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5 Reasons to Have a Step and Repeat Backdrop at Your Upcoming Event

5 Reasons to Have a Step and Repeat Backdrop at Your Upcoming Event


How many event photographs have you seen with fashionably dressed people posing on a red carpet in front of a backdrop adorned with some brand or event logo? That is what is known as a step and repeat backdrop, and it may just be the thing you need at your next company event.

Nearly every award show, trade show, and charity event has one. The step and repeat wholesale backdrop functions as a smart décor element, an easy marketing opportunity, and a fun way of engaging your guests.

The Details

Are you already offering photography services at your events? A wholesale photography backdrop printed by a trusted company will be made of high-quality material and provide a wrinkle-free, bright, and seamless backdrop that won’t cause glare in photographs. Many backdrop materials are machine washable as well and can be reused for future events. Printing backdrops in festive colors will make the perfect addition to any holiday event.

Where to Use a Backdrop

Whatever your industry or event, a step and repeat backdrop can fit in. It can help meet your marketing goals while providing a fun and interactive element for attendees.

  • Trade Shows

Display sponsor logos, and allow exhibitors to decorate their own spaces with this interactive element.

  • Press Events

If your event hosts celebrities and industry leaders and will include interviews with the media, a step and repeat banner can provide the perfect event-specific backdrop.

  • Conferences

People love to have photographs that represent their professional ambitions and achievements.

  • Charity Functions

If you work with non-profit organizations, a step and repeat banner with the logo or information is a great way to spread the word about your cause.

  • Private Events

Private events such as large parties or weddings are filled with photo opportunities. Match the colors and theme with personalized graphics.

Top Reasons to Buy a Step and Repeat Backdrop

1. Brand Awareness and Recognition

A step and repeat banner will put your logo front and center at any event. Every photo taken and shared will create publicity for your organization. Celebrities, industry professionals, or customers will essentially be passive influencers for your brand. Online awareness can bring in new customers and establish brand trust and loyalty. You will be able to gain stronger company recognition with one inexpensive décor element.

2. Make Attendees Feel Special

Having a step and repeat backdrop at your event will have attendees feeling like celebrities. A dedicated photography space allows visitors to be the center of attention. Posing in front of a large professional backdrop can be a fun, exciting and interactive experience. At the same time, you are providing for higher-quality images of your event, which boosts professionalism and functions as a clever marketing plan. Be sure to really entice people to take part by creating fun, Instagram-worthy designs.

3. Partnership Opportunities

Co-branding a step and repeat backdrop with another company or organization is an excellent collaboration tool. With the massive size of a backdrop there is plenty of space for multiple logos. You can then split the cost of the creation with complementary companies. Or, if your event is being sponsored by another organization, co-placement on the step and repeat backdrop could be a great sponsorship enticement or a thank you for support.

4. Add to the Aesthetic

While providing a great way to get your brand noticed, a step and repeat backdrop also makes an event look smarter and more professional. Before printing, consider the size you’ll need, colors, and logo placement on your backdrop. Attendees and other industry colleagues will be impressed with the extra touch. Large format graphics and images are attention-grabbing in any environment and will really help your company to stand out. When paired with a professional photographer and great lighting, you will come out of the event with high-quality branded photographs to use in all your marketing campaigns.

5. Cost Effectiveness

Requiring a relatively small initial investment, step and repeat banners are washable and reusable, allowing you to use them again and again. They are lightweight and easy to set up and store, providing large format advertisements without taking up too much space at the office. The backdrop material, when printed by trusted companies such as Craftsmen, are durable and last for years to come.

Creating a stylish step and repeat wholesale backdrop for your brand will step up the professionalism at your next event for a relatively low-cost investment. Encourage people to take photos, or better yet hire a professional photographer to create quality images to be shared on social media platforms. This will help gain your company recognition and exposure. In addition to the photographs, consider including a unique hashtag to go along with your event marketing campaign.

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