiences of their latest innovations. In one-step, customers enter the open-air stage where they can test drive a Mazda in one of two simulators and compete for a chance to win an Ultimate Racing Experience. Following the unique demonstration, customers can enjoy a bird's eye view of the racetrack on the walk-on rooftop.

The LoJoe easily travels from event to event, but features many of the benefits of an event container including ground-level access and ADA compliance. All of the features collaborate to increase engagement, safety, logistical efficiency, and ROI! 

*8.5" step height on a level surface
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