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In what ways can graphics promote company culture?

In what ways can graphics promote company culture?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and nowhere is that more true than when it comes to company graphics and branding. Executives from several businesses explained how your logo and other graphics can broadcast your company’s mission, culture, and values in ways that simple text cannot. Read on to find out how:


Trevor Sookraj

Trevor Sookraj, CEO, Divisional.

Decorate Office Space

Graphics can be used to decorate an office space. You can entirely change the overall feel of an office by how it’s decorated, and that can directly impact company culture. It doesn’t just have to be cliche, cheesy, motivational posters - you can get really creative and design a space that fosters togetherness, positivity, and anything else you want.


Kyle MacDonald

Kyle MacDonald, Director of Operations, Force by Mojio.

Creating a Specific Environment for Your Employees

Graphics can help confirm your company's culture by creating a specific environment for your employees. Whether you're using wall murals, specific wall colors to promote moods, or placing motivational quotes around the office to keep your team working toward the same goal and vision, you can use graphics to help make your company culture a way of life in the office.


Kimberley Tyler-Smith

Kimberley Tyler-Smith is an executive at the career tech platform, Resume Worded.

Through Company’s Logo

Graphics can promote a company culture through the use of color, shapes, and text. Every single logo you see is a graphic that has been carefully designed to convey a specific message about the company. Color is a big part of this process, as every color has an association with it. For example, blue is often associated with trustworthiness or professionalism. The shape of the logo can also convey messages about the company's culture.

For example, a circle usually represents unity or togetherness. Text is another way graphics can promote company culture. It can be used to tell stories about the company's history or its present-day operations.


Andy Kalmon

Andy Kalmon, CEO of Benny.

The Power of Graphic in Decor

Graphics in the form of office decorations can help make the space feel more inclusive and welcoming. Our surroundings play a big part when it comes to our mood, interactions, and even perceptions of one another. So if you want to create a happy, inclusive office, don’t neglect the power of graphics in your decor.


Amy Weiher

Amy Weiher, Founder and Creative Director at Weiher Creative.

Put a Graphic In Your Company’s Lobby

Graphic design can be the visual representation of ideas and concepts that are key to your company's culture. They can help create the desired atmosphere for your office space, helping to put your team in the right frame of mind during work hours. Graphics can also help your potential customers get an idea of your company's culture and values.

If you have customers in your offices, using graphics in the lobby can portray your mission and values to your customers and clients, as well as serve as reminders for your team. Graphics are a great way to visually represent the ideas and concepts your company aims to embody with its mission and culture.


Kristian Longden

Kristian Longden, Marketing Executive, eCommerce Fulfillment.

Customize Mousepads, T-shirts, and Mugs

Graphics can be an incredibly powerful promotional tool for company culture. Custom artwork and designs featuring the company name, slogan, or values can be used on t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, and other items that employees use or wear in public. When employees wear or display such objects, it shows that the company's message reaches real people and makes a lasting impression on the public.

Such visuals can also connect with customers and other community members in a very meaningful way by reinforcing the company's brand. Engaging graphics helps to remind people why they started doing business with your company in the first place - to be part of something bigger than themselves.


Tim White

Tim White from CryptoPerk.

Create Marketing Materials

Graphics can promote a company's culture in several ways. For example, they can be used to visually represent the company's values and mission and to communicate what makes the company unique and special.

Here are some ways that graphics can promote a company's culture:

  1. Create infographics that explain the company's values, mission, and vision. These can be used to help employees and customers understand what the company stands for and what sets it apart from competitors.
  2. Use graphics to create a visual representation of the company's culture. For example, you could create a series of images or illustrations that depict the company's work environment, its people, and its values.
  3. Use graphics to communicate the company's brand and identity. This can include using logos, colors, and fonts to create a consistent visual style that represents the company and its culture.
  4. Use graphics to create marketing materials that showcase the company's culture. For example, you could create posters, brochures, or social media posts that highlight the company's values and mission, and demonstrate what makes it unique and special.
Overall, graphics can be an effective way to promote a company's culture, by providing a visual representation of its values, mission, and identity.

Fred Hoffman

Fred Hoffman, Professional Camper, Avid Traveler, Founder & Chief Editor at The True Wilderness.

