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Mobile Laboratory Shipping Containers - The Next Generation

Mobile Laboratory Shipping Containers - The Next Generation

Craftsmen Industries is proud to share our partnership with MRIGlobal, a Kansas City based research institution dedicated to developing solutions for national defense and security, global health, energy and the environment. Pairing their years of industry knowledge and experience with our industrial engineering and fabrication capabilities, we created a brand new concept in mobile lab system design: the Athena Mobile Laboratory.


mobile laboratory


Athena Labs are state-of-the-art mobile laboratories housed in customizable container structures. Each lab is built with design advancements identified within MRIGlobal's 15 years of experience with mobile medical and defense technology, but still completely customizable for highly specialized purposes.

One major advantage of Athena is its efficiency. The structure is designed to remain condensed during transportation, keeping it in line with ISO shipping regulations. Athena easily loads on and off trailers, ships, railcars, and airplanes, enabling organizations to rapidly deploy across the globe, all while reducing shipping cost and increasing safety. Onsite, an 18' section expands for 82% more floor space 42% more work bench space.


Athena Interior_furnished-2
mobile laboratory container


Access to power will never be an issue because Athena is equipped with an electrical system that meets both international and domestic standards (United States 208/120V, 60 Hz or European 400/230V, 50 Hz) as well as a backup battery system in the case of a power failure. In addition, the unit is equipped with numeric keypad locks on each of the doors, alarm system capabilities, a panic switch, and fire detection to ensure that your equipment, data, and employees are kept safe.

Inside the unit, there are several features that ensure comfort, quality, and efficiency. An HVAC system maintains a comfortable air temperature despite outdoor weather conditions and a dimmable LED system allows technicians to control the amount of light according to need. The floor is sealed and completely flat with hidden cargo tie-downs throughout the mobile laboratory container. The walls are load bearing to eliminate the need for bulky table legs so technicians can move freely and reconfigure workspaces.


mobile medical containers


The Athena Mobile Laboratory is the only complete mobile solution for organizations that need access to lab technology in areas where cost, mobility, and safety is of increased importance. You can rely on Athena to provide results in hours that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible because of the cost and inconvenience of building a traditional stationary laboratory. If you think your organization could benefit from the efficiency of Athena, contact us to learn more about our mobile laboratory capabilities or to request a quote for your established project!

Mobile Laboratory Containers and Mobile Medical Containers


Wall, ceiling, and floor finishes can be customized according to need and preference. The wall and ceiling finishes can include surfaces such as pre-painted white aluminum, Kemlite or Kemply, and Trespa Toplab, as well as laminate for walls only. Interior laboratory floors are typically one of the following finishes: VCT Tile (Vinyl Composition Tile), one-piece vinyl sheet goods, LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), sprayed polyurea, and bare aluminum.

Service and Maintenance

A non-expandable laboratory container requires maintenance similar to a brick and mortar lab. A seasonal service of the HVAC system just before the beginning of the heating season and cooling season by an HVAC professional is required. Replacement of water filters is based on the amount of usage and the quality of the local water supply. Filters should be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Draining and purging of any water from the complete plumbing system to prevent freeze-up during winter storage or transportation is required. Failure to purge all the water from the system will result in freeze damage to the lines, heater, and pump.

For laboratory containers with expandable sections, the mechanism on the expandable room(s) should be serviced every 3 months under normal use. All the bearings and chains should be properly lubed.

You can expect 10 to 15 years of service from the average mobile medical trailer laboratory with proper care and maintenance.


The process of ordering a custom-built mobile laboratory for the use of your own organization is not as complex as you may think. When a prospective client contacts our Craftsmen team for initial discussion, our account executives will work with the client to determine expectations and desires for their mobile lab needs.

Our design and engineering team will then get involved to create a concept drawing based on the client's needs. Our estimating team will establish initial pricing for the concept. Once the initial quote and drawings are complete, the account executive will review with the client for the opportunity to raise concerns, ask questions, and request changes. Our Craftsmen team works with our clients to create a full concept tailored to exact requirements.

After the concept is finalized and a signed agreement is received, the assigned project management team will conduct internal and external meetings to officially kick-off the manufacturing project. Schedules will be set to stay within timeline and budget, then construction of your mobile laboratory will begin!

Your account executive, project manager and designer will work hand-in-hand with you throughout the entire build to ensure there are no flaws in your project.


Time of the design and build processes vary depending on the complexity of the design, size of the mobile laboratory, quantities desired, etc. Drafting a design can take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the inclusion of elements such as complicated HVAC systems, elaborate electrical systems, slide out features, etc.

After the design is complete and approved, build times vary according to complexity as well. This process can take from 4 to 12 weeks depending on factors like those mentioned above. Quicker turnaround times can be achieved by using one of our existing lease units!

Also see our mobile medical vehicles page for custom mobile solutions. Great for on the go medical and marketing needs!


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