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How to Introduce Your Brand With Retail Barricade Graphics

How to Introduce Your Brand With Retail Barricade Graphics

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Marketing and buzz for your new business should start before it opens. The construction site for a building or store may be an eyesore. Still, with the addition of retail barricade graphics, you can turn the area into an opportunity to get the public excited about what is to come.

Retail barricade graphics can be applied to chain link fences, plywood walls, scaffolding, and even windows. Printed banners can be perforated, allowing wind to move through without interfering with your message. Turn your renovation barricades and temporary walls into inexpensive billboards that let people know you are coming and when to expect your store to open.

Types of Barricade Graphics

  • Shopping Mall Barricades

What better place to advertise a business coming soon than in the space where it will open? Install shopping mall barricade graphics on the windows or temporary barricade walls in front of your store. Create buzz and interest while hiding the renovation and preparation behind these graphics. Shopping mall barricades can be informative, with information on the opening date, or introducing the public to your brand identity. With an eye-catching design, passersby will be excited about the upcoming grand opening and share the information with their friends.

  • Construction Barricades

Construction barricades can cover up the mess of a construction site with an attractive promotion. Construction barricade graphics should be a part of your marketing campaign, including your brand logo, colors, and messaging. Use them to introduce the public to your upcoming store or business.

  • Custom Barricades

Be creative and customize your barricade graphics. You can use banners for temporary walls, fences, and windows in a number of ways. Consider using barricade graphics at upcoming trade shows. A professionally printed retail graphics will help your display stand out, build brand recognition, and attract potential customers.

7 Tips for Using Retail Barricade Graphics

1. Introduce Your Brand

Barricade graphics may be the first introduction the local public has to your brand. Use this opportunity to share a message or important information or let people know what your business sells or the services you provide. You may want to use this space to highlight featured products. Be sure to include your brand logo and either a slogan or message to let people know how your store or company differs from the current market options.

If your barricade graphics promote a new location or branch of your business, generate interest by showcasing products and services your customers love. This also may be a good chance to feature seasonal products to be available when the new space opens.

2. Steer Traffic to Social

These inexpensive barricade graphic ads can be used to drive traffic to social media channels or your brand’s website. Consider using a QR code for this purpose.

The decision on where a QR code should link will be part of your company’s new business marketing strategy. If your goal is to increase followers and engagement on social media sites, have QR codes direct potential customers to those. If you want to collect newsletter sign-ups to communicate future updates and promotions, link to a sign-up form on your website.

3. Make an Impression

Barricade graphics should be attention-grabbing. Put design effort into creating eye-catching imagery that also strongly represents your brand. One thing to consider with barricade graphic design is the placement. Will this ad be viewed by moving cars on the street? Will you have high foot traffic? Will it be placed in a window, or will it fill an entire store wall? All of this should be considered when deciding colors, font size, and messaging length.

4. Don’t Overdo the Design

Keep the design simple. Your messaging will need to be quickly understood by potential customers walking or driving by. Include branded logos, colors, and popular products in imagery, and keep the text short and to the point. Let the people know who you are and when to expect your opening.

5. Recruit New Talent

A new store or location is going to need new staff. You may want to consider using barricade graphics to attract potential employees. Including a URL or QR code to take interested parties to an application form or your company’s careers page may be very useful.

6. Give Directions

If you have another local location, you may want to direct interested customers to that space. As another potential use case, if barricades have been installed for renovation while your store is still open, then arrows directing customers to the door or a map included in the graphic design may keep traffic flowing and keep customers from becoming confused.

7. Make a Stand

A business's stand on environmental and social issues is becoming increasingly important, especially to younger customers. If this is a part of your brand messaging, consider including it on the barricades. Letting the public know that your business is committed to sustainability can build more interest, and passersby are more likely to make a note of looking into your company and coming back when they can.

Barricade graphic signs can be just as crucial as more permanent storefront signs for building interest and attracting potential customers. Consider what your target audience is looking for, what is missing from the local marketplace, and what will grab the people's attention and convince them to come back once your new store is open.

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