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Traditional Ads vs Fleet Graphics

Traditional Ads vs Fleet Graphics

Curious why fleet graphics are more attention-grabbing than traditional ads? Ahead, we will show you why leading companies prefer fleet advertising for their marketing by explaining both traditional ads vs fleet graphics options.

Through this read, you will gain insight into what is fleet advertising, uncovering its distinctions and the crucial benefits of fleet graphics over traditional ads. 

By reviewing the remarkable advantages of fleet graphics over traditional ads, we will demonstrate how they can amplify your brand's visibility and turn all eyes to your company.

Understanding the main contrasts between fleet graphics and traditional ads will empower you to make an informed decision on the best marketing approach for your business' advertising needs.

Traditional Ads Vs Fleet Graphics: Which One is Better?

What is fleet advertising?

In the marketing world, fleet advertising is also known as fleet media, fleet marketing, on-vehicle marketing, or fleet wraps. 

All these terms refer to branded advertisements placed on vehicles like cars, trucks, and vans. These vehicles form a commercial fleet promoting a specific business. The branded content can be displayed on the side of the vehicle or wrapped around the entire vehicle. The placement depends on the marketing campaign and the company's budget.

Fleet graphics advertising is a visionary, practical, beneficial, and cost effective marketing strategy that enables businesses to enhance their brand awareness and attract customers. Moreover, it's an excellent opportunity to increase visibility and reach a wider audience.

What is fleet advertising


What are traditional ads?

Traditional ads can be portrayed as all forms of marketing that employ media to reach a particular audience. 

Traditional ads can be seen on TV or heard on the radio. Also, they can be advertised in newspapers, on billboards, on prints or posters, through phone calls, or any other form of offline mass media available.

These methods of traditional advertising have been with us for decades, with the purpose of reaching an audience by implementing marketing materials in public areas. 

Benefits of Fleet Graphics over Traditional Ads


When comparing traditional ads vs fleet graphics, we always underline that traditional advertising can never reach the same audience as fleet advertising. 

Traditional advertising has a targeted audience, narrowing the marketing campaign reach to a specific location or only to the medium on which the ad is put. 

By distinction, fleet graphics aren't limited to a specific location and reach far more extensive and diverse audiences. That's because fleet graphics are constantly on the move.

Fleet graphics roam highways, local neighborhoods, city streets, parking lots, and suburban areas, targeting various consumer groups and geographic locations and increasing the brand's presence.

Notably, fleet graphics have audiences wherever they go. In some cases, they roam the streets 24 hours a day. Thousands of potential customers can see them, and they can even be tailored to target specific areas or demographics.


When we set traditional ads vs fleet graphics cost side by side, we are left with the question of traditional ads vs fleet graphics which one is better? We can conclude that fleet advertising is a far more affordable marketing strategy with long-term benefits. 

In fact, although quite limited, traditional advertising is considered one of the most expensive methods of marketing because it requires buying the advertising space. The advertising space is either a commercial on TV during peak events or a billboard in an urban city area.

In contrast, fleet graphics are economical, and you have to invest in the initial budget only, with no further ongoing fees or hidden expenses. Simply put, you add the graphic once, and they are always on the move.

An ongoing advertising exposure without any fees is a highly efficient marketing strategy, which can result in a return on investment (ROI) and increased profit for the company.

Visibility and design

When it comes to visibility and design fleet graphics take the lead. Unlike traditional ads, they work around the clock to ensure your brand gets properly advertised while keeping the ad on the move. For instance, we put a lot of time and effort into designing a fleet graphic that will resonate with your brand and leave a strong visual impact to the target audience. 

Traditional, in contrast to fleet graphic, traditional ads can sometimes be visually off-putting. Plus, their design is also limited to the media, not allowing flexibility. 

Tied to a specific advertising space and location, the chances that traditional ads will be detected, liked, and remembered are always fifty-fifty. 

In opposition to traditional ads, fleet graphics make the brand visible at all times without any imposition. By using innovative, consistent, and durable branding elements, fleet graphics stand out from the crowd and are memorable to the audiences on the go.

The size, location, and ultimate silent presence of fleet graphics make them unique and attention-grabbing, generating millions of impressions per year. 

Visibility and Design of Fleet Graphics



We hope that by emphasizing the main benefits and limitations of traditional ads vs fleet graphics, we have assisted you in choosing what option best suits your next marketing campaign.

As you have discovered from this article, fleet graphics are a great way to increase brand exposure and ensure brand recognition. The fact that fleet graphics are constantly on the move makes them the ultimate marketing tool for growing brand awareness. 

The visual impression that these mobile billboards create on the road is unparalleled. They offer a plethora of customization options, highlighting the uniqueness of your company, and they are an excellent marketing solution that can reach broad audiences for minimal expenses.

When you have made up your mind, feel free to contact us, and let us help you pick the highest-quality fleet graphic solution that will wrap your vehicles and promote your business!

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