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Benefits of Outsourcing Industrial Fabrication Services

Benefits of Outsourcing Industrial Fabrication Services

When running a business, you prioritize quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing industrial fabrication services and hiring Craftsmen is getting all three from one place. 

But when is it really worth it to outsource industrial fabrication instead of investing in your own high-end machinery and experts? Let’s find out by going through the pros of contracting out industrial fabrication services.

6 Benefits of Outsourcing Industrial Fabrication Services

Benefits of Outsourcing Industrial Fabrication Services

Outsourcing industrial fabrication services will offer your business several benefits. The key advantages are cost and time savings, access to specialized expertise and advanced machinery, flexibility, and risk mitigation.

Cost savings

One of the primary reasons you should consider hiring a company specializing in industrial fabrication services is cost savings.

Lowering your costs doesn’t mean you will sacrifice quality. One of the possible advantages of subcontracting industrial fabrication services is that you can turn a costly process into a manageable expense. If you decide to outsource, your business will leverage economies of scale.

Building something like mobile kitchens or mobile water or power systems requires a lot of finances. You can cut down your business expenses by hiring a company like Craftsmen, which specializes in industrial manufacturing.

In practice, you can save money because you won’t have to:

  • Hire new employees
  • Buy expensive machinery
  • Pay regular prices for raw materials
  • Cover increased costs for utilities

Most importantly, by outsourcing metal fabrication, you will save time managing the whole project from start to finish and stop worrying about the final product. We all know that every second in the business world is valuable. Hence, as you are saving time, you will be saving money.

Ultimately, by outsourcing your industrial manufacturing, your business can concentrate on its core competencies and strategic activities. If you delegate fabrication tasks to an outsourcing company, you can focus on activities like customer service, product development, building marketing and sales strategies and fulfilling your company’s mission.

Access to specialized expertise

While our ideas may seem perfect in the project planning process, the reality might be different when you share your idea with industrial fabrication specialists about implementing them. 

One of the upsides of externalizing industrial fabrication services is that you can consult with experts on how to achieve increased efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, the specialists can help you figure out which materials you should use to get the quality you desire while saving money.

Access to advanced machinery

The state-of-the-art machinery for industrial manufacturing can cost six or seven figures. Realistically looking, that is a lot of money, even for big companies, and purchasing simpler and more affordable machinery is out of the question because you will sacrifice quality.

But even if you had the money to buy the machinery, you would need skilled people to operate and maintain them.

Just like you invest in the latest technology in your field, we at Craftsmen Industries continually invest in advanced machinery and infrastructure. You will secure enhanced quality by having your project manufactured with cutting-edge equipment.


By outsourcing your metal fabrication, you will also benefit from the flexibility of the whole process. The market always has a demand change, and your job is to adapt to those changes if you want to keep your business liquid.

Outsourcing companies provide scalability and adaptability according to your business needs.

Risk mitigation

The manufacturing process includes a lot of risks, especially if you are doing it yourself. You will require new employees, materials, and additional space. Investing your money and time into manufacturing in-house might not be worth it.

Looking at the bigger picture, you will be transferring the operational risks to the outsourcing company. For instance, you won’t need to deal with quality control, equipment maintenance, and compliance because you will leave those responsibilities to the certified vendor.


As you are letting experts handle the manufacturing, you will most likely reduce the time required to complete the project. By choosing the right company, you will be sure that your project is done according to the deadlines.

Outsourcing Industrial Fabrication Services

Who Should Consider Outsourcing Industrial Fabrication Services

Deciding when it is the right time to outsource industrial fabrication services is of significant importance for your business.

The best way to decide whether you should take advantage of the positive outcomes of outsourcing industrial manufacturing services is to make an assessment of your business capabilities.

If your company falls into the following categories, you should consider outsourcing industrial fabrication.

  • You want to reduce costs without sacrificing cash flow
  • You don’t have a good return on investment if you do the manufacturing in-house
  • After cost assessment, you realize it will cost you more money than outsourcing
  • You don’t have enough expertise to manufacture the product in-house
  • Your company is not capable of handling the risks of doing the project on your own
  • The current financial situation of your business will make the recovery process of the costs longer

How to Choose a Company for Your Business Industrial Fabrication Services

You shouldn’t rush with picking the contracting company if you want to enjoy all the benefits of outsourcing industrial fabrication services. To ensure you are making the right decision, follow our tips below.


When seeking an industrial fabrication company, you need to check if they are working according to the latest standards. Additionally, the company should have adequate certification.

For instance, if you decide to leave your project in our Craftsmen’s hands, your project will be handled by a company with ISO 9001:2015 certification.


Another important factor when choosing the company for industrial fabrication is the area they expertise. Some manufacturers only focus on making the most common products in the industrial services industry.

So if your project is complex and includes manufacturing large-scale items, it is preferable to hire one company that can do the project from start to finish. 

In other words, you should avoid signing contracts with multiple manufacturers for the same project.

We at Craftsmen Industries have industrial fabrication specialists in the following fields:

  • Aerostat Launch Stands
  • Aircraft Maintenance Stands
  • Command Centers
  • Disaster Relief
  • Energy Storage
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Mobile kitchens, laboratories, training centers, veterinary units, healthcare, etc.
  • Water Treatment

Available equipment

The technological infrastructure of the outsourcing company may affect the product’s end quality. Before you choose a company to outsource your industrial manufacturing, you should go through your project and see what machinery the contractor must have.

Understandably, you won’t know all the equipment needed down to the last screw, but you should be aware of the heavy-duty machinery that is needed to make the final product.

You should look for a company that at least has the following equipment:

  • Metal fabricator
  • Brake press
  • Plate rollers
  • Ironworker

Lastly, some projects are better if they are manufactured onsite. What’s more, some items must be built directly onsite. So if your project includes such items, you should find a company that can make it possible.

As for our capabilities at Craftsmen, we can proudly say that we have special equipment for onsite manufacturing. 

Testimonials and recommendations

Last but not least, check the background of the company you are thinking about hiring. Many companies have the machinery and expertise but have trouble keeping up with the previously agreed timeline and finishing the projects on time.

It is equally important for you to have a realistic expectation of how much time can the fabrication of the industrial item take. You should be aware that it is usually a long process that includes multiple phases, including design, material selection, testing prototypes, preparing the materials, assembly, and adding the last touches.

If you decide on Craftsmen Industries industrial fabrication services, you can request a quote even in the early stages of your project. We will come in handy with the design, and our industrial manufacturing specialists can help you find the best solution for your project.

We believe that open and frequent communication with our clients can result in enhanced quality and further collaboration.

Testimonials and recommendations


So, are there any benefits of outsourcing industrial fabrication service? Definitely yes!

All the benefits of outsourcing industrial fabrication services are connected to each other so that you can get a product with enhanced quality. Industrial manufacturing experts will help you design your item and pick the most suitable materials.

Then, you will leverage the expertise and high-end equipment of the company while maximizing your resources and minimizing your risk. Knowing what are the benefits of outsourcing industrial fabrication service, you can rest assured that your product will be long-lasting and finished on time.

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