Custom Merchandise

Graphics can be used to promote company culture in a variety of ways. For example, logos and other branding elements can be used to create a consistent visual identity across all marketing materials.

This not only reinforces the company's brand but also communicates values and culture. Graphics can further be used to create visuals that communicate company messaging in a more engaging way than text alone.

This could include infographics, photos, or videos of employees discussing the company's mission, values, or initiatives. Such visuals can help to create an emotional connection with customers and promote loyalty. Finally, graphics can be used to create company-specific content.

This could include the design of custom merchandise, such as t-shirts or mugs with a unique logo or phrase that speaks to the company's identity and culture. By creating visuals that communicate the essence of their brand and values, companies can more effectively establish a strong presence in the marketplace and promote their culture to a wider audience.


David Reid

David Reid, Sales Director at VEM.

Branding, Mission Statement, and Wall Design

Company culture is an integral part of the company's growth strategy. For business today, a company with a good culture can bring growth, and company culture can be promoted through graphic design. Here's how he might get promoted:


Employee use of branded materials provides a good medium for interactions, such as labels on clothing, to let employees know that they are all on the same level. Indeed, in every company, building culture is their main issue, and it is because employees show the difference by wearing or using more expensive materials than other employees. As companies adapt to this by offering the same branded materials like clothing, watches, and resources, it provides peace of mind and, at the same time, good teamwork.

Mission statement

It can be used to design a mission statement that serves as a reminder to employees. A mission statement is very important in every business as workers may forget to do some tasks, but with the help of graphic illustrations, it will be done successfully.

Wall designs

Having a beautiful environment motivates employees in the company, and this can be achieved by using graphic designs applied on the wall to help employees have a fresh and impressive environment to work in better.


Michael Chepurnyak

Michael Chepurnyak, CEO and Founder of Ein-des-ein.

Print Materials, Marketing, Custom Apparel, Office Supplies, Gifts

Good graphic design helps to communicate a company's culture, key messages, and values to both employees and clients. It makes a big impact on a business as it is the first thing a potential client notices, and it can leave a lasting impression.

For example, a company specializing in sustainable products may use green and earth tones in their design to convey this message.

A company's culture can be shown through its branding, marketing, and print materials, as well as banners and illustrations on the website and social media accounts. It is vital to create a company’s visual identity that is unique and memorable. Based on it, you can then produce various branded products for clients and team members to actively promote your company culture.

One way to do this is through custom apparel, i.e., T-shirts, hats, and jackets featuring your company’s branding/prints.

Another way to promote company culture is through promotional products. This can include items like water bottles, coffee mugs, and more.

Don’t forget about office supplies as employees will display your brand in the workplace (items like notepads, sticky notes, and paperweights).

Custom gifts like mugs, journals, and calendars are a great way to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication to the company. Plus, you can create such gifts for clients too.

When it comes to printed materials and banners (ads, on-site banners, etc.) make sure colors, illustrations and fonts correlate with your goals and represent your values.


Sarah Watson

Sarah Watson is a mental health professional and the Chief Operating Officer at BPTLAB.

Fostering a Sense Of Community and Collaboration Among Team Members

Graphics can significantly impact company culture by communicating values and reinforcing team collaboration. For example, well-designed visuals can support corporate branding and communicate a company's mission or vision in a clear, engaging way. Graphics such as infographics or data visualizations can effectively convey critical business information and support decision-making. It not only helps to create a strong company culture and positive work environment but can also help to improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

Another meaningful way that graphics can promote company culture is by fostering a sense of community and collaboration among team members. For example, sharing images or design elements across teams can effectively unite employees around a shared vision or goal while encouraging creative thinking and problem-solving. It can create shared ownership and unite employees around a common purpose.

Jon Stephens

Jon Stephens, Director of Operations, Snowshoe Vacation Rentals.

Brand Images

Sometimes, graphics can say just as much as words. Brand images can tell consumers (and prospective employees) everything they need to know about a company's culture. Graphics can depict a company's goals, values, or general outlook on its industry. Brands should thus think carefully about the subtle messages that might lurk behind graphics before using them.

